Ohio Youth in Transition (OYIT) by hG9ux5


									                           Ohio Youth in Transition (OYIT)
                                  Planning Meeting
                                    Date: 9/10/10
                                 Time: 10:30-11:30a
        Location: Community Action of Ross County; 261 Mechanic St., Chillicothe


  1. Attendees: Napolean Cross; Alvin Mares; Trish Mares; Mary Jane Preece; Barbara
     Mahaffey; Anita Maldonado; Robin Walton; Marcia White

  2. Demonstration of updated & expanded website (Alvin) (www.oyit.org)
       a. Overview: online application; single brochure for both locations (updated per
          feedback received during meeting)
       b. Partners: Dr. Mary Jane Preece added; also Kelly Mettler; Dr. Maldonado made
          primary contact for Columbus location; Rev. Botts replaced by Alvin & Trish for
          Orchard Hill UCC contacts
       c. Evaluation: Referral Form replaced with Application, MH Assessment and
          Enrollment Forms; evaluation stats template reviewed
       d. Press: link to Chillicothe Gazette article from 8/29/10
       e. Calendar: planning and mentor training meeting information (agendas, minutes,
          presentation slides, dial-in number and access code, dates and times, etc.)
          available on this page
       f. Contact: link to OYIT Facebook page

  3. Update on OU-C student interns (Barbara & Mary Jane)
      Students currently being recruited and beginning to develop mentor training and other
        materials; possibility of placing students at both locations to be further explored

  4. Discussion of upcoming mentor trainings (Oct 10th & Oct. 31st, noon-2p, Orchard Hill
      Joint presentation by OU-C interns, and Alvin, Trish and possibly other OH-UCC
        mentor steering committee members and Mary Jane Preece and Barbara
      Interns to develop draft slides and email to Trish and Alvin by Oct. 1st

  5. Discussion of monthly conference call with both sites (2nd Fri, 10-11a) & single
     name/two sites description, brochure, etc. moving forward
      Interns to develop draft slides and email to Trish and Alvin by Oct. 1st

  6. Discussion of prospective participants & other issues
      Group liked idea; decision made to refer to program as “Ohio Youth in Transition
        Support Program” or OYIT for short

  7. Adjourned at 1:40p

  Special thanks to Napolean & Roslyn Cross and Donald & Rachel Foster for providing a
wonderful home-cooked meal for lunch – chicken, corn, mac and cheese, greens, hot water corn
                     bread, sweet potato pie and soft drinks. Delicious!!

Reminder: Next meeting by conference call on Oct. 8th, from 10-11a. See Calendar section of
                      website for dial-in number and access code.

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