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Experiential Group Exercise - PowerPoint by rJzlM9


									     Culture Walk

The overall purpose of this exercise is for
students to explore how they identify
Perception Defined

 To understand facets of cultural identity.
 To examine how others’ perceptions influence our
  beliefs and feelings.

 Ask students to stand in a straight line.
 This is a silent exercise – no talking, laughing etc.
 When statements are read, follow the instructions
Read the following statements:

 If you belong to or relate to “see categories below”
  please cross over to the other side of the room.
 Look to see who is at your right, look to see who is
  at your left, look who stayed across the room, and
  please walk back.
 Categories to insert: male, female, brother, sister,
  oldest child, middle child, youngest child, only
  child, single, married, divorce, teen parent,
  American, Other than American, Caucasian,
  Asian, Native American,
  Hispanic/Latino/Mexican, African American,
  Christian, Mormon, Catholic, Protestant, Jewish,
  Muslim, Agnostic, Atheist, Eastern Religion.
 Discussion Questions
1.   What happened?
2.   What did we do?
3.   What emotions did you feel during the exercise?
4.   What was uncomfortable?
5.   What was difficult?
6.   What question did you want to walk on, but
7.   What held you back?
8.   What do you suppose was the purpose of this
9.   What can you take away from this exercise?

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