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									      Driving directions: To Pharr International Bridge (your crossing point)

From (North):

Follow Hwy 281 South straight south - will turn into Cage Blvd (also called Pharr International

From McAllen (West):

Hwy 83 East to 281 S and take the Pharr Int. Bridge Exit (this is the SECOND Pharr Int.
Bridge exit coming from McAllen - do not take the first one).

From Harlingen (East):

Hwy 83 West to 281 South - take the Pharr Int. Bridge Exit (first Pharr Int. Exit).
Maps: Airport/ McAllen/ Pharr

    McAllen Airport (take Ridge Rd. to Cage- Cage is Pharr International Bridge)

   Harlingen (top right)-Pharr Bridge (appx 30 miles from Harlingen) on Hwy 83 West.

         Pharr International Border Crossing
Crossing the Border:
     The border fee is approximately $1.75 going into Mexico and $2.50 coming back.
      (drive through and pay like a toll booth). Usually you will not be asked any questions
      going over the border, but coming back they may want to do an inspection. Do not
      try to bring food/fruit etc. into the US!!
     Once you cross the Pharr international bridge going into Mexico, continue south until
      you see the sign directing you to Matamoras. This exit will clover leaf back East
      directly toward Rio Bravo on Hwy 2. You really cannot miss it, just follow the signs. Rio
      Bravo is appx 15 minutes from border to city.
     When you come to the city of Rio Bravo, STAY ON THE HIGHWAY as it veers to the right.
      DO NOT enter the town at that point (it will say Rio Bravo Centre). Continue on the
      highway to the 4th red-light.
     Turn left at the 4th light (you should be able to see the running track/sports field will be
      on your immediate right after you turn left off the hwy and go down a little slope into
      the town).
     Turn left again on Morelos (1st block down).
     The hospital is one block down on your right corner. You bypass many speed bumps
      and stop signs this way. The hospital is on the corner of Guerrero and Morelos Av.

Driving/Insurance Tips:
     SPEED LIMIT: Do the speed limit. Remember, the speed limits change to kilometers once
      you cross the border, so adjust your speed accordingly.
     STOP SIGNS: Alto means stop. but it does not actually mean that everyone 'will' stop. Never
      cross an intersection (with or without signs) without stopping first to check for oncoming traffic
      unless you want to be in a fender bender!
     INSURANCE: Be SURE you have insurance for driving in Mexico, whether you own or rent a
      car, and that you have proof of it. Many people will not need special insurance to drive their
      own vehicle across the border, but you must check with your insurance provider to see if you
      need additional insurance. Rio Bravo is approximately 15 miles over the border, and some
      insurance companies will only cover you up to 5 miles. If you are required to purchase special
      insurance, you can do so by doing a search online for ~ Mexico insurance. Here is one link
      to get you started :
     OTHER: Be cautious of large potholes and fast drivers once you get off the main highway.
      The townsfolk are extremely wonderful but they do have different driving styles. Always stop
      at intersections and look before crossing, whether there s a stop sign or not.  ALTO means
      stop, but it is sometimes treated more as a request than a demand. It is much like driving in a
      big city in the US.

                          PHONE NUMBERS TO TAKE WITH YOU:

                            Dr. Levi Guerra – 011-52-899-871-1586
                         Marcos Guerra (Shuttle) - 011-52-899-194-5506
                                 or 361-442-0348 (cell in US)

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