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					Sponsorship and Exhibition Prospectus


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WELCOME                                                 BENEFITS - Why Participate?
OTA NSW is excited to announce the 2012 State           Supporting the Forum will provide your organisation with a
Forum: Emerging Practices, Endless Possibilities:       number of key benefits:
Making the Connections to be held at Australian
Technology Park on 1st and 2nd November                         Increase your exposure to target markets
2012.                                                           Gain access to key decision makers
                                                                Position your brand and profile
                                                                Increase your sales
The Forum will provide a variety of formats to
                                                                Provide networking opportunities during the
showcase new initiatives; explore opportunities for             conference
practice and discuss the issues that affect the                 Well priced sponsorship and exhibition opportunities
delivery of quality OT services under the major
themes of:                                              The Delegates attending this Conference are Occupational
     • Changing practice to encompass the               Therapists; clinicians, managers and academics, from
         evidence                                       various sectors including hospitals, medical rehabilitation
     • Mentoring and practice across the                units, the government sector, community health centres,
         generations                                    home care services, insurance providers, work sites,
     • Moving from student to professional              mental health centres, vocational rehabilitation centers,
     • Understanding the disability, health and         tertiary education organisations, private practices, schools,
         aged care reforms                              pharmacies and other allied health services.
     • Using social media
                                                        The Delegates specialise in many areas of the health
Occupational therapists in all sectors will be keen     sector.
to find out about the latest products and services
                                                        With over 1700 members of OTA-NSW about 300 delegates
that will enable them in their endeavours.
                                                        are expected to attend this Conference.
As the premier professional development and
networking event for occupational therapists in all
sectors across New South Wales, we invite you to        VENUE
take the opportunity to have valuable exposure to
and networking with the delegates.                      Australian Technology Park
                                                        2 Locomotive St
On behalf of Occupational Therapy Australia-NSW,        Eveleigh NSW 2015
                                                        Tel: +61 2 9209 4220
we invite you to read this Sponsorship Package
which outlines the ways in which you can be             For more information, please visit
involved in the OTA-NSW Forum 2012. We look             Established on almost 14 hectares of campus inspired
forward to your participation and support.              grounds, and featuring a unique integration of heritage
                                                        architecture, premium commercial space and state-of-the-art
Linda Elliott
                                                        conferencing facilities, the Australian Technology Park is proud
Forum Convenor
                                                        host to leading Australian and global IT, communication and
                                                        science companies. Conceived by a consortium of Sydney
FORUM OFFICE                                            universities in 1995 and wholly-owned by the New South
Think Business Events                                   Wales Government’s Sydney Metropolitan Development
Level 1, 299 Elizabeth Street, Sydney NSW               Authority, the Park is located just a few kilometres away from
Ph: +61 2 8251 0045                                     Sydney’s CBD and international airport on a site once
Fax: +61 2 8251 0097                                    occupied by the Eveleigh Railway Yards.

                    Forum Office: Think Business Events – Phone: 02 8251 0045 Fax: 02 8251 0097
                  Email: Website:
The Marketing and Communications plan is
strategically designed to create maximum
awareness among the Forum’s target audiences
and position the Forum as the “Must-Attend
Forum of 2012”. It will combine offline and online
communications tactics and integrate aspects
of traditional and social media networking,

WEBSITE – Used as a pivotal marketing tool,
this provides the key source of information
about the Forum and is constantly updated and
refreshed to reflect the latest news.

ASSOCIATION NEWSLETTERS – Sent via email and post.

DIRECT MARKETING – Monthly e-bulletins sent to members of OTA NSW will
include updates, and regular email blasts sent to past and current registered
delegates and speakers, that will provide updates on general information, latest news,
key dates, program and speaker details, keeping the target market engaged in
activities leading up to the Forum.

ASSISTANCE FROM ALLIED HEALTH ORGANISATIONS – Other membership associations and health organisations have been
engaged to promote the Forum via their websites, as well as newsletters and targeted email blasts to their members. This ensures that
the Forum program is promoted not just to members of OTA NSW, but also other health professionals who have an interest in the
Forum program topics.

