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					                   AMPO Air Quality Work Group Meeting Agenda
                               December 13-14, 2004
                   Houston-Galveston Area Council – Houston, Texas

        2:00 PM    Welcome and Introductions
                   Harold Brazil, Work Group Chair, MTC, Oakland, CA
                   Rich Denbow, AMPO
                   Alan Clark, H-GAC
        2:15 PM    Diesel Retrofit Implementation Experiences
                   Sarah Siwek, Sarah Siwek & Associates
        2:55 PM    Conformity in the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area
                   Chris Klaus, NCTCOG
        3:25 PM                                    - Break -
Day 1   3:40 PM    Regional Emissions Analysis in Small Urban Areas
                   Sarah Siwek, Sarah Siwek & Associates
        4:10 PM    PM Status
                   Rudy Kapichak, EPA
        4:30 PM    Washington Update - Reauthorization
                   DeLania Hardy, AMPO
        4:45 PM    Final MOBILE6 Implementation Report
                   Sarah Siwek, Sarah Siwek & Associates
                   Cecilia Ho, FHWA
        5:00 PM    Adjourn
        8:45 AM    Air Quality Planning in the Houston metro area
                   Alan Clark, H-GAC
        9:15 AM    Emission Benefits from Land Use Strategies
                   Scott Lane and David Hyder, Louis Berger Group
        10:00 AM                                   - Break -
        10:10 AM   Conformity in the Atlanta metro area
                   Tracy Clymer, ARC
        10:35 AM   MPO Roundtable - Experiences with Air Quality and Conformity
                   How is it going with the new standards? What questions have come up? All
Day 2
        11:05 AM   Upcoming Federal Activities and National Conformity Picture
                   Cecilia Ho, FHWA
        11:20 PM                                   - Break -
        11:30 AM   Training and Technical Assistance Needs
                   MPO Input to FHWA
        11:50 AM   MOVES Update
                   Rudy Kapichak, EPA
        12:10 PM   AMPO Air Quality Group Activities – New Tasks
        12:30 PM   Adjourn

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