Saint Paul Parish Pastoral Covenant by lv6sU7W


									                       SAINT PAUL CATHOLIC SCHOOL
                2011-2012 PARISH AND PASTORAL COVENANT

Every year the Saint Paul Parish Community provides a significant subsidy to the school to keep
tuition affordable for parish families. Through spiritual and financial support, the Saint Paul
Parish Community will continue to assist in the spiritual development and growth of all parish
children for the 2011-2012 school year. In order to qualify for the parish member tuition rate,
families are required to participate as active parishioners. Consistent with that requirement, and
to foster commitment to the Saint Paul Parish overall mission, parents are to sign the following
Parish and Pastoral Covenant. This covenant must be completed and approved by Pastor
Father Joe Pawlowski in order for a family to be eligible for the parish member tuition

              I am a registered member of Saint Paul Catholic Church.

              I will ensure that our family attends Mass on weekends and Holy Days of

              I will support my parish and school in a spirit of Christian Stewardship by using
               my Time, Talent and Treasure, by actively participating, to the best of my ability,
               on committees or ministries of the parish and school, and using the weekly
               collection envelopes, or other equivalent monetary contribution.

              I will listen, communicate, encourage and support the entire parish community
               through Christian love as Jesus lived and taught. With specific regard to the
               school, I will demonstrate mutual respect toward teachers, parents and students.

              I will advance the Saint Paul Catholic School Community by inviting others to
               contribute to that Community, especially new members. I will offer positive and
               constructive suggestions to administration and teachers as working partners in

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