MARKETING COLLATERAL – Branded electronic and printed materials are used to endorse the email campaign, highlighting key
activities such as registration promotions and ‘call for papers’. These will be shared via direct emails and the Forum website.

PROMOTIONAL ACTIVITIES – Planned for related events held leading up to the Forum. This includes promotion at professional
development events held nationally and at state level, through the distribution of marketing collateral and third party publicity. This
provides another access to the target market and the opportunity to keep the Forum ‘top of mind’.

ADVERTISING AND ARTICLES – Planned to appear in related journals and publications to promote highlights of the program and key

Leverage your Investment!
You can help us increase awareness of the Forum by including Forum information in your regular marketing activities. Consider putting
the logo and link to our website, on your organisation’s homepage, or attaching e-poster and brochures to emails to your customers!
The Forum Organisers will be happy to provide you with further information about how you can help us make this a successful OTA
NSW Forum for 2012.

                    Forum Office: Think Business Events – Phone: 02 8251 0045 Fax: 02 8251 0097
                  Email: Website:
MAJOR SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES                                                         Gold              Silver           Bronze
                                                                                       $11,000            $6,950           $3,300
                  Venue Signage: Prominent acknowledgement on
                  signage at Registration desk and entrance to
                                                                                          Large            Medium             Small
                  plenary room.
                  Title slides: Logo on all title slides
                                                                                          Large            Medium

                  Logo in conference program handbook.
                                                                                          Large            Medium             Small
                  Promotional collateral: Name and logo to
                  appear on all materials from time of confirmation,
                  including brochures, programs, email campaigns                          Large            Medium
                  and other marketing materials.
                  Opportunity to place advertisement in the Forum
                                                                                       Full page          ½ page            ¼ page
                  program handbook.
                  Forum Website: Logo to appear on home page
                  and sponsors page of Forum website.
                  Association Website: Logo to appear on home
                  page of OTA NSW Forum website 6 weeks prior
                  to Forum.

                  Satchel Logo: Inclusion of logo and company
                  name on satchel

                  Opportunity to Sponsor a session in the Program

                  Chair to give acknowledgement at opening of
Program           plenary sessions.
                  Opportunity to provide brief welcoming remarks at
                  a key note session selected by program

Hosted            Opportunity to host an educational event outside
Session           of the Forum program. Eg. a breakfast session.
                  General content to be approved by the Forum Organising Committee.

                  Complimentary delegate registrations for Forum                            2                 1
                  Additional tickets to Cocktail Event
                                                                                            3                 2                 1

                  Exhibition spaces (3m x 3m booth) for both days                                      Single space
Exhibition                                                                                 space                         1 x (3m x 3m)
                  of the Forum. Includes exhibition passes, with                                         (3m x 3m)
Space                                                                                    (6m x 3m)
                                                                                                        (inc 2 passes)
                                                                                                                          (inc 2 passes)
                  access to exhibition and catering areas.                            (inc 4 passes)
                  One seat drop at selected plenary session of the
Distribution of   Satchel Insert: Opportunity to place an insert(s)
                                                                                            2                 1                 1
Materials         of A4 size page into delegates' satchels
                  Database Access:Access to the database of all
                  consenting delegates after the Forum.

                    Forum Office: Think Business Events – Phone: 02 8251 0045 Fax: 02 8251 0097
                  Email: Website:

 Welcome Drinks Sponsor                                          Hosted Session Sponsorship

Investment: $2,200 (Maximum of 1 opportunity)                  Investment: $3,750

Welcome Drinks will take place within the exhibition area      This is an opportunity to host an educational event outside
immediately after sessions at the end of the first day. This   of the Forum program. This would ideally take place as a
is a popular activity, with delegates taking the opportunity   breakfast session. Sponsors may provide their own
to catch up with peers and colleagues in a relaxed             presenter, but general content must be approved by the
environment.                                                   Forum Organising Committee.

