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									                                                            Lesson Plan Template

                             Name: __________Karlie Kennedy ________ Grade Level:____Kindergarten___

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Estimated number of days lesson will cover:_______One_________

Lesson Subject/Title:
Apple Letters
Performance Standards:

ELAKR3 The student demonstrates the relationship between letters and letter combinations of written words and the sounds of spoken words.
The student

b. Recognizes and names all uppercase and lowercase letters of the alphabet.
c. Matches all consonant and short-vowel sounds to appropriate letters.

Lesson Objectives (What students will know and/or do) :

Students will learn to recognize and match the lower-case and capital letters of the alphabet.

Essential Questions:

What sound do the various letters of the alphabet make?
How do you identify capital and lowercase letters?

Key Vocabulary:

Capital letters, lower-case letters, matching
Time      Procedures                                        Differentiation             Materials/Resources      Assessment
1 min.    Introduction/hook/activation of prior                       N/A                        N/A                    -------

          I will remind the children of the letter drills
          and sounds we have been doing in class, as
          well as our unit on apples and Johnny

15 min.   Behavior Expectations:                            Advanced students will Capital letter apple           I will assess this
                                                            be required to identify     worksheets, lower-case   activity based on
          I expect the children to remain seated in their   the lowercase letter and apple cutouts, crayons      observation, such as
          seats at the table, keep their hands to           find the corresponding                               if they are making the
          themselves, and raise their hands when they       capital letter, tell me the                          correct letter sounds
          have a question or are answering a question.      sound the letter makes,                              and identifying the
          They are also held accountable for the five       and give me a word that                              lowercase letters
          basic classroom rules that have already been      begins with that letter.                             correctly.
          established. If the students do not abide by
          these expected behaviors, warnings will be        Students needing extra                               I will also be
          given and then they will have to proceed with     assistance will only be                              checking their
          the next steps on our behavior chart.             required to indentify the                            worksheets after each
                                                            lowercase letter find the                            letter that was called
          Instructional activities:                         corresponding capital                                to ensure that they
                                                            letter.                                              have colored in the
          I will have 26 cut out apples, each with a                                                             correct capital letters.
          different lower-case letter of the alphabet
          written on it.

              1. I will pick a lowercase apple out of my
                 “basket” at random, and the students
                 will have to identify what letter it is.
              2. I will have the students tell me what
                 sound the letter I picked out of the
               basket makes.
            3. The students will then find the
               matching capital letter on their apple
               worksheets and color it in with their
            4. This activity will continue until all the
               apples have been colored in by the

2 min.   Review and Closure                                                N/A   I will again be
                                                             -----------         assessing this based
         We will close the exercise by going back over                           on observation of the
         any of the letters that the students had trouble                        students and their
         with during the activity. I will keep track of                          involvement and
         these letters by keeping two piles of the cut out                       improvement from
         apples, one that the students got correct, and                          the beginning to the
         one that needs to be further reviewed.                                  end of the lesson.
Lesson Reflection

What worked well in your lesson?

 The students were very engaged and excited to showcase their knowledge of letters and letter sounds. All the children participated, and
completed the entire lesson.

What modifications did you make in your instruction for varying abilities of students based on your formative assessments?

Advanced students were instructed to tell me the name of the lowercase letter, find the corresponding capital letter on their worksheets, tell
me the sound the letter makes, and give me examples of words that begin with that letter. Students needing extra assistance were only
required to tell me the letter, find the corresponding capital letter on their worksheets, and we will review the sounds of the letters together.

For future lessons, since I perform the lesson in small groups, I will keep a record of which students are having difficulty with what letters
(identification, sound, or words) so I can be sure to work on it more with the student in the future.

What follow-up instruction related to your objectives is needed either for remediation or extension?

The students all seemed to have a good grasp of the names of all of the letters, as well the sounds they make, so remediation or extension
would not need to be extremely stressed, however daily review is necessary.

What would you still like to learn that might help you to better meet the diverse needs of your students?

Had I seen the students’ assessments (performed by the teacher) before my lesson, I would have been able to better put the children in their
groups so they do not just rely on others to answer for them.

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