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									                   HONORS CAPSTONE PROPOSAL
                   COVER & ASSESSMENT SHEET
Name of Student:
SEP Faculty Capstone Advisor:
Capstone 2nd Reader (Optional for Proposal):
Title of Capstone Proposal:
                                               Capstone Type
  Scientific Inquiry Capstone
  Science Education Capstone
  Policy Analysis Capstone
 Resources                       Check box if you will be submitting a resource request form to the ENVS
                                  Lab Manager (requests must be approved by advisor first).

 Semester you plan to take Capstone II:

                                            Proposal Feedback
     Approved
     Approved Pending Minor Improvements (check appropriate boxes below)
     Needs More Work (check appropriate boxes below):
          Title needs to be more descriptive of project.
          Project question or goal needs to be more focused.
          Background section needs more depth and detail.
          Background section needs additional information.
          Methods need to be more relevant to capstone question/goal or question/goal needs to be changed.
          Methods need to be more detailed.
          Literature not appropriately cited.
          Basic writing (e.g. grammar, syntax, style) needs to be improved.
          Other:

                                              Proposal Grade
                       Minimum of 7.5 points (75%) in all categories needed for approval.
           Component (Assessment Criteria)                                   Points (scale of 1 – 10)
 Background (relevancy, depth, thoroughness, accuracy)
 Methods (clarity, thoroughness, appropriateness)
 Basic Writing (grammar, syntax, style, organization)
 Total Points
Capstone Advisor Comments:

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