Molecular Epidemiology (Junior Faculty Position) by Z1Z6njB


									                    Molecular Epidemiology

             Junior Faculty / Post Doctoral Position

Investigator (physician/epidemiologist) with a highly active infectious
disease and cancer epidemiology research program is seeking an
epidemiology PhD or equivalent. Current projects include: Natural
history of HPV/cervical neoplasia in the largest cohort study of HIV+
women; HLA and HIV/HCV/HBV/HPV natural history; Factors
influencing viral pathogenesis; Insulin/IGF and risk of cancer;
Molecular epidemiologic methods.

The position will involve participation in working groups and
multicenter studies, epidemiologic analyses (with biostatistical and
programming support), writing papers, project management, and
development of new studies. A portion of work time can be protected
for education, and/or development of grant applications, with the goal
of an independent research career.

The position includes four weeks annual paid vacation, and excellent
benefits. Albert Einstein is located in an attractive and convenient
area, near the Bronx Zoo and New York Botanical Gardens, minutes
north of Manhattan. Applications will be accepted on a continuing
basis until the positions are filled. EOE.

Howard Strickler, MD, MPH
Department of Epidemiology & Population Health
Albert Einstein College of Medicine
1300 Morris Park Ave, Belfer #1308-B
Bronx, NY 10461
p: (718) 430-4055 f: (718) 430-8780

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