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					Building a Fit Future — One City at a Time

Healthy Kids—Las Cruces is an obesity prevention
project that will create safe and accessible
infrastructure and programs to give children, youth
and families more opportunities for physical activity
and healthy eating.

A diverse group of partners – the City of Las Cruces,
stakeholders from non-profit organizations, academia,
foundations and businesses and eight state government
agencies that administer nutrition and physical activity
programs – developed a five-year vision plan with
goals and action plans for Healthy Kids—Las Cruces.

The Healthy Kids —Las Cruces plan focuses on five areas: community and regional planning, the education
system, the food system, the healthcare system, and families and community.

                                                     Healthy Kids—Las Cruces: How
                                                     Steps you can take toward a healthier life

                                                           Increase physical activity to 1 hour a day

                                                           Limit TV and other screen time to 2 hours a

                                                           Eat 5 or more servings of fruits & vegetables
                                                              a day
Healthy Kids—Las Cruces: Why
In 2005:
                                                           Drink fewer sweetened beverages
12% of New Mexico high school students
    were obese;                                            Eat breakfast daily
84% of Las Cruces high school students did
    not eat five or more servings of fruits or             Limit eating out at restaurants, especially fast
    vegetables per day;                                       food restaurants
36% of Las Cruces high school students did
    not get adequate physical activity.                    Encourage family meals

                     * 2005 Survey of New Mexico
                                                           Limit portion size
                             High School Students

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