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					                            issouri                                                                                           Volume 17, No. 4 • February, 2012

                                                                Official publication of Teamsters Joint Council 13


                                               Moving Forward In 2012
                                               on	whether	to	have	a	union.	Although	          will	 recover	 to	 a	 point	 that	 there’ll	    to	 attend.	 More	 information	 with	
                                               the	 new	 rule	 makes	 modest	 changes	        be	 enough	 stable	 middle	 class	 jobs	        date	 and	 time	 is	 in	 this	 issue	 of	 the	
                                               in	 the	 procedures	 for	 handling	 elec-      in	their	communities.	They	shouldn’t	           Mo.	 Teamster.	 Shawn	 Ellis	 from	 the	
                                               tion	 cases,	 when	 it	 was	 proposed	         have	 to	 struggle	 to	 get	 a	 union	 voice	   educational	 department	 of	 the	 Team-
                                               earlier	 this	 year	 business	 groups	 and	    and	justice	on	the	job.	This	will	now	          sters	International	will	once	again	be	
                                               Republican	 lawmakers	 went	 apo-              give	 labor	 unions	 a	 fair	 playing	 field	   conducting	the	seminar.	Also	the	Joint	
                                               plectic	 and	 mounted	 a	 massive	 cam-        to	organize	the	unorganized.	Remem-             Council	 Executive	 Board	 is	 discuss-
                                               paign	against	the	NLRB.	Unions,	led	           ber	every	Teamster	member	is	an	or-             ing	having	a	Joint	Council	picnic	and	
                                               by	 the	 Teamsters,	 the	 Laborers,	 the	      ganizer.	By	you	telling	friends,	neigh-         car/bike	 show	 later	 in	 the	 year.	 Last	
                                               United	 Food	 and	 Commercial	 Work-           bors,	 and	 relatives	 of	 the	 benefits	 of	   year’s	 100	 year	Anniversary	 celebra-
                                               ers,	CWA	and	the	AFL-CIO,	strongly	            having	 a	 labor	 contract	 in	 the	 work-      tion	was	a	huge	success	and	we	look	
                                               backed	 the	 National	 Labor	 Relations	       place	you	too	can	help	our	great	union	         forward	 to	 getting	 all	 the	 Teamster	
by Marvin Kropp,                               Board’s	 (NLRB)	 proposal	 to	 change	         grow.	                                          members	 and	 their	 families	 together	
President, Joint Council 13                    union	 recognition	 election	 proce-           	 This	 year	 once	 again	 Teamsters	           from	all	locals	again.	It	was	especially	
	 Well	2011	is	behind	us	and	now	we	           dures.	 When	 workers	 choose	 to	 vote	       Joint	 Council	 13	 will	 be	 holding	 its	     nice	to	see	all	of	the	locals	together	as	
have	 to	 concentrate	 on	 moving	 for-        to	 form	 a	 union	 on	 the	 job,	 delays,	    second	 annual	 shop	 steward	 training	        one	group	last	year.	
ward	into	2012.	As	we	move	forward	            bureaucracy,	 or	 obstacles	 shouldn’t	        seminar	 to	 educate	 our	 stewards	 on	        	 Remember	 together	 as	 one	
into	 2012	 the	 challenges	 of	 workers	      plague	 the	 vote.	 Working	 people	 are	      the	 do’s	 and	 don’ts	 of	 being	 a	 good	     we	 can	 do	 amazing	 things	 and	 I	
across	 the	 country,	 the	 state,	 includ-    already	struggling.	And	they’re	wait-          steward.	All	 stewards	 from	 all	 locals	      look	 forward	 to	 what	 the	 chal-
ing	 our	 own	 communities	 continue	          ing	and	wondering	when	the	economy	            of	 Joint	 Council	 13	 are	 encouraged	        lenges	 of	 2012	 will	 bring	 us.	          	
with	 each	 passing	 month.	 Already	

                                               Teamsters Honor MLK,
this	year	the	Right-to-Work	issue	has	
reared	it’s	ugly	head	once	again	in	the	
state	 of	 Indiana.	 Indiana	 Teamsters	

