Qualitative and Quantitative Research - PowerPoint by Iu8L29JH


									       Qualitative and Quantitative Research

Quantitative                     Qualitative

   Deductive: transforms           Inductive: inductive thought
    general theory into              which transforms specific
    hypothesis suitable for          observations into general
    testing                          theory

   Objective                       Subjective

   Sample represents the           Samples are studies but not
    whole population so that         for their representativeness
    results can be generalized       or with the intension to
                                     generalize the results but
                                     because focus of interest is
                                     only that sample
Quantitative                     Qualitative

   There is some sort of           Data is collected through
    quantitative framework           open-ended
    within which questions are       questionnaires,
    posed and answered’              unstructured interview
    structured questionnaires,
    structured interviews           Sample can be as small as
                                     decided by the researcher
   Sample is comparatively
    larger                          Focuses on variable forms
                                     of subjective meaning
   Usually focuses on group
    level comparisons
Quantitative                     Qualitative

   Descriptive,                    Descriptive usually
    correlational                   Analysis usually involves
                                     interpretation based on
   Involves attaching numbers       researcher’s opinion,
    to units measured and            statistics not used, however
    performing statistical           is not necessarily number
    analyses on the numbers          free, some may include
    using some statistical           tallies and frequency counts
                                    Nvivo is a software for
                                     content analysis
Quantitative                     Qualitative
Report                           Report
   Introduction                  Introduction
   Aim of the study
                                  Aim of the study
   Literature Review
                                  Literature review
   Method
   Objectives                    Sample
   Hypothesis                    Data collection methods
   Operational definitions of    Findings
    variables                     Discussion
   Sample                        Conclusion
   Data collection tool
                                  Recommendations
   Analysis plan
   Results
   Discussion
   Conclusion
   Recommendations
A combination of both types is much
      appreciated these days

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