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					Texas Society of Interpreter for the Deaf                               TSID InterpreTexan Policy

                              TSID InterpreTexan Policy
   The Editor of the InterpreTexan will be a member of the communication committee,
    appointed by the chair.
   The Editor of the InterpreTexan will not use copyrighted material verbatim, but will
    glean information from other articles and write it in his/her own style citing sources.
   The Editor will become familiar with and maintain knowledge of distribution
    methods and costs in order to choose the most effective means of distribution.
   The Editor may appoint one or more columnists, if so desired.
   The InterpreTexan will be published at least four (4) times a year in accordance with
    TSID By-Laws.
   Dates of publication will be set by the TSID Board.
   TSID shall disburse monies to cover all anticipated printing and mailing costs to the
    editor prior to publication if needed. TSID will reimburse the editor for unforeseen
    expenses incurred, i.e., fax charges, increased postage, printing costs, long distance
    calls, etc. up to 25% over previously incurred charges adhering to TSID policies.
   he deadlines for all submissions for printing in the InterpreTexan will be determined
    by the TSID Board and communicated to the membership.
   The editor may publish letters from the membership, subject to the following criteria:
    1. The InterpreTexan will print information of interest and concern to the
        membership of this organization (TSID). This information will be statements
        pertinent to the entire membership, no interpersonal exchanges will be accepted.
        Every measure possible should be taken to uphold the standards of truth and
        common sense.
    2. Letters should be as brief as possible.
    3. Only one (1) letter per author will be published in any one issue, with no more
        than two (2) letters per author published during one year.
    4. Unsigned letters will not be accepted for publication. Requests may be made to
        have name withheld, with a valid reason.
    5. Letters which do not meet these guidelines or which are not appropriate to for the
        purposes of the InterpreTexan may be edited.
    6. If a letter is not published the editor will notify the writer stating the reason for
        not publishing.
   Submissions to the InterpreTexan should be sent to the InterpreTexan editor.
   Paid advertisements will be accepted according to the “Advertising Rates & Policy
    for the InterpreTexan.” Workshops related to interpreting and/or the profession of
    interpreting will be publicized at no cost to local chapters of TSID and any non-profit
    entity. Any other organization or individual wishing to advertise may do so in
    accordance to the “Advertising Rates and Policy.”
   The copyright clause is to be included in each issue of the InterpreTexan.

 Established 09/1995
 Revised     10/2000                       (Formerly "TSID Editorial Policy")
 Revised     09/2009

Version 09/2009                                                                                     1/1

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