                                                  Dignity Of Labor
along	with	other	unions	have	marched	
to	the	Indiana	State	Capitol	to	protest	
this	 attack	 on	 the	 workers	 rights.	 In-
diana	is	now	Ground	Zero	for	the	na-
tional	 battle	 between	 the	 top	 1%	 and	    	 Teamsters	all	over	the	
the	vast	majority	in	the	closely	inter-        country	 are	 celebrating	
woven	 struggles	 over	 the	 future	 of	       the	 legacy	 of	 Dr.	 Mar-
democracy,	the	rights	of	workers	and	          tin	 Luther	 King.	 Inter-
economic	justice	in	America.                   national	 Vice	 President	
	 On	 a	 positive	 note,	 a	 new	 rule	 on	    Al	 Mixon,	 for	 example,	
the	way	union	elections	are	conducted	         was	 Grand	 Marshall	 at	
will	take	effect	April	30,	the	National	       this	 year’s	 King	 Week	
Labor	 Relations	 Board	 (NLRB)	 rec-          Holiday	March	and	Ral-
dently	 announced.	The	 rule	 will	 help	      ly	in	Atlanta.
alleviate	 the	 delays,	 inefficiencies,	      	 Dr.	 King,	 a	 strong	
abuse	 of	 process	 and	 unnecessary	          supporter	 of	 the	 labor	
litigation	 which	 plague	 the	 current	       movement,	        believed	
system	for	workers	who	want	to	vote	           the	 path	 to	 economic	
                                               freedom	 and	 social	
                                               justice	 were	 the	 same.	
                                               Said	 Teamsters	 General	
                                               President	 Jim	 Hoffa,	
                                               “The	history	of	the	labor	
                                               movement	 is	 uniquely	
                                               and	intimately	tied	with	
                                               the	 history	 of	 the	 civil	
                                               rights	 movement.	 The	
                                               two	go	hand-in-hand.”
                                               	 Angry	bear	blog	posts	
                                               an	account	of	the	Mem-
                                               phis	 sanitation	 work-
                                               ers’	 strike,	 Dr.	 Martin	
                                               Luther	 King’s	 assassination	 and	 the	       fellow	workers	and	the	sending	home	            	 For	 the	 dignity	 of	 the	 men	 who	
                                               aftermath.	Called	Garbage	and	Labor,	          of	 22	 black	 sewer	 workers	 while	           would	haul	garbage,	for	the	dignity	of	
                                               he	writes,	                                    white	workers	continued	working	the	            African	Americans,	for	the	dignity	of	
                                               	 “February	 1968,	 1,300	 Sanitation	         union	led	by	T.	O.	Jones	walked	out.	           all	of	those	living	in	poverty,	and	for	
                                               Workers	 of	 Memphis	 went	 on	 strike	        Crushed	 to	 death	 when	 the	 garbage	         those	who	would	labor;	Martin	Luther	
                                               for	 better	 working	 conditions	 and	         truck’s	 faulty	 controls	 activated	 the	      King	gave	his	life.
                                               benefits,	 doing	 so	 with	 little	 support	   hydraulic	 ram,	 the	 two	 workers	 were	
                                               from	 the	 International	 AFSCME.	             seeking	 shelter	 from	 a	 rain	 storm	 in-
                                               Forced	to	carry	poorly	contained	gar-
                                               bage	in	60	gallon	leaking	and	maggot	
                                                                                              side	the	back	end	of	the	truck	as	there	
                                                                                              was	 nowhere	 else	 they	 were	 allowed	
                                                                                                                                                Martin Luther
                                               infested	containers	from	the	backs	of	         to	go.	The	city	paid	each	of	the	dead	
                                                                                              worker’s	families	$500	plus	1	month’s	
                                                                                                                                                 King Day
                                                                                                                                              January 16, 2012
                                               yards,	 the	 workers	 struck	 for	 safer	
                                               working	 conditions,	 healthcare,	 etc.	       pay.	The	 average	 wage	 of	 the	 sanita-
                                               Angered	by	the	deaths	of	two	of	their	         tion	worker	was	$.33/hour	.	.	.”
Page 2                                                                                     MISSOURI TEAMSTER                                                                                  February, 2012

St. Louis Teamsters Handbill 7-11 Stores
	 More	 than	 380	 tankhaul	 drivers	 work-
ing	 for	 KAG	 West	 are	 represented	 by	
Teamsters	 Local	 986	 in	 California.	 The	
union	and	the	company	have	been	bargain-
ing	 to	 achieve	 a	 first	 contract	 for	 over	 14	
months,	but	the	company	continues	to	de-
lay	 contract	 talks	 or	 show	 up	 unprepared	
to	bargain.	Teamster	tankhaul	drivers	from	
local	 unions	 across	 the	 United	 States	 are	
rallying	behind	the	contract	bargaining	for	
Local	986.	
	 Throughout	the	country,	Teamsters	rep-
resent	 more	 than	 10,000	 tankhaul	 drivers	
in	every	state.	Several	area	locals	of	Team-
sters	 Joint	 Council	 13	 hand	 billed	 at	 area	
7-11’s	 to	 show	 support	 of	 the	 tankhaul	
drivers	 in	 Local	 986,	 stated	 Teamsters	
Joint	Council	13	President	Marvin	Kropp.		
	 We	will	continue	to	support	our	Broth-
ers	 and	 Sisters	 of	 Local	 986	 until	 they	
reach	a	fair	agreement.

                                                          GCC-IBT Local 38N News
                                                             — Another Year —
                                                          the	members	for	a	great	time	for	all	the	kids.	      with	all	of	the	other	Pulitzer	holdings.	Lee	      president	of	a	Newspaper	Local	you	could	
                                                          	 Well	we	have	had	our	election	of	officers	         has	 a	 strong	 dislike	 for	 unions	 which	 is	   not	have	a	better	one	than	mine.	The	mem-
                                                          and	I	was	reelected	again,	I	am	still	kicking	       apparent	on	their	Union	Free	website. The	         bers	stick	together	and	are	very	supportive	of	
                                                          as	 most	 of	 our	 board	 would	 say	 and,	 we	      Press	Contract	is	open	in	October	and	I	am	        each	other	and	the	Local,	not	always	getting	
                                                          have	one	new	member,	Mike	Fikes.	It	is	not	          sure	it	will	not	be	pretty.	They	recently	filed	   along	but	when	push	comes	to	shove	they	
                                                          a	great	time	to	be	in	the	newspaper	business	        bankruptcy	and	have	used	the	economy	as	           always	 circle	the	 wagons.	 It	 does	 not	 hurt	
                                                          especially	working	for	Lee	Enterprises.	Lee	         an	excuse	to	punish	their	employees.               having	 the	 Joint	 Council	 backing	 you	 up	
by Mike Utter, President, GCC-IBT                         bought	 the	 St.	 Louis	 Post-Dispatch	 along	       	 I	have	always	said,	if	you	had	to	be	the	        either.	
Local 38N, Web Pressman, Machinist

