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									                         SOUTH MIAMI ROTARIAN
                             Meets Tuesdays 12:15 p.m. at the Best Western, 5959 SW 71 Street, South Miami 33134

              T u e s d a y, J u l y 8 , 2 0 0 3                              A ROTARY MOMENT
 PRESIDENT MICHAEL NEWMAN OFFICIATED                                                            with MR. ED FISHER:
                                                                              Paul P. Harris, a lawyer, was the founder of Rotary, the
A N N O U N C E M E N T S:                                                    world's first and most international service club. Born in
                                                                              Racine Wisconsin, on April 19,1868. At age 3 he moved to
From the 7/07/03Board Meeting:                                                Wallingford, Vermont where he grew up in the care of his
                                                                              paternal grandparents. Married to Jean Thompson Harris
    Honorary Members for 2003-04                                             (1881 - 1963), they had no children..
     Josie Adamack                         Jon Oaks
     Barbara Acker                         Curtis Sibley                      He worked as a newspaper reporter, a business teacher,
     Darlyn Brown                          Daria Stehle                       stock company actor, cowboy, and traveled extensively in the
     Karen Dorfman                         Ed Williamson                      U.S.A. and Europe selling marble and granite. In 1896, he
                           Alice Horn                                         went to Chicago to practice law. One evening Paul visited the
    Two board members appointed:                         Antonio Re          suburban home of a professional friend. After dinner, as they
                                                                              strolled through the neighborhood, Paul's friend introduced
     and Terry Voche                                                          him to various tradesmen in their stores. It was here Paul
                                                                              conceived the idea of a club that could recapture some of the
    Daria Stehle sent a card thanking club for the                           friendly spirit among businessmen in small communities. On
     kind thoughts and words said at James’ wake.                             February 23, 1905, Paul Harris formed the first club with three
                                                                              other businessmen: Silvester Schiele, a coal merchant;
    Extra sodas from July 4th were donated to the                            Gustavus Loehr, a mining engineer; and Hiram Shorey, a
                                                                              merchant tailor. Paul Harris named the new club "Rotary"
     S. Miami Police Dept.                                                    because members met in rotation at their various places of
                                                                              business. Club membership grew rapidly. Soon Paul became
    July 4th at Palmer Park was a FUNdraiser!                                convinced that the Rotary club could be developed into an
     There was tremendous comraderie. Watching                                important service movement and strove to extend Rotary to
     the Fischers trip the light fantastic was a blast!                       other cities. When President emeritus Paul Harris passed
                                                                              away on January 27, 1947 his dream had grown from an
     Raised $235.21 for the club and $100.81 for S.                           informal meeting of four men to some 6,000 clubs. In the past
     Miami Park’s Dept Thank you to all who                                   five decades, the organization has grown to more than 27,500
     participated plus a warm thanks to Fabio for                             clubs with 1.2 million members brought together through Paul
     giving me the cold shoulder!                                            Harris' vision of service and fellowship.

    Future events: Football Mania spread                                     OUR SPEAKER:
     throughout the district, a fun run with, a golf
     tournament at the Biltmore.                                                                     Mimi Budd
                                                                                         Dr.Bruce Heiken Memorial Fund, Inc.
                                                                                    10300 Sunset Drive, Suite 303, Miami, FL 33173
    Dr. Mac Cowden received his Vocational                                                        (305) 271-5953
     Award plaque. Traditionally, the current holder
     displays a temporary plaque that has been                                Victor Dover, Programming Chair introduced Mimi
     passed to over 20 years of the winners. Peter
     Wendshuh is the current recipient.                                       Established in 1993, this non-profit charity provides free
                                                                              comprehensive eye care and basic eyeglasses to
    Noel Markman retired in June after 40 years in                           economically disadvantaged children attending Miami-
     the teeth business.                                                      Dade County public schools. These children have been
                                                                              determined to have vision deficiencies based on state-
                                                                              mandated vision screening in grades K - 12. A vision
    Please remember to pay Heather Berry for
                                                                              exam and a pair of eyeglasses may not sound like
     guests brought to the Installation Banquet.                              much; however, it can be, and in many cases has been,
                                                                              a life-altering experience for the children who receive
    Want less paper in your life? Opt out of getting                         them. There are children whose lives have been turned
     this newsletter via snail mail & learn to love                           around by the sudden ability to see well.
                                                                              Through the work of 80 optometrists, the fund provides
     Friday – Sunday, September 12 –14, 2003                                  thousands of exams and eyeglasses annually to
          District 6990 Conference @ Sea                                      children.   Referrals from concerned parents or a
                                                                              teacher are accepted. The number of requests grows
UPCOMING SPEAKERS:                                                            rapidly each year, with nearly 3,000 eyeglasses
                                                                              prescribed during the 2001-02 school year alone.
July 15th: Richard Goines, Project LEAD – literacy
program with Miami-Dade Public Libraries                                      Children with sight problems typically are restless, don’t
---------------------------------------------------------------------------   pay attention in school, and have disciplinary issues.
INVOCATION:                         ROY GONAS
PLEDGE:                             NOEL MARKMAN
VISITORS:                           LINDA KAPLAN
                                                                              IT’S YOUR TURN ON JULY 15TH
HAPPY $:                            DON STREAKER                              DOOR PRIZE: DONNA GAINES
DOOR PRIZE:                         ELLEN BOOK
RAFFLE TABLE:                       DONNA GAINES                              IT’S YOUR TURN ON JULY 22ND
4 WAY TEST:                         JOHN SORGIE                               DOOR PRIZE: OTTO FUENTES
50/50 PRIZE:                        MIKE NEWMAN ($10)

