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                    National Cancer Partnership Forum – March 2011 NDP Event

Dear Network Director

I write to thank you for encouraging your Network’s Patient and Public Engagement Lead and Patient
Partnership Group’s representative(s) attendance at our National Cancer Partnership Forum at last
October’s National Development Programme in Manchester.

Almost one hundred per cent of Networks were represented and an evaluated feedback, from those
present, identified a very high level of satisfaction with the forum programme and welcomed the
interactive engagement with comments such as inspiring, very informative and enlightening.

Our next meeting in March will be of great significance as we consider the proposed new vision for
health services in England, a seismic shift in the way the NHS currently operates, and the recently
published document, Improving Outcomes: A Strategy for Cancer. As such, I am yet again asking you
to support me, and my planning group, in ensuring appropriate representation at our next forum in

The agenda will cover an analysis of the Strategy for Cancer document, from a patient partnership
group perspective, with aspects of the content being discussed in facilitated table-top workshops
mainly relating to the National Patient Experience Survey, the Information Revolution in Cancer and
the importance of ensuring that our voice and experience continues to be heard in the future
commissioning and development of cancer services across the country. The full agenda will be
finalised and distributed in due course.

Importantly, and of prime consideration, it is our aim from the workshops to agree a NCPF work-plan
that can be adopted on a network wide basis and developed further as the transitional stages develop
and the reforms are implemented.

Thank you for your continued support.

Yours sincerely

Ray Murphy
Chair – National Cancer Partnership Forum

Tel: 01695 421941

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