                                                                                                               Local 6 News
Commercial Print Shops
	 I	 went	 to	 Local	 618’s	 Christmas	 party.	
Never	thought	much	about	Santa	Claus	until	

                                                                                                               Did You Know?
I	saw	the	real	thing	at	the	party.	Brenda	and	I	
took	our	grandkids	to	the	party	and	they	had	a	
grand	time.	After	watching	the	kids,	Izzy	(4)	
and	Vincent	(9)	eating	cookies	and	working	
over	the	coloring	books,	not	to	mention	the	
                                                                                                               	 First,	 Local	 6	 represents	 a	 group	 of	      we	will	begin	negotiation	prior	to	that.
sodas	and	hot	chocolate	I’m	afraid	Marvin	
                                                                                                               Power	 House	 Operators	 and	 Mechanics	           	 We	 also	 have	 the	 Hostess	 Bakery	 Me-
will	 have	 to	 raise	 the	 union	 dues	 by	 next	
                                                                                                               at	Boeing.	They	were	formerly	Local	367	           chanics,	 formerly	 Local	 367	 members	
December.	Thanks	again	to	Local	618	and	
                                                                                                               members	who	came	to	Local	6	during	the	            also,	who	work	both	on	the	cake	and	bread	
                                                                                                               2002	merger	of	Locals	6,	1187,	367	and	            sides	 of	 the	 plant.	 It	 has	 been	 almost	 a	
                                                                                                               133.	 Their	 primary	 role	 at	 Boeing	 is	 to	    constant	struggle	for	this	group	due	to	the	
                  issouri                                                                                      operate,	repair,	and	inspect	all	machinery	        poor	 management	 skills	 of	 this	 company.	
                                                                                                               and	 equipment	 associated	 with	 low	 and	        After	the	union	gave	up	so	many	conces-
                          TeamsTer                        by Ron Shy,                                          high	 pressure	 steam	 and	 low	 and	 high	        sions	 to	 bring	 them	 out	 of	 bankruptcy	 in	
                                Published by
                                                          Secretary/Treasurer, Local 6                         temperature	 water	 boilers,	 air	 compres-        2009	they	once	again	find	themselves	right	
                         TEaMsTErs JoiNT CoUNCiL 13
                                                          	 If	you	tell	just	about	anyone	in	the	St.	          sors	 and	 other	 power	 generators.	 They	        back	where	they	were	before	the	last	modi-
                 Published by                             Louis	area	that	you	are	a	member	of	Lo-              have	 many	 other	 roles	 with	 their	 daily	      fied	contract.	Now	the	company	is	not	only	
       TEAMSTERS JOINT                                    cal	 6	 Brewers	 and	 Maltsters,	 they	 will	        job	 assignments	 but	 I	 think	 you	 get	 the	    attacking	 their	 health	 benefits	 which	 was	
          COUNCIL 13                                      automatically	 think	 you	 work	 at	 the	An-         picture.	They	are	a	very	valuable	part	of	         done	previously,	but	want	to	do	away	with	
        MarViN KroPP, President                           heuser-Busch	Brewery.	That’s	not	always	             what	goes	on	behind	the	scenes	that	are	           their	pensions.	I	can	tell	you	that	the	gen-
   MarK BrUEMMEr, Secretary-Treasurer                     the	 case,	 while	 we	 have	 seven	 contracts	       responsible	for	the	products	that	Boeing	          eral	consensus	among	the	120	or	so	local	
      MiKE GoEBEL, Vice President                         with	Anheuser-Busch,	there	are	three	bar-            puts	out	every	day.	Their	current	contract	        leaders	 who	 recently	 discussed	 the	 situa-
     MiKE UTTEr, Recording Secretary                      gaining	units	people	don’t	commonly	as-              runs	 through	 July	 21st	 of	 this	 year	 and	                            continued	from	page	3
        Gary CossariNi, Trustee                           sociate	 with	 the	 Brewers	 and	 Maltsters.	

                                                                                                                    Teamsters Joint Council
         Larry TiNKEr, Trustee                            Local	6	also	represents	members	at	Boe-
          MiKE LiEsEr, Trustee                            ing,	Hostess	Bakery	and	Metal	Container	
        KaTE McKay, Coordinator                           Corporation.	 I	 would	 like	 to	 tell	 you	 a	

