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					                                                                     National Association to

 Volume 3, Issue 1
                             REFORMA                                   Promote Library &
                                                                     Information Services to
   August 2004
                         Colorado Newsletter                         Latinos and the Spanish

                                                                  Lines,” by Rick Tosches, July
Poet Lalo                        REFORMA                          15-21, 2004). “The interview
Delgado Dies                     Colorado Chapter                 with José is great. Maybe it’s
                                 2004-2005 Election               just because I’m a local, but I
Abelardo “Lalo” Delgado is                                        found it to be inspiring and it
considered one of the finest     Results                          brought tears to my eyes,”
poets of the Chicano                                              says Gwen Gregory, Tutt
                                 Out of 50 ballots, 17 were
Renaissance. His signature                                        Library, Colorado College.
                                 completed and returned by
poem, “Stupid America,” has                                       Read the complete article
                                 the June 23rd deadline. The
appeared in many                                                  online:
                                 results were unanimous. The      www.scindy.com/csindy/2004-07-
anthologies. He was a
                                 2004-2005 Colorado Chapter       15/cover.html
Denver-area community
                                 REFORMA officers are:
activist and taught Chicano
Studies at Metropolitan State    President – Orlando “Lando”
College of Denver for the        Archibeque, Auraria Library,
past 17 years.                   303-556-3482,
Lalo was a “man of both
borders,” says his friend and
fellow poet, Ramon del           Vice-President/President
Castillo, Assistant Professor,   Elect – Joan Schopf, Smoky
Regis University. “One time      Hill Branch, Arapahoe
I got invited to read for the    Library District
Hispanic Republicans and I
said, ‘Lalo, what do I do?’      Secretary – Sylvia Hall-Ellis,
He said, ‘Go, Ramon, and         University of Denver Library
make sure they never invite      & Information Science             Photo Credit, Sean Cayton
you back.’”                      Program
                                                                  The LOTY Committee
Abelardo Barrientos Delgado      Treasurer – Holly Hoxeng,        selected José Aponte,
died on July 23rd at Saint       Carpenter & Klatskin             Executive Director of Pikes
Anthony’s North Hospital in
                                 Immediate Past President –       Peak Library District,
Westminster, Colorado.
                                 Lisa Murillo, Woodbury           Colorado, as the recipient of
                                 Branch, Denver Public            2004 Trejo Librarian of the
                                 Library                          Year Award. His outstanding
                                                                  library work, locally and
                                                                  nationwide, contributions to
                                      José Aponte                 REFORMA, and the
                                   2004 REFORMA                   promotion of Latino culture
                                                                  make him a model to follow
                                    Librarian of the              by new and veteran librarians
                                         Year                     alike. He validates the belief
                                 A recent issue of The            that librarians can make a
                                 Colorado Springs                 difference. The award was
                                 Independent features             presented at the REFORMA
                                 REFORMA’s Librarian of           Fundraiser on Sat. June 26 at
                                 the Year, José Aponte.           ALA-Orlando.
                                 (“Reading Between the
                                 Spanish language reader does   2004 Mármol Prize
      Stupid America             a particularly good job!
                                           – Lando Archibeque   Curbstone Press announces
   stupid America, see the                                      the 2004 Miguel Mármol
            chicano               Ideas for Hispanic            Prize for a first novel written
        with a big knife           Heritage Month               in English by a Latina/o
      in his steady hand                                        author, The Fifth Sun, by
he doesn’t want to knife you            Latino Arts & Crafts   Mary Helen Lagasse. The
                                                                story follows Mercedes from
 he wants to sit on a bench              Festival
                                      Lowrider parade or       Mexico to New Orleans in
   and carve christfigures                                      the early 1930's. Her naïveté
     but you won’t let him.              exhibit
                                      Hispanic Health Fair     leads her into pregnancy, and
  stupid America, see that                                      in a convent charity ward, she
                                      Art Workshop by
                                                                delivers her first child. The
                                         local Latino/a for
    shouting curses on the                                      novel is strong in characteri-
                                         teens or any age
             street                      audience
                                                                zation. Mercedes never
          he is a poet                Piñatas, papel
                                                                complains about the things
  without paper and pencil               picado, Ojo de Dios
                                                                that happen in her life. Her
  and since he cannot write                                     story vividly demonstrates
                                         craft making
        he will explode.
                                                                the effects of U. S. anti-
                                      Tortilla, tamale, or     immigration politics that tear
 stupid America, remember                paella cooking         families apart. – M. Wickins
         that chicanito                  classes
 flunking math and English            Beginner Spanish
                                                                Thank you, Lisa!
       he is the Picasso                 lessons
   of your western states             Mural making (for        So much was accomplished
         but he will die                 teens)                 this past year – a new
      with one thousand               Salsa (dance)            REFORMA Colorado logo,
         masterpieces                    lessons                web page, the sponsorship of
hanging only from his mind.
                                      Bilingual puppet         the Journey Mural reception
                                         show or storytime      at Auraria, the dinner with
-Abelardo Delgado, 1969
                                      Ceremony                 Pat Mora . . . . Lisa Murillo
                                         recognizing            will remain an officer,
                                         Hispanic veterans      Immediate Past President
                                      Chihuahua dog            (2004-05). Her leadership
Featured Book                            parade/costume         and energy are an inspiration.
http://www.nazcaresources.c              contest
                                      Poetry readings          Calendar of Events
Maria and the Stars of                Author visits
Nazca, by Anita Jepson-               Film Festivals           Sep 15 – Oct 15 - Hispanic
Gilbert, translated by Carmen         History of the           Heritage Month
A. Casis, illus. Rodger                  gaucho or vaquero,
                                         rope trick             Oct 21-24, 2004 – Colorado
Osban. This bilingual
                                                                Association of Libraries
children’s book is unique in             demonstration
                                                                Conference, Marriott at the
that it is written by a Denver        “Ropa Tipica”
                                                                Tech Center, Denver, CO
area author, published locally           Traditional Fashion
in Westminster by TAE                    Show
Nazca Resources and                   “El Mate” ceremony       REFORMA Colorado
translated by a professor             Huipil (embroidery)      P.O. Box 8523,
emeritus of Regis University.            lessons                Denver, CO 80201
The story involves the               Source: REFORMANET
enormous line drawings                                          http://gromit.westminster.lib.
(geoglyphs) in the deserts of                                   co.us/reforma/
Peru. An audio CD in English
and Spanish is included. The

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