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Universidad del Valle de Mexico by x6PeyJM


									                   Universidad del Valle de Mexico
                                Coordinators' Page

                                 Teachers' TOEFL

              Results of Teachers’ TOEFL Exam
To all coordinators:

I. Our teachers should be among the best in Mexico. For this reason, the
Coordinación General de Inglés will do everything possible to help teachers
improve both their teaching techniques and their level of English.

II. It would be expected that our teachers should get approximately 600 on the
TOEFL exam (87-percentile rank for all people taking TOEFL exam 1997).

III. In order to help teachers reach this level, the following plan will be followed
based on teachers’ TOEFL scores from January to March, 1998. Teachers will be
divided into three groups (A, B, C) depending on their scores.

Group A: (540 +--69% rank): Congratulations. No additional work is needed.

Group B: (490-539—33 to 58% rank): These teachers probably need practice with
taking the TOEFL test itself, not specific work to improve their English. It will be
recommended to these teachers to either take a TOEFL preparation course or
complete the exercises in any of the TOEFL preparation textbooks. They will take
the exam again in one year’s time. I will happily help these teachers in any way I
can—consulting, text suggestion, correction of exercises, etc.

Group C: (below 490—below 33 % rank): These teachers need to raise their
English level. Their results are similar to many teachers at our Course 5 level. They
need to devote time to improving their level of English. They will be given one more
opportunity to take the exam and raise their score before these low scores
influence their job positions here at the Universidad del Valle de Mexico. I suggest
you communicate with Elisa Martinez in Lomas Verdes for information on how they
organized a course to help teachers improve their grammar. The teacher they
hired, Barbara Taylor, would be willing to give courses on other campuses. The
courses could be on grammar, listening and/or reading. Teachers in this group will
take the exam again in one year’s time. It will be hoped that their scores will have
improved by this date.

Be sure your teachers read the letter directed at them which explains what the
TOEFL exam is (and what it isn’t).

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