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Look Your Age

Clients often ask about the optimal age           Because of this, any set of age related
for their tummy tuck, facelift, or other          guidelines is a loose approximation at best.
specific procedure. Such a precise                However, there are certainly some basic
prediction remains difficult due to the vast      patterns and common treatment options as
spectrum of variability in body shapes,           people advance through the decades.
personal histories, and specific concerns.

                                                                                                     the 30’s
                                                                                                     By this age, many women are dealing with the conse-
                                                                                                     quences of pregnancy and childbirth. The breasts and
                                                                                                     abdomen are the areas most commonly affected, showing
                                                                                                     change in shape, stretch marks, and loose folds of skin.
                                                                                                     These changes may also be aggravated by the effects of
                                                                                                     gravity, weight fluctuations, and the natural loss of elastic-
                                                                                                     ity over time. Consequently, there is an increased interest
                                                                                                     in restoring the affected areas to something closer to the
                                                                                                     pre-pregnancy state, a set of procedures sometimes termed
                                                                                                     the, “mommy makeover”.

                                                                                                     Mastopexy (Breast lift) - Descent of the nipples, “drooping”,
                                                                                                     loose skin and a deflated breast appearance are all common
                                                                                                     consequences of pregnancy and breastfeeding. The goal
                                                                                                     of a mastopexy is to raise the nipples to a more youthful
                                                                                                     position, tighten loose skin, and improve the overall breast

 the teen yeArs                                                                                      Breast Augmentation - Many women seek options to restore
 After reaching physical maturity some                                                               breast size and fullness commonly lost through pregnancy
 teenagers can become uncomfortable with                                                             and breastfeeding. Breast augmentation may be performed
 certain characteristics. A few of the more       the 20’s                                           alone or sometimes in combination with a breast lift proce-
 common treatments they may ask for are:                                                             dure.
                                                  Breast Augmentation- This is a procedure
 rhinoplasty- Dissatisfaction with nasal size     commonly requested by this age group.              Abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) - This procedure remains the
 and/or shape often manifests in the teen-        Usually, this is a straightforward                 “gold standard” treatment for tightening the abdominal
 age years. Although there is no particular       undertaking, and a wide variety of implant         muscles after pregnancy, removing loose skin and stretch
 age restriction for rhinoplasty, clients often   choices are available to allow customization of    marks, and
 begin to consider this option in mid to late     the size and shape.                                improving the overall abdominal contour. Certain newer,
 teens. It can be a reasonable option once                                                           energy-based liposuction technologies, such as BodyTite™,
 facial development is complete, in a suf-        liposuction-There is no age group                  might be a suitable alternative in some candidates with mild
 ficiently mature candidate with reasonable       particularly inclined to pursue liposuction. But   to moderate skin excess who wish to avoid the long
 expectations.                                    body contouring in general often becomes           abdominoplasty scar.
                                                  of interest in the twenties. Many clients have
 gynecomastia (Male Breast Reduction)-            attained a healthy, stable weight but have         Facial rejuvenation - Although the signs of aging may be
 Breast enlargement due to hormonal               persistent areas of excess fat or disproportion    early and mild, a wide range of rejuvenation options are
 changes is a common source of distress in        and liposuction is the most popular method to      available for those with concerns. These treatments include
 teenage boys. Surgical treatments, usually       address those issues.                              laser and light-based skin treatments in addition to a formal
 involving liposuction, are a very effective                                                         skin-care regimen. Many people seek their first introduction
 solution assuming there is no underlying                                                            to Botox™ and injectable fillers such as Restylane™ and
 medical abnormality.                                                                                Perlane™, among others.

16   REvIvEMAGAzInE.cA
                                                                                                                                                AnTI-AGInG & BEAUTY

the 40’s AnD 50’s

energy-Assisted liposuction- With advancing age and reduced skin tone the role for
energy-assisted liposuction may be more important than in younger candidates. The
greater skin-tightening achieved with these technologies can help reduce ripples and
loose skin that might otherwise occur with traditional liposuction.

skin-tightening procedures - A number of techniques have been developed to remove,
tighten and reshape the areas of loose, floppy skin. Abdominoplasty and mastopexy
procedures remain the most common procedures, but there are several other options

