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AiNET is Founding Partner of Internet Infrastructure i2 Coalition


AiNET is Founding Partner of Internet Infrastructure i2 Coalition. The i2 Coalition will facilitate public policy, education and advocacy, develop market-driven standards formed by consensus and give the industry a unified voice.

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									      AiNET is Founding Partner of Internet
           Infrastructure i2 Coalition

Washington, DC. AiNET, a critical IT solutions
company based in Beltsville, MD, which is building
the region’s largest data center at 300,000 square
feet, today announced it has joined the Internet
Infrastructure Coalition (i2Coalition). This public
policy and advocacy group will ensure that innovation is harnessed and brought to
market effectively.

The i2Coalition is comprised of 41 global and domestic Internet infrastructure
providers and related technology firms. It supports companies such as AiNET in
businesses such as web hosting and data center providers, registries and registrars,
software and service delivery and cloud computing services, or what it calls the “nuts
and bolts” of the Internet.

The i2 Coalition is the first advocacy organization to represent the “nuts and bolts” of
the Internet and plans a major role in public policy development. It will help:

    Determine whether specific decisions are right or wrong for the Internet

    Assess how the Internet’s foundational industries can foster innovation and

    Ensure that coalition members’ voices are heard as others seek to regulate the
     Internet and enable them to prepare for new challenges.

    Provide a vehicle to explain how i2 Coalition members can help solve pressing
     Internet infrastructure development and cost issues.

“We realized that data center companies like ours need a stronger voice and ongoing
representation among legislators,” said Deepak Jain, AiNET president and founding
member. “The i2 Coalition can help us develop that voice and bring the data center
industry to the table when major decisions on Internet are made.”

According to a market research study by Tier1 Research, the Internet infrastructure
industry generated an estimated direct and indirect $46 billion in annual revenue in
2010 with expected 20% growth by 2013, and a trade flow to the United States of
$9.2 billion. The infrastructure industry is a job creator, and i2 Coalition members
want to ensure that those who seek and obtain these positions have the right training
and support.

“The i2Coalition will serve a liaison between its members, the public’s they serve,
and policymakers to ensure that the Internet infrastructure industry continues to
harness the full potential it has for creating jobs and driving innovation in the United
States.” said Christian Dawson, i2Coalition co-founder and Board Chair.

The i2Coalition coalition will facilitate public policy education and advocacy, develop
market-driven standards formed by consensus and give the industry a unified voice.
Members will receive the support and tools they need to be heard in Washington and
by their state and local officials across the country. Interested parties can visit for more information about membership.
Board members include representatives from the Endurance International Group,
INET, ePanel, Inc, and Rackspace Hosting.

About AiNET

AiNET® of Beltsville, MD is a leader in design, construction, operations, and
technology solutions for Internet data centers and fiber optic networks supporting
secure, critical applications. The 19 year-old firm currently owns and operates three
data centers in MD, including one of the world’s few certified SAS 70 Type II, TIA-942
Tier IV data centers. All data centers feature AiNET’s patented power protection
technology, which provides an extra measure of data center reliability. It will open
AiNET CyberNAP, the largest data center in Maryland, and the beginning of a new
industry to support it, this summer. AiNET is also building an optical fiber network of
approximately 10,000 fiber-route miles throughout the central business district of
Washington, DC.

Contact:  Aimee    Stern,         Stern     Communications,       202-744-5004       or

Pamela Sweeney, AiNET, 301-931-6574 or

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