                                                                                                                      13 Steward Seminar
      MISSOURI TEAMSTERS (ISSN 0026-6728)                 little	 bit	 about	 these	 three	 and	 will	 take	
   (USPS 355-800) is published bi-monthly (6 times        a	look	inside	Anheuser-Busch	in	our	next	
   a year) by Joint Council of Teamsters No. 13, 9040
   Lackland Road, Overland, MO 63114. Periodicals         newsletter	when	I	will	share	information	
   Postage Paid at Hazelwood, MO. and additional
                                                          on	the	variety	of	bargaining	units	we	rep-             	 Teamsters	Joint	Council	13	will	be	hosting	a	Shop	Steward	Training	Semi-
   offices. Postmaster: Send address changes to
   MISSOURI TEAMSTER, 9040 Lackland Road,                 resent.	                                               nar	for	Saturday,	April	21,	2012.	The	seminar	will	be	held	at	Teamsters	Local	
   Overland, MO 63114, phone number (314) 428-
                                                                                                                 688.	 The	 IBT	 Education	 Department	 will	 be	 conducting	 the	 program.	 This	
      National news correspondence by Teamsters                                                                  meeting	will	be	open	to	all	shop	stewards	in	the	jurisdiction	of	Teamsters	Joint	
   News Service (RNS).
     Member: Missouri State Labor Press Association
   and International Labor Communications
                                                             Change Of Address                                   Council	13.	
                                                                                                                 	 Including	all	of	the	following	Teamster	Locals:	6,	600,	604,	610,	618,	682,	
   Association AFL-CIO, Inc.
     The deadline for the next issue is March 16, 2012.      	 If	you	have	a	change	of	address	or	               688,	833,	GCIU	38N.	
                                                             need	 to	 stop	 mailing	 for	 a	 deceased	          	 Any	steward	wishing	to	attend	this	educational	seminar	must	R.S.V.	P.	To	
                                                             member,	 please	 send	 the	 mailing	                Kate	at	Joint	Council	13	no	later	than	Tuesday,	April	17,	2012.	Call	314-428-
                                                             label	 from	 the	 Missouri	 Teamster	               2212	or	email	
                                                             newspaper	to	the	Joint	Council	or	call              	 	              Date: Saturday, April 21, 2012
                                                             314-428-2212 with the member’s                                       Time: 8:30 a.m. Registration
                                                             name, social security number and                                            Program at 9:00 a.m.
                                                             local number.                                       	 	              	      Coffee	and	Rolls	
                                                                 Teamsters Joint Council #13                                      Place: Teamsters Local 688
                                                                    9040 Lackland Road                           	 	              	      4349	Woodson	Road
                                                                    Overland, MO 63114                           	 	              	      St.	Louis,	MO	63134
                                                                       (314) 428-2212                            	 	      	       *	Lunch	will	be	provided.	
February, 2012                                                                      MISSOURI TEAMSTER                                                                                                 Page 3

                                                   — Local 600 News —
                                                   be	a	part	of	and	each	of	the	current	Officers/      as	much	monies	as	necessary	to	elect	State	           only	 by	 our	 union,	 but	 you	 are	 needed	 by	
                                                   Business	Representatives	are	committed	to	          officials	in	nearly	every	state,	then	use	these	      your	friends	and	families	to	stand	up	against	
                                                   carry	on	the	Local	600	tradition	of	fighting	       “puppet	 officials”	 to	 introduce	 legislation	      the	political	forces	threatening	to	lower	the	
                                                   for	the	members,	fighting	for	good	contracts	       written	 by	 the	 groups	 themselves,	 legisla-       standards	of	living	for	all	middle	class	Mis-
                                                   and	working	hard	to	stand	up	against	worker	        tion	such	as	“Right-to-Work”	and	“paycheck	           sourians.
                                                   injustice	by	organizing	the	unorganized.            protection”	(which	would	make	it	illegal	to	          	 Contact	 us	 at	 the	 Local	 Union	 and	 ask	
                                                   	 Planning	has	started	to	hold	a	celebration	       have	dues	monies	deducted	from	your	pay-              how	 your	 voluntary	 involvement	 can	 help	
                                                   to	commemorate	our	first	100	years.	Infor-          check,	regardless	of	the	fact	that	you	chose	         in	 these	 battles	 we	 face.	 For	 those	 unable	
                                                   mation	will	be	sent	to	all	locations	as	soon	       to	 have	 such	 deduction)	 and	 “prevailing	         to	volunteer,	I	ask	that	you	contact	the	Lo-
                                                   as	they	are	finalized.                              wage”	(allowing	out-of-state,	low	wage	pay-           cal	to	join	or	re-join	D.R.I.V.E.	(Democrat,	
                                                   	 Now,	for	what	may	not	be	such	good	new	           ing	contractors	to	flood	to	our	state	and	take	       Republican,	 Independent	 Voter	 Education)	
by Larry G. Tinker, Jr.,                           to	all	of	us:	the	2012	session	of	the	Missouri	     work	from	good	Missouri	Union	contractors	            of	 which	 50%	 of	 all	 monies	 voluntarily	
President, Local 600                               Legislature	has	begun.	Once	again	it	is	ap-         by	allowing	them	to	underbid	work).                   donated	are	returned	to	the	Local	600	PAC	
	 By	 publication	 of	 this	 letter,	 Teamsters	   parent,	 that	 we,	 as	 unionized	 middle	 class	   	 I	could	also	explain	to	you	that	the	leaders	       fund	for	use	within	our	states;	monies	solely	
Local	600	will	be	celebrating	an	important	        working	Missourians,	are	under	attack	by	a	         of	these	groups	are	ultra	wealthy	individu-           used	to	lobby	and	promote	those	candidates	
milestone.	January	22,	2012	marks	the	100	         number	of	elected	officials.                        als	with	an	agenda	to	drag	the	middle	class	          who	believe	organized	labor	is	positive	for	
year	 anniversary	 of	 Local	 600’s	 original	     	 I	could	stand	on	my	soapbox	and	tell	you	         worker	 back	 to	 an	 era	 of	 low	 wages,	 little	   our	state	and	who	stand	up	for	middle	class	
charter.	 We	 are	 the	 first	 Teamster	 Local	    that	these	elected	officials	are	nothing	more	      or	no	voice	in	the	work	place	and	very	little	        worker’s	issues.
Union	in	Missouri	to	reach	this	accomplish-        than	puppets	for	such	nation	wide	groups	as	        safety	protections	on	the	job,	all	for	the	sole	      	 With	your	involvement	we	can	ensure	that	
ment.                                              the	 Chamber	 of	 Commerce,	 the	American	          purpose	of	increasing	their	own	wealth;	but           in	the	next	100	years	there	will	be	a	Local	
	 We	would	first	like	to	thank	all	of	those	       Legislative	Exchange	Council	(ALEC),		As-           I will not.	What	I	will	explain	to	you	is	that	       600	membership	who	stand	up,	fight	for	good	
remarkable	men	who	built	and	maintained	           sociated	Industries,	and	the	National	Right	        “YOU	ARE	NEEDED!”	You	are	needed	to	                  jobs	and	ensure	that	not	only	a	select	few	will	
the	strong	Teamster	Local	we	are	all	proud	to	     to	 Work	 Foundation.	 These	 groups	 pump	         be	 involved	 in	 these	 important	 times;	 not	      have	their	concerns	heard.

