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									                                  The Hillels of Illinois

                        Harriet & Maurice Lewis Family
               Summer Intern Program in Jewish Community Service

                                   has applied to the Lewis Summer Intern Program in
Jewish Community Service. Interns work as pre-professionals in an agency affiliated
with the Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Chicago, and participate in on-going seminars
in Jewish Community Service in an intensive group setting.

The Lewis Summer Intern Program is highly selective. We are able to accept less than
50% of the applicants each year. We would appreciate your frank appraisal of the
candidate in the following areas:

                                     Leadership ability
                                     Ability to relate well with others
                                     Capacity for empathy
                                     Openness to new experiences
                                     Commitment to the Jewish community

You may use the space below or your own stationery. Please complete the reverse of
this page as well.

(Please return letter as soon as possible and no later than March 23, 2012)

The Hillels of Illinois
30 S. Wells., Suite 216-600
Chicago, Illinois 60606
Attention: LSIP
Fax: 312-855-2479                                                                  (over)
                                       Name of Applicant__________________________

Your response to the following questions will help us to make the best possible match
between the prospective intern and available agencies: (please circle as appropriate)

1.     The candidate works best in a(n)

structured    1          2         3          4        5    Unstructured situation

2.     The candidate works best

Under close   1          2         3          4        5    Independently

3.     In a new situation the candidate

Prefers to    1          2         3          4        5    is a self-starter
be eased in

The candidate would do best in a(n):
                     Indirect setting
                     _____ Research
                     _____ Communications
                     _____ Administration

                      Direct service setting
                      _____ Children
                      _____ Teen
                      _____ Adults
                      _____ Aged
                      _____ Recreational
                      _____ Medical
                      _____ Clinical
                      _____ Educational
                      _____ Economically Disadvantaged

NAME                                           POSITION


DATE                          LENGTH OF TIME KNOWN APPLICANT

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