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									California Department of Alcohol and Drug Programs

      Senate Bill 1014
    Stakeholder Process


     September 11, 2012

                                                           State of California
                                    Department of Alcohol and Drug Programs
Recap: Governor’s original
reorganization efforts were to:
• Eliminate ADP
• Transfer functions to other departments
  within CHHS by July 1, 2012

Specifically, ADP functions would be
 separated as follows:
Department of Health Care Services

Non-Drug Medi-Cal
• $305.572 million
• 161.5 positions

Transferring Functions:
• Administering and supporting the SAPT Block
• Federal discretionary grant oversight
• Parolee services programs and Drug Court TA
Department of Health Care Services

SAPT Block Grant functions include:

•   Data collection, reporting, & analysis
•   Statewide Needs Assessment Planning
•   Program certification
•   TA to counties & providers
•   Prevention functions
•   Resource Center

                                                   State of California
                            Department of Alcohol and Drug Programs
Department of Public Health

Non-Drug Medi-Cal
• $12.002 million
• 34.0 positions

Transferring Functions:
• Narcotic Treatment Programs;
• Driving Under the Influence;
• Office of Problem Gambling; and
• Counselor Certification

                                                  State of California
                           Department of Alcohol and Drug Programs
Department of Social Services

Non-Drug Medi-Cal
• 4.529 million
• 36.0 positions

Transferring Functions
•Alcohol & Other Drug program licensing

                                                  State of California
                           Department of Alcohol and Drug Programs
Changes in Reorganization

• Original reorganization plan was put on hold for
  one year.
• Governor signed SB 1014 on June 27, 2012.
• SB 1014 (Section 81) requires a detailed plan
  for reorganizing ADP administrative and
  programmatic functions to other departments.
• The plan must detail how the transfer of ADP
  functions to other departments will meet four
  key goals.
Four Goals of Transition Plan
• Improve access to alcohol and drug treatment services
  for consumers, including a focus on recovery and
  rehabilitative services.
• Effectively integrate the implementation and financing
  of services.
• Ensure appropriate state and county accountability
  through oversight and outcome measurement
• Provide focused, high-level leadership within state
  government for alcohol and drug treatment services.
The Plan must also include:

• Stakeholder consultation; and
• Interdepartmental collaboration
Previous Stakeholder
•   Single State Authority And Ongoing Leadership
•   Loss Of Advocate Voice
•   Need For Strategic Plan And Cost Analysis
•   Licensing And Certification Issues
•   Local Level Concerns
•   Use the DAC
Why are we here?

• To generate recommendations and/or identify
  potential barriers on ADP functions transfer
• Focus on meeting the four key goals
• Ensure your voice is heard

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