Brachioplasty (Arm lift)- This procedure addresses the loose skin of the upper arms, “bat         the 60’s
wings” to restore a sleeker, tighter appearance.
                                                                                                  More people in their senior years are living vibrant, active lives.
thigh lift- The thin skin of the inner thighs commonly becomes loose and saggy. A thigh           They want their physical appearance to reflect their lifestyles; they
lift procedure lifts and tightens this area, leaving a scar concealed within the groin crease.    want to look good as well as feel good. Seniors are therefore
                                                                                                  exploring the option of cosmetic rejuvenation in greater numbers.
Buttock lift - The “Brazilian buttock lift” performed using fat transfer techniques has           While any of the treatments listed above may be a reasonable
gained popularity in recent years, but this age group may be better suited to a true but-         option, obviously safety-related concerns become more important
tock lifting solution, almost like a tummy tuck for the backside.                                 in the older population. That being said, a healthy senior might
                                                                                                  be a better candidate for surgery than a younger person with a
Facial rejuvenation - Greater loss of facial fat, descent and effects of gravity, deterioration   chronic illness such as diabetes or hypertension.
from sun damage, and deeper creases and lines of expression effect this age group. I
typically recommend a comprehensive approach to restore volume, tighten and improve               With a careful medical history, relevant pre-operative testing, and
skin texture, and lift where necessary. These solutions may be minimally invasive, such as        increased availability of minimally-invasive techniques, I expect
fat injections, radiofrequency-assisted tightening with FaceTite™ and NeckTite™ or more           that people in their golden years will be better able to look their
invasive such as a full surgical facelift.                                                        best for as long as they wish to do so.

                                                                                                                                                  REvIvEMAGAzInE.cA       17

     The Body
                                                  would have had to have cosmetic plastic
                                                  surgery to turn back time, but now years
                                                  can be taken off your appearance by
     the lAtest in nOn invAsive                   simple in-office lunchtime procedures with
     sKin tightening AnD                          minimal downtime and risk.
     Cellulite Fighters
     BY DR. IhAB MATTA                            Whether it’s getting rid of your wrinkles,
                                                  restoring youthful volume to your face,
     We all want to look our best. Thanks to      improving your skin texture and cellulite,
     continuing advances in medical tech-         eliminating unwanted hair or reducing that
     nology, treatments that were once only       frustrating “mummy tummy” there
     available to the rich and famous are now     is a non-invasive affordable solution
     accessible to everybody. In the past, one    waiting for you.

                                                                                                 FACe: restOre vOluMe                     restoration and lifting. By re-
       FACe: eliMinAte WrinKles.
                                                                                                 What to do: Use injectable               inflating the area, we actually lift
       What to do: Reduce sun exposure,
                                                                                                 fillers such as Restylane and            the sagging skin and improve
       don’t smoke, and get treatment with
                                                                                                 Radiesse.                                everything below. Treatment is
       Botulinum toxin A.
                                                                                                                                          done at one sitting with results
       how it works: For wrinkles created
                                                                                                 how it works: Restylane is a safe        lasting 6-18 months. There may
       by facial expression, such as frown
                                                                                                 non-animal stabilized hyaluronic         be some swelling or bruising
       lines, crow’s feet or forehead
                                                                                                 acid that can be injected into           after treatment, but this is easily
       creases, Botulinum toxin A (known
                                                                                                 the face to restore that lost            covered by makeup and usually
       as Botox) is the most effective
                                                                                                 volume. Common areas treated             only lasts a couple of days.
       treatment. It works by relaxing the
                                                                                                 are hollow temples, lips, chin,          Cost can range from $500-
       muscles that create the wrinkle, so
                                                                                                 marionette lines, smile lines            $3000 depending on how much
       that it no longer forms when the
                                                                                                 (nasolabial folds), tear troughs         treatment is carried out per
       muscles move. You see results in
                                                                                                 and most importantly, cheek              session.
       2-10 days after getting Botox, and
       results can last up to four months,
       with the results lasting longer as you
       have more treatments. In the hands
       of a qualified injector, results look
       very natural. There is no downtime
       and treatments cost anywhere from
       $250-$600 depending on how many
       areas are treated.

                                                 JOWl/Chin/BAtWing AreA                                          integrity of the skin. Results are seen after the first
                                                 What to do: Pollogen Maximus                                    treatment with peak results at 6-12 months. Most
                                                 Radiofrequency treatment to tighten loose skin on the           patients require 6 sessions for optimal results.
                                                 neck, arms and below the chin.
                                                                                                                 The treatment is pain free and any area with skin
                                                 how it works: Radiofrequency delivers heat to the               looseness can be treated; common areas include
                                                 skin and subcutaneous tissue below. By reaching and             the jowl, chin, neck, batwings, mummy tummy, hips
                                                 maintaining a specific temperature, fat is released from        and thighs. There is no downtime and clients can
                                                 the underlying fat cells and skin tightening is triggered.      resume their normal daily routine immediately after the
                                                 The Maximus stimulates collagen production through              procedure. Cost is usually $200 per session for face or
                                                 deep heating, which helps rebuild the structural                neck and $300 per session for body.