                                                      — Local 618 Report —
                                                	 Several	contracts	have	been	ratified	since	
                                                the	 last	 issue	 they	 were	 Fabick	 Tractor,	
                                                Schnucks	Garage,	Avis	Service	Agents,	Kir-
                                                by	 Smith,	 Nu-Way	 and	 Super	 Park.	 Current	
                                                negotiations	 are	 being	 held	 with	 Enterprise	
                                                Leasing,	 Chrysler	 Parts	 Depot	 and	 Univar.	
                                                This	will	also	be	a	big	year	for	our	car	deal-
                                                ership	members	the	dealer	association	agree-
                                                ment	 is	 expiring	 and	 also	 some	 individual	
                                                agreements	that	are	not	part	of	the	association.	
by Marvin Kropp,                                	 Also	 our	 Local	 618	 agents	 and	 members	
Principal Officer, Local 618                    will	be	making	the	trek	to	the	State	Capitol	for	
   First	of	all	Happy	New	Year	to	everyone	 Teamster	lobby	days	once	again	this	year	to	
in	Local	618.	Since	last	report	the	office	has	 fight	and	protect	our	members	rights.	
been	busy.	                                     	 As	 always	 if	 you	 need	 assistance	 don’t	
	 The	Santa	Day	at	618	was	great	and	all	the	 hesitate	to	contact	the	Local	618	business	of-
families	that	attended	had	a	great	time.	       fice.

    Santa Day At Local 618 Enjoyed By All
	 The	Santa	Day	at	Local	618	once	again	           Kropp	“and	we	look	forward	to	it	growing	
was	huge	success.	Everyone	who	attended	           each	year.”
had	a	great	time	and	enjoyed	all	the	fes-          	 “This	 is	 our	 second	 Santa	 Day	 at	 618	
tivities	 with	 Santa.	 Refreshments,	 cook-       and	 the	 response	 has	 been	 tremendous.	
ies,	games	and	Christmas	movies	kept	all	          It’s	great	to	see	all	the	kids	so	excited	to	
the	 children	 occupied	 until	 it	 was	 there	    see	 Santa	 and	 also	 to	 have	 the	 member-
time	 to	 sit	 on	 Santa’s	 lap	 and	 give	 him	   ship	 get	 together	 at	 the	 holidays”	 stated	
there	list	for	the	holiday	and	also	receive	       Kropp.	Special	thanks	goes	out	to	our	se-
a	 complimentary	 photo	 with	 him.	 “This	        cret	Santa	Mike	Ham	who	is	a	Local	618	
years	 crowd	 was	 larger	 than	 last	 years”	     Trustee	and	employed	at	Bommarito	Au-
stated	Local	618	Principal	Officer	Marvin	         tomotive	Group.

Super Park Ratifies New
Agreement With Local 618
	 Local	 618	 Recording	 Secretary	 Tom	           issues	and	the	parties	began	to	bargain	a	
Cole	 who	 negotiated	 the	 new	 agreement	        new	agreement	which	started	in	August	of	
reports	that	Local	618	members	employed	           2010.	The	bargaining	was	tough	by	both	
at	 Super	 Park	 has	 ratified	 a	 new	 3	 year	   sides	 with	 the	 first	 offer	 being	 rejected.	
agreement.	Formerly	Central	Parking	has	           Finally	 a	 agreement	 was	 reached	 and	