              Next week’s 50/50 pot = $212+                                   We weLcome … our visitors…
  HAVE YOU MISSED A MEETING?                                                  From the Coral Gables club: Hank Langston

 SUBMIT MAKE-UP FORMS BY THE 5 OF EACH MONTH                                  Club’s email: southmiamirotary@yahoogroups.com
             to Club Secretary Ellen Book                                     Editor: Antonio Re: antoniore@earthlink.net
       booke@mdpls.org or (305) 667-6121 work
                                                                              Today’s fill-in EDITOR: Ellen Book: booke@mdpls.org
         To find a club to make-up an absence,
                  check www.rotary.org                                        CLUB’S AWESOME WEBSITE: www.southmiamirotary.org
 OPPORTUNITIES TO                                   COMMITTEES                        CLUB OFFICERS 2002-2003
                                           CLUB SERVICE                               President………….Mike Newman
                                           Director – Ed Kitchen
MONDAY                                     Archivist – Bruce Higley / Noel Markman    President Elect….. Don Streaker
7:30 a.m. Miami-Dadeland, Marriott Hotel   Avenue of Service Awards Marty Rosen       V. President……....Dan McCrae
12:15 Allapattah, Women’s Club of Miami
  1737 N. Bayshore Dr, 4th fl
                                           Bulletin – Anthony Re / Ed Fischer         Secretary………… Ellen Book
                                           Classifi. & Membership – Don Streaker      Treasurer………….David Jacobs
                                           Current Year Historian – Stan Zeltsman
TUESDAY                                    Family of Rotary – Joanna Barusch          Sergeant-at-Arms...Mike Mills
8:00 a.m. Miami Beach, Van Dyke            Fellowship Activities – Heather Berry
  846 Lincoln Road
12:15 Perrine-Cutler Ridge,
                                           Fundraising – Terry Voche                   BOARD OF DIRECTORS
  Tony Roma’s 18851 S. Dixie Hwy.          Programs – Victor Dover                    Joanna Barusch        Diana Phillips
7:00 p.m. Miami Sundown,                   Public Relations – Ed Fischer              Heather Berry         Larry Sherry
BPOE Lodge, 10301 Sunset                   50-50 Raffle – Donna Gaines                Victor Dover          Antonio Re
                                                                                      Otto Fuentes           Larry Sherry
WEDNESDAY                                  VOCATIONAL SERVICE
7:30 a.m. Opa-Locka,                                                                  Linda Kaplan          Terry Voche
                                           Director – Howard Weiner                              Lydia White
  Jackson So. Maternity Centre             Career Development – Horace Feliu
   14700 NW 27 Ave                         High School Citizenship – Bill Enright
12:00 Homestead,                           Rotary Volunteers – Fabio Fernandez
   Capri Restaurant 935 Krome Ave          Youth Svs – Ernie Swift / Javier Bellon     DISTRICT 6990 GOVERNOR
   Florida City, FL                                                                            Bob Simon
12:00 Hialeah-Springs, Miami Springs       COMMUNITY SERVICE                                4240 NE 26th Ter
                                           Director – AJ Singh                          Lighthouse Point FL 33064
                                           After School House – Azam Malik
8:00 a.m. Bal Harbour,
                                           Community Development – Otto Fuentes          ASSISTANT GOVERNOR
   Bal Harbour Beach Club, 10201 Collins
                                           Elder Program –Leo Haskins
Av                                                                                            Lydia M. White
                                           Fellowship House – Howard Weinter
12:15 Miami,
                                           Harry White Scholarship – Diana Phillips        500 Savona Avenue
   Rusty Pelican, Rickenbacker
                                           Interact – Diana Phillips / Mari Colina        Coral Gables, FL 33146
                                           Inter-Club – Lydia White
12:15 North Dade-N. Miami,
                                           Partners in Service – Sid Greenstein
   Laurenzo’s 2255 NE 164 St
                                           RYLA – Donna Gaines
12:15 Coral Gables,
 Renaissance Restaurant, 2340 SW
32nd Av                                    INTERNATIONAL SERVICE
                                           Director – Antonio Re
                                           Ambassad. Scholarship – Amar Sawhney
FRIDAY                                     GSE – Lydia White
7:30 a.m. Key Biscayne,                    Polio Plus – Linda Kaplan
   Sonesta Beach Hotel, 350 Ocean Dr       Rotary Found. – Ann Fisher/Linda Kaplan
7:30 a.m. Miami-Kendall,                   World Community Service – Antonio Re
    Casa Alberto Rest. 7190 SW 87 Ave.     Youth Exchange – Doug Weinman
   Golf &Country Club
12:15 Miami Shores Country Club
   10000 Biscayne Blvd.
12:15 Miami West, 94th AeroSquadron
  836 X-Way & 57 Ave (Red Road)
12:15 Miami Lakes, Shula's Steakhouse,
7601 Miami Lakes Dr.

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