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Dear <Insert hiring contact’s name>,

Customer service needs to be timely, friendly and proactive if it is to enhance the
growth of the company. The right sort of customer service will create loyalty to the
company and can impact sales figures.

My vast experience in the customer service industry has shown me the best way to
meet the expectations of each customer with high quality service that sells. I have
helped all types of customers in various settings. I realize that the importance of
acquiring and keeping loyal customers is what keeps repeat business as well as
putting word of mouth advertising into action. Accomplishing more exposure and
better marketing for companies is a skill that I have mastered with a great deal of

My expertise as a trainer creates teams by building and maintaining self-
confidence and morale while teaching them how to develop the sale with improved
people skills.

I would very much like to interview with you and look forward to arranging a day
and time to do so.

Very Sincerely,

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