                                                                                                              Local 6 News
been	the	managerial	company	that	has	run	          ratified	by	the	membership	and	endorsed	
the	St.	Louis	Airports	Super	Park	facility	        by	 the	 bargaining	 committee.	 The	 con-
until	they	lost	the	contract	to	Ampco	Sys-         tract	resulted	in	wage	increases	and	fully	
tem	 Parking	 effective	 August	 31,	 2011.	       funded	Local	618	Health	&	Welfare	along	            continued	from	page	2                                 news.	MCC	lost	their	Coke	contract	caus-
As	 always	 with	 a	 new	 company	 taking	         with	other	items.	Local	618	would	like	to	          tion	is	that	that	is	not	an	option.                   ing	 their	 volume	 to	 drop	 approximately	
over	 there	 was	 a	 lot	 of	 uncertainty	 and	    extend	thanks	to	our	over	200	Local	618	            	 Metal	Container	in	Arnold,	Missouri	is	             2.5	million	barrels.	As	a	result	of	that	they	
concerns	 regarding	 recognition	 of	 Local	       Teamsters	 employed	 at	 Super	 Park	 and	          also	a	very	large	part	of	Local	6.	They	are	          will	 see	 some	 shut	 downs	 early	 in	 2012.	
618	 and	 if	 the	 current	 members	 would	        our	 stewards	 for	 their	 continued	 profes-       the	 second	 largest	 bargaining	 unit	 group	        This	will	be	the	first	time	in	the	plants	his-
still	be	employed.	                                sional	 job	 and	 patience	 throughout	 the	        out	of	the	ten	contracts	we	represent	and	            tory	 of	 over	 32	 years	 that	 they	 will	 see	
	 We	 are	 happy	 to	 report	 that	 the	 com-      process.	Hope	everyone	has	a	“Great	New	            have	 always	 been	 a	 member	 of	 Local	 6.	         a	 layoff.	 What	 was	 first	 believed	 to	 be	
pany	 recognized	 Local	 618	 without	 any	        Year”!                                              This	group	signed	a	new	contract	in	Feb-              about	seven	weeks	of	downtime	has	been	
                                                                                                       ruary	 2011	 that	 runs	 through	 February	           reduced	to	three	weeks	and	possibly	only	
                                                                                                       2016.	 While	 they	 have	 had	 much	 good	            two	weeks	due	to	the	increase	in	sales	for	
     At press time it was just announced that a new agreement between                                  news	coming	out	recently	with	word	that	              the	company.	With	the	increase	in	volume	
  Teamsters Local 618 members and Univar had been reached. see page 7                                  they	will	be	getting	a	new	bottle	line	be-            at	the	brewery	which	should	start	to	show	
  for article and photograph..                                                                         ing	built	and	hopefully	in	operation	some-            late	 in	 the	 first	 quarter	 we	 anticipate	 the	
                                                                                                       time	in	early	2013.	There	is	also	some	bad	           layoffs	to	be	very	short	lived.	
Page 4                                                                               MISSOURI TEAMSTER                                                                                  February, 2012

                                                       — Local 682 News —
                                                     by Gary Cossarini,                                 need	to	watch	their	back	as	much	as	they	           are	human	and	we	make	mistakes	that	is	
                                                     President, Local 682                               watch	yours.	Let	them	know	if	the	boss	is	          why	we	have	progressive	discipline	in	our	
                                                                                                        talking	about	retaliating	against	them	for	         contracts.	Shop	stewards,	we	are	having	a	
                                                     	 Hello	Brothers	and	Sisters,                      doing	their	job	or	any	other	issue	that	they	       training	course	put	on	by	the	International	
                                                     	 Happy	New	Year	to	all.	I	would	like	to	          need	to	know	about	that	would	pertain	to	           and	 Joint	 Council	 13	 on	 Saturday,	April	
                                                     focus	 this	 article	 on	 our	 shop	 stewards.	    them.	As	 far	 as	 their	 job	 duties,	 always	     21,	2012	(Details	in	this	paper)	I	sure	hope	
                                                     For	 starters,	 thank	 you	 for	 all	 you	 do!	    remember	they	have	to	deliver	good	news	            you	will	attend	because	our	local	and	our	
                                                     Members,	 in	 this	 day	 and	 time	 our	 shop	     and	 bad	 news	 and	 sometimes	 if	 it	 isn’t	      members	depend	on	you	to	fully	represent	
                                                     stewards	are	under	attack	more	than	ever	          what	 you	 want	 to	 hear,	 don’t	 take	 it	 out	   us.	We	hope	to	see	you	there.
                                                     in	 the	 process	 of	 representing	 us.	 You	      on	 them,	 they	 can	 only	 do	 so	 much,	 we	      	 Fraternally.

                                                      Teamsters Local 688 News
                                                     (See	article	for	details)                   be	able	to	continue	the	service.                           	 For	more	information	on	the	Camp	in	
                                                     	 Local	688	would	like	to	announce	the	 	 Doug	 Carlson,	 Business	 Representa-                        Pevely,	see	the	flyer	in	this	MO	Teamster	
                                                     hiring	 of	 Business	 Representative	 Doug	 tive	Teamster	Local	688                                    issue.	
                                                     Carlson.	Doug	will	service	UPS	as	well	as	

                                                                                                             Teamsters Camp
                                                     several	other	Local	688	companies.