Entitlements:                                                  Investment includes venue and standard Audio Visual.
                                                               Catering costs to be borne by the Sponsor.
    •  Opportunity to display company signage within           Entitlements:
       Cocktail Event (sponsor to provide own signage)
    •  Logo in Forum program handbook, and as                  Branding
       ‘sponsor’ of Cocktail Event                               •   Session advertised on the website and in the
                                                                     conference program handbook.
Venue Signage                                                    •   Session advertised in email campaign.
       Logo to appear on all printed material for the            •   Bookings to be collected during registration
       Cocktail Event                                                process
                                                                 •   Ability to provide signage and title slides for
Website                                                              session.
   •    Logo to appear on functions page and sponsors
        page of Forum website
                                                                 Writing pad and pens sponsor
   •  Opportunity to provide brief welcoming remarks at
                                                               Investment: $750 (Exclusive opportunity)

Satchel Insert                                                 All Forum delegates will receive a Forum satchel with your
    •    Opportunity to place two single A4 size* pages        branded pad and pen.
         into satchels *may be items – subject to approval
         by committee                                          Entitlements:

                                                                 •   Supply of pads and/or pens with sponsor logo

 Name badge lanyard Sponsor
                                                                 Forum Satchel
Investment: $3,300 (Exclusive opportunity)
                                                               Investment: $3,300 (Exclusive opportunity)
All delegates will be issued with a name tag and lanyard to
be worn throughout the Forum.                                  All Forum delegates will receive a Forum satchel.

Entitlements:                                                  Entitlements:
Branding                                                       Branding
    •  Sponsoring company logo to appear on all                  •   Logo and company name on satchel (alongside
       lanyards                                                      satchel and other gold sponsor logos and OTA
    •  Logo and listing in Forum program handbook                    NSW Logos)

Website                                                        Materials
   •    Logo to appear on page of the Forum website             •    Insert of one A4 size page into satchels or an
                                                                     item – subject to approval by committee

                     Forum Office: Think Business Events – Phone: 02 8251 0045 Fax: 02 8251 0097
                   Email: Website:

  Satchel Inserts                                                          Award Sponsorship

                                                                       Investment: $550
Investment: $395
                                                                       Awards for best paper, best student paper and best media
                                                                       presentation are given out at the Forum to recognise
Entitlements: All Forum delegates will receive a Forum satchel.
                                                                       excellence in quality and originality of content, excellence in
Entitlements:                                                          scientific investigation and/ or clinical practice, and the impact
                                                                       that the work has on occupational therapy.
Insert of one A4 size page into satchels (or equivalent) for           These prestigious Awards will be presented at a plenary
insertion in delegates’ satchels                                       session during the Forum.

                                                                       -    Choice of 3 Awards
                                                                       -    Best Paper
 Poster Display                                                        -    Best Student Paper
                                                                       -    Best Media Presentation
Investment: $1100                                                           •  Naming rights for chosen Award eg ‘Your Company
Poster presenters will place their posters on boards                           Name’ Best Paper Award
provided by the Forum.                                                      •  Opportunity to present the Award at a plenary
                                                                           Product Launch
Poster boards will be branded with sponsoring company
name and logo
                                                                       Investment: $750 (available only in addition to
     •   Acknowledgement as Poster Display sponsors in                 sponsorship/exhibition investment)
         Forum program and on website
     •   Logo and listing in Forum program handbook                    Opportunity for product launch during Forum (Product must be
     •   Logo on sponsors page on website                              approved by the committee).


                                                                             •    Launch advertised in the Forum program and also
                                                                                  on the website
                                                                             •    Insert of one A4 size page into satchels or an item –
                                                                                  subject to approval by committee

   Looking for a Unique Opportunity?
   This prospectus serves as a guideline for sponsorship opportunities. If you would like to sponsor the OTA-NSW Forum 2012 and
   have a proposal which caters to your unique requirements as well as those of the Forum, the committee would be willing to consider
   alternative proposals.

   Please contact the Forum office for more information and details.

