Mexican Americans During the New Industrial Order by rJzlM9


									 Mexican Americans
   During the New
  Industrial Order

  Santa Barbara: A Case

Santa Barbara is important
because it remained
Mexican longer than most
communities in California
after 1848.
Mexicans remained in control
until the late 1860’s.

By 1870’s, racial tensions
intensified and the Mexicans
lost control of political, social
and economic powers.

The Economy changes from
pastoral to agricultural and
Mexicans experience
  Devastation
  Floods
  Drought
  Taxes, Legal Fees
 The Mexicans cope by
 insulating and/or secluding
 themselves into residential
 and socially segregated

 Why do they do this?
   Change in class structure
   The Americanization of
    Mexican society.

Mexicans are incorporated
into the capitalist labor
market. Their way of life is
How so?
They go from being land
owners to workers in the
  Railroads
  Mines
  Agriculture
  Laundresses
  Dressmakers
  Washers
  Manual Laborers
  Gardeners
  Cooks
 The Mexican Americans
 were now experiencing the
reality of being Mexican in
an Anglo society.

How did they respond?
  Organizing
  Mutual aid societies
  Developing newspapers
  Political groups

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