                                                     	 Below	 is	 some	 information	 about	


                                                     	 I	 came	 from	 UPS	 and	 have	 worked	
                                                     there	for	18	1/2	years.	I	started	inside	as	
by Michael Goebel,                                   part	time	and	worked	up	to	full	time	pack-              Now Available to All Teamster Local Members in the Joint Council #13
Secretary-Treasurer, Local 688                       age	car	driver.                                                                Beginning May 1, 2012
                                                     	 I	 was	 appointed	 a	 shop	 steward	 18	
   HAPPy NEW yEAR TO ALL!                            years	ago.	My	other	involvement	has	been	
                                                                                                            	 St.	Louis	area	Teamster	members	may	now	join	the	beautiful	Teamsters	
	 Well	 it	 seems	 to	 be	 déjà	 vu	 all	 over	      on	the	Local’s	budget	committee,	which	I	
                                                     have	 served	 on	 for	 the	 last	 3	 years.	 Re-
                                                                                                            Health	&	Medical	Camp	in	Pevely,	MO.	Members	and	their	families	may	
again	 in	 the	 political	 world.	 It	 seems	
that	 there	 is	 going	 to	 be	 the	 constant	 at-   cently	 I	 was	 elected	 to	 represent	 Local	         now	have	access	to	the	championship	18-hole	golf	course,	Waterpark,	fish-
tack	 on	 the	 middle	 class,	 instead	 of	 any	     688	 as	 a	 delegate	 to	 the	 International	          ing	lake,	RV	and	tent	camping,	Clubhouse	Restaurant,	pavilions,	and	picnic	
real	 or	 bi-partisan	 attempt	 to	 create	 jobs	    Teamster	 Convention	 in	 Las	 Vegas	 in	              area.		
or	to	address	the	taxation	of	the	wealthy.	          2011.
                                                                                                            	 Membership	Includes	year	round	access	to	the	Teamsters	Camp	along	
In	Missouri,	as	well	as	other	states,	bills	         	 I	am	married	to	Julie,	my	wife	for	over	
                                                     27	years	and	have	3	daughters,	Adrienne,	
                                                                                                            with	membership	rates	for	golf,	free	admission	to	the	Waterpark,	fishing	
have	again	been	introduced	for;	“Right	to	
Work”	for	less,	elimination	of	prevailing	           a	registered	nurse	at	Children’s	Hospital,	            lake,	tent	camping,	and	many	other	activities	and	events.	In	addition,	pa-
wage	laws,	attacks	against	public	employ-            Erin,	who	is	a	senior	at	Murray	State	Uni-             vilion	and	Clubhouse	facilities	are	available	for	private	parties	and	family	
ee	union	members,	teacher’s	pensions	etc.	           versity,	in	Murray,	KY	and	will	graduate	              gatherings	at	membership	rates.
All	of	these	are	simply	attacks	on	the	hard	         in	May	with	a	Vet	Tech	degree,	hoping	to	
working	 middle	 class	 and	 an	 attempt	 to	        go	 on	 to	 vet	 school.	 My	 youngest	 Leah	                                     MEMBER RATES    GUEST RATES
lower	that	standard	of	living.                       will	graduate	from	Ritenour	High	School	
	 2012,	brings	us	a	Presidential	election,	          in	May	and	plans	on	attending	Northwest	               Golf (18-holes w/cart) $5.00 - $8.00    $26.00 - $33.00
statewide	 elections,	 recall	 elections	 in	        Missouri	 State	 University	 and	 major	 in	           Waterpark                      FREE             $2.00 - $4.00
Wisconsin.	                                          Marine	 Biology.	 Family	 is	 the	 most	 im-
	 Stay	tuned,	Stay	involved.                         portant	to	me;	it	keeps	me	grounded	and	
	 After	 many	 years	 of	 requests	 and	 in-         life	in	perspective.                                                   ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP FEES
quires,	 Local	 688	 is	 finally	 able	 to	 of-      	 My	 appointment	 to	 Local	 688	 as	 a	              Single Membership  $500     Family Membership $800
fer	 membership	 opportunities	 for	 Joint	          Business	Agent	 is	 an	 honor,	 and	 I	 would	
Council	 13	 members	 to	 the	 Local	 688	           like	to	thank	the	people	past	and	present	
                                                                                                                   For	enrollment	application	or	details,	call	the	Teamsters	Camp
Health	 and	 Medical	 Camp	 and	 Union	              who	 believed	 in	 me	 and	 took	 the	 time	 to	
Hills	 Golf	 Course	 in	 Pevely,	 Missouri.	         teach	me	the	ways	of	the	Union,	I	hope	to	                                                  636-475-5375