                      Forum Office: Think Business Events – Phone: 02 8251 0045 Fax: 02 8251 0097
                    Email: Website:
   Exhibition Booth

  Investment: $2,500 (per booth)

  The exhibition will be held in adjoining area to the main session room. The plan has been designed with maximum
  flow of delegates, with booths positioned along access points to session rooms and around catering stations. This ensures
  that delegates are exposed to booths when they gather for catering breaks.


      •  Logo and listing in Forum program handbook

     •    Logo to appear on sponsors page of
          Forum website

  Exhibition Space
      •    Exhibition booth (3m x 3m or 3m x 2m) octanorm
           white walls) with fascia board with company name,
           2 Spotlights and 1 electrical power point access

  Exhibition passes and benefits
      •    Two exhibition passes with access to catering
            and exhibition areas during Forum days.
            One satchel, delegate list (hard copy – name,
           organisation and state/country only).

Exhibition Manual                                                   Public and Product Liability
The organisers will develop a comprehensive Exhibition Manual       All exhibitors are required to have adequate Public and
to assist exhibitors with all logistics related to the Forum. The   Product Liability Insurance, and provide copy of certificate of
manual will distributed approximately three months prior to the     currency to the Forum Organiser. The cover is based on a limit
Exhibition,                                                         of indemnity to the value of A$10,000,000 or above for
                                                                    damages or injury caused to third parties/visitors on or in the
It will contain the move-in / move-out schedule, venue details
                                                                    vicinity of their exhibition booth.
(parking, OH&S, etc.) supplier contact details and professional
tips and advice on how to achieve the best return on your           If you do not have public and Product Liability Insurance, the
investment.                                                         Forum Organisers will be able to assist you in organising this
                                                                    before the Forum. More details will be included in the
                                                                    Exhibition Manual, along with a “Request Insurance Form”.

                     Forum Office: Think Business Events – Phone: 02 8251 0045 Fax: 02 8251 0097
                   Email: Website:
                      Sponsorship and Exhibition Booking Form
Please complete this form, keep a copy for your records and send to the Forum Office: Think Business Events: Level 1, 299 Elizabeth
          Street, Sydney NSW 2000 T: +61 2 8251 0045 * F: +61 2 8251 0097 * E:

Contact Details
Please note all correspondence including invoices will be sent to the contact supplied below.

COMPANY NAME _______________________________________ CONTACT NAME ___________________________________

SURNAME _________________________________________________ POSITION ____________________________________

COMPANY DEPARTMENT ___________________________________ EMAIL __________________________________________

TELEPHONE __________________________________ FAX _________________________MOBILE ______________________


SUBURB ______________________________STATE ________________ POSTCODE ____COUNTRY______________________

COMPANY WEBSITE_____________________________________________________________________________________

                                                                      HOW DID YOU FIND OUT ABOUT THE FORUM?
  I will be the main contact person leading up to the forum             Direct email notification
  I will be the main contact onsite                                     Colleague/friend told me
  I will not be attending the forum myself. I will provide              Newsletter or journal advertisement
     contact details for the main contact person onsite.                Workplace notice board
                                                                        Website search
                                                                        At another event: _________________________
                                                                        Social Media: ____________________________
Booking Details
Please indicate your selection/s below. All amounts are in Australian dollars (AUD$) and include 10% Goods and Services Tax (GST).

Sponsorship                                                                 Advertising & Promotion
Major Sponsorship
                                                                             Award Sponsorship - $550
  Gold - $11,000                                                             Product Launch - $750
  Silver - $6,950                                                            Poster Display - $1,100
  Bronze - $3,300                                                            Satchel Insert - $395
Other Sponsorship
  Welcome drinks sponsor – $2,200        Session Sponsor - $3,750
                                                                              Standard Exhibition Booth - $2,500
  Forum Satchel - $3,300         Name Badge / Lanyard - $3,300
                                                                              Booth Preference: 1st _____ 2nd_____ 3rd______
  Writing Pads / Pens – Supply of product - $750