48    REvIvEMAGAzInE.cA
                                                                                                                                 AnTI-AGInG & BEAUTY

unWAnteD BODyhAir                                                           sun DAMAgeD AreAs
What to do: Laser hair removal.                                             On FACe, neCK, Chest
how it works: Laser hair removal works by                                   What to do: Fractora is a new option for patients
“selective photothermolysis”, in other words,                               with fine wrinkles, brown spots or sun damage,
the laser looks for colour in the hair shaft                                broken blood vessels and a general drop in skin
and targets it, destroying its ability to grow                              quality.
new hair. Treatment is usually performed
every six weeks or so depending on how                                      how it works: Fractora is a fractionated
fast the hair grows. When a new crop of hair                                Radiofrequency device that delivers heat 0.6
starts to grow, it’s time for another session.                              mm below the skin’s surface to improve the skin
Most patients describe the sensation as an                                  quality. It has a series of either 20 or 60 tiny
elastic band snapping on the skin, while                                    pins that provide radiofrequency energy to the
some patients (especially those with colour)                                dermal region of the skin. This energy ablates
may notice a little bit more discomfort.                                    some of the dermal matrix and stimulates a
Most clients require 6-8 sessions to achieve                                collagen response from the body that results in
an 80% or more permanent reduction                                          new, healthy collagen production.
in hair. Downtime is usually negligible;                                    The procedure feels like a heat sensation and
some patients may notice a small sunburn                                    can be administered without anesthetic on a
sensation for a few hours. Cost depends                                     low setting; but on higher settings, one would
on how large of an area is treated, ranging                                 need topical anaesthetic. The procedure is quite
from $50/session for underarms to several                                   quick and can require between 2-6 sessions
hundred for legs or back.                                                   depending on desired outcome, intensity of
                                                                            treatment and tolerance of downtime. Low
                                                                            settings have minimal downtime, while higher
                                                                            settings can be more painful, and have more
                                                                            swelling. The best areas to treat are crow’s feet,
                                                                            smoker’s lines, below the eyes, neck, chest
                                                                            and hands. Cost ranges between $200-500 per
                                                                            treatment session.

          ABDOMen, hips, thighs
          What to do: TiteFX from Body Tite, targets fat, cellulite and loose skin.

          how it works: The TiteFX delivers radiofrequency energy to the area. Once the
          target temperature is reached, it delivers a second energy pulse that actually
          kills the fat cell. The treatment is applied to a given area for 5-10 minutes and
          the heating effect stimulates collagen production, which helps tighten skin,
          while the secondary pulse improves local fat deposits and cellulite. Results are
          seen after the first treatment for fat and cellulite, while the tightening effects
          take more time and reach a peak at 6-12 months. The best areas to treat
          are the abdomen (for mummy tummy), hips and thighs both for cellulite and
          fat. Most patients require 6 sessions. There is no downtime. Each treatment
          usually costs $300 with packages available for multiple sessions.
                                                                                                                                  REvIvEMAGAzInE.cA   49
                                                                                                                            f E AT U R E
         DR. BRAY:
         Laura had already completed most of the            Our goal was to reduce these areas of excess fat, tighten the skin, and
         difficult work before being seen by me. She had    create an overall better proportion between her upper and lower body. I
         achieved a stable, healthy, sustainable weight     felt these goals would be best achieved with the use of BodyTite™
         and was interested in options to improve some      liposuction to the areas of the bra-line, mid and lower back, love handles,
         resistant trouble-spots.                           and inner and outer thighs.

         These included several areas of persistent,        Laura was comfortable with this plan and we went ahead, performing the
         excess fat contributing to a somewhat bottom-      procedure without difficulty. I used the radiofrequency energy of BodyTite™
         heavy appearance. Also of concern to her were      to melt and then gently remove fat and also to raise the temperature to
         thicker areas of the mid and upper back, tending   encourage skin-tightening. We removed approximately 3 litres of fat in total
         to form bulges and rolls with her bra or certain   from these combined areas and have seen a nice improvement in contour,
         types of clothing.                                 proportion, and an overall leaner appearance.

BEfORE                                                       AfTER

BEfORE                                                       AfTER

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     f E AT U R E

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