                 Forum Office: Think Business Events – Phone: 02 8251 0045 Fax: 02 8251 0097
               Email: Website:
Payment Methods
  I will forward cheque payable in AUD$ to “Think Business Events”
  I will pay by EFT
  I will pay by Credit Card:     Visa     MasterCard       Diners      Amex

CARD NUMBER        ____ ____ ____ ____                                           EXPIRY DATE:      __ /__
CARDHOLDER NAME: ________________________________CARDHOLDER’S SIGNATURE: ____________________________

Payment Schedule
Written acknowledgement of sponsorship and/or exhibition bookings will be made on receipt of a signed booking form, and a tax
invoice will then be issued for the deposit and written confirmation provided once this is received.

  Payment in full 100%, payable 30 days upon receipt of invoice
  Fifty percent (50%) of total owing payable 30 days upon receipt of invoice / Balance payable by 4 September 2012
  Payment in full 100%, payable upon receipt of invoice - For all bookings and applications received after 4 September 2012

  I have read & accept the terms & conditions in the prospectus and wish to become a sponsor/exhibitor at the OTA NSW Forum 2012.

  I agree to be invoiced for a total of AUD______________ (incl. 10% GST)


Booking Terms & Conditions
The Australian Goods and Services Tax (GST) at 10% is applicable to all goods and services offered by the Forum. All prices listed in
the prospectus include GST.

1. A signed Booking Form is required to allocate sponsorship and exhibition booths / promotional display areas.
2. Upon receipt of the booking form, written advice will be provided to confirm the booking, along with a tax invoice for the required 50% deposit.
   Deposit is payable 30 days from the date of the tax invoice. Balance is due and payable by 4 September 2012. Applications received after 4
   September 2012 must include full payment.
3. All amounts are payable in Australian dollars. Cheques and direct deposits must be made payable to “Think Business Events.” Credit card
   payments will incur a 4% service fee.
4. Payment of all monies due and payable must be received (and cheques cleared) by the Forum Office prior to the start of the Forum. Organisations
   will not be listed as a sponsor in any official Forum material until full payment and a booking form have been received. Exhibitors will not be allowed
   to bump in or be listed as an Exhibitor in official Forum materials until full payment and a booking form have been received.
5. Cancellation Policy: In the event of cancellation, a fee of 50% of total fees applies for cancellations prior to 4 September 2012. No refunds will be
   made for cancellations after this date. After sponsorship agreements have been confirmed and accepted, a reduction of the sponsorship package is
   considered a cancellation
6. Sponsors or Exhibitors are not permitted to assign, sublet or apportion the whole or any part of their package/ booked space unless prior consent in
   writing from the Forum Managers is provided.
7. Privacy Statement – In order to assist with your participation, your organisation and contact details may be shared with our suppliers and
   contractors, and be included in participant lists and for the information distribution in respect to other related events organised by Think Business
   Events Pty Ltd. If you object to your details being shared, please inform the Forum Manager –
Specific to Exhibitors
8. Public Liability insurance to a minimum of AUD$10 million must be taken out by each Exhibitor at their own expense. A copy of the company’s public
    liability certificate must be submitted to the Forum Managers by no later than 4 September 2012
9. The Forum Managers reserve the right to rearrange the floor plan and / or relocate any exhibit without notice. Discounts or refunds for any facilities
    not used or required will not be provided.
10. If your organisation intends to build a custom stand, you must advise the full details and stand dimensions to the Forum Managers by no later 4
    September 2012. Construction of customised display areas or booths requires the approval of the Forum Managers and venue management. Any
    construction that occupies space outside the specified space as indicated on the floor plan, will incur a pro-rata fee.
    Acceptance of sponsorship and exhibition offers is at the discretion of the Organising Committee. Please note that the acceptance of your
    sponsorship /exhibition application is not to be considered an endorsement of products or services which may be displayed by the sponsors or
    exhibitors at the OTA NSW Forum 2012.
    Delivery of some entitlements may be dependent on date of booking.

                  Forum Office: Think Business Events – Phone: 02 8251 0045 Fax: 02 8251 0097
                Email: Website:

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