                                                     Teamsters Local 833 Update
                                                     	 •	MFA	Feed	Mill,	Gerald	-	February;              years	 ago,	 Hostess	 (IBC)	 came	 out	 from	       unpredictability	 of	 a	 Wall	 Street	 savings	
                                                     	 •	MOCON	Inc.,	Fulton	-	March;                    bankruptcy	but	again	are	falling	back	into	         plan.	Local	833	members	who	have	worked	
                                                     	 •	First	Student	Inc.,	Columbia	-	June;           it.	 Teamsters	 are	 committed	 to	 working	        on	pipe	line	construction	in	recent	years	in-
                                                     	 •	Prairie	Farms,	dba	Central	Dairy	(Plant	       with	all	parties	in	order	to	reach	a	mutual	        clude:	Keith	Ketner,	Dewey	Bullard,	Bobby	
                                                     Operations),	Jefferson	City	-	August;              agreeable	solution.	Furthermore,	we	have	           Belcher,	 Kenny	Akers,	 John	 Braun,	 Jamie	
                                                     	 •	Allied	Waste	Services,	Jefferson	City	-	       to	 assure	 that	 our	 members	 will	 have	 a	      Wohlbold,	and	Michael	Dobson.	Hopefully	
                                                     October.	                                          chance	 to	 vote	 on	 any	 changes	 that	 may	      an	agreement	will	be	reached	within	these	
                                                     	 I	 encourage	 all	 members	 employed	 at	        be	made.                                            next	three	(3)	months.
                                                     these	 companies	 to	 participate	 in	 contract	   	 The	strike	by	Teamsters	in	the	pipeline	          	 	On	the	Missouri	political	front,	Repub-
                                                     negotiations	by	showing	strength	and	soli-         construction	 industry	 has	 ended,	 although	      lican	Senate	Pro-Tem	Rob	Mayer	has	filed	
                                                     darity	with	your	union	brother	and	sisters.        issues	 remain	 unresolved	 and	 bargaining	        2	anti-union/worker	bills:	SB438	the	noto-
by Mark Bruemmer,                                    	 Hostess	 Brands	 Inc.	 recently	 filed	 for	     will	take	up	where	left	off.	The	Teamsters	         rious	 Right-to-Work	 (for	 less)	 legislation;	
Secretary/Treasurer, Local 833                       Chapter	11	bankruptcy	protection,	dealing	         had	 called	 a	 strike	 against	 the	 Pipe	 Line	   and	 SB439	 which	 would	 suspend	 prevail-
	 There	are	six	contracts	to	be	negotiated	          with	 the	 reorganization	 of	 the	 Company.	      Contractors	 Association	 (PLCA)	 over	 un-         ing	wage	laws	after	an	area	is	declared	by	
in	2012:	                                            This	 is	 known	 as	 a	 Chapter	 22	 proceed-      reasonable	 contract	 demands.	 The	 PLCA,	         the	governor	as	a	natural	disaster.	
	 •	Beco	Concrete	Products,	Fulton	-	Janu-           ing,	 since	 it	 had	 already	 filed	 for	 bank-   compiled	 of	 over	 70	 companies,	 builds	         	 Local	 833	 just	 completed	 two	 (2)	 suc-
ary;                                                 ruptcy	protection	once	before.	About	2	½	          and	 maintains	 pipeline	 infrastructure	 for	      cessful	 audits.	The	 first	 was	 conducted	 by	
                                                                                                        the	highly	profitable	oil	and	gas	industries.	      the	 US	 Department	 of	 Labor,	 and	 shortly	
                                                                                                        Our	Teamster	brothers	perform	the	difficult	        thereafter,	 an	 audit	 was	 completed	 by	 the	
                                                                                                        driving	tasks	related	to	hauling	and	laying	        International	Brotherhood	of	Teamsters.	
                                                                                                        pipe	at	pipeline	construction	sites.	The	Na-        	 As	 we	 all	 know,	 2012	 is	 a	 Presidential	
                                                                                                        tional	Pipe	Line	Agreement	between	Team-            election	 year	 and	 I’m	 sure	 we	 will	 all	 be	
                                                                                                        sters	 and	 PLCA	 expired	 in	 January	 2011,	      sick	 and	 tired	 of	 the	 campaigning	 in	 the	
                                                                                                        was	 extended	 twice,	 expired	 in	 December	       upcoming	months.	To	quote	the	late	United	
                                                                                                        2011,	and	will	be	extended	again	until	April	       Auto	 Workers	 President	 Walter	 Reuther	
                                                                                                        13,	2012.	                                          “There’s	 a	 direct	 relationship	 between	 the	
                                                                                                        	 The	PLCA	wants	to	force	Teamsters	into	           bread	box	and	the	ballot	box,	and	what	the	
                                                                                                        a	401(k)	savings	plan	and	eliminate	the	tra-        union	 fights	 for	 and	 win	 at	 the	 bargaining	
                                                                                                        ditional	defined	benefit	pensions.	Whereas,	        table	 can	 be	 taken	 away	 in	 the	 legislative	
                                                                                                        traditional	pensions	are	generally	more	se-         halls.”	 Let	 us	 remain	 diligent	 in	 standing	
                                                                                                        cure	by	providing	a	set,	monthly	income	at	         up	for	working	families	within	the	middle-
                                                                                                        retirement	 compared	 to	 the	 instability	 and	    class.	
February, 2012                                                                                          MISSOURI TEAMSTER                                                                                                                 Page 5

Goods And Services Represented By Missouri Teamsters
GENERAL FREIGHT DRIvERS LTL ROAD/CITy/DOCK                  Anheuser	Busch	products	(L6)	                                 Miracle	Supply	(L682)                                                         TIRE COMPANIES (618)
ABF	-	St.	Louis/Cape	Girardeau	(L600,	618)                                                                                Milford	Plumbing	Supply	(L682)                                Statewide	Tire	       Community	Wholesale
Cartage	Services,	Inc.                                                 RESTAURANT/GROCERy DRIvERS                         National	Sales	Company	(L682)                                 Community	Recap	      Tucker	Tire	Recap
Rush	Express                                                Sysco	Foods	(L682)                                            Riback	Supply	(L833)                                          Tire	Mart	            McDowell	Tire
UPS	Freight	-	StL/Sikeston/Rolla                            Middendorf	Quality	Foods	(L682)                               Wholesale	Plumbing	Supply
USF	Holland	-	StL/Sikeston                                  Hautly	Cheese	Co.	(L682)                                      	                                                                                PARKING LOTS (L618)
YRC	-	StL/Poplar	Bluff/Rolla	(L600,	618,	688)               Crown	Foods	(L682)                                                 ON-SITE FUELING COMPANIES (LOCAL 618)                    Jayco	Parking	           AMPCO	Parking	Airport
Rush	Express	(L600)                                         US	Foods	(L610)	(L688)                                        Energy	Petroleum	Co.	    Sieveking	Inc.
Lee	Enterprises	–	Dock	(610)                                Schnucks	Market	(610)                                         Moore	Oil	Co.	           Hartog	Oil	Co.                             INDUSTRIAL CLEANING SUPPLIES (L618)
                                                            Bunny	Bread	(L600	-	Cape	Girardeau,	MO.	Only)                 Nu-Way	                  J.D.	Streett	&	Co.                   Buckeye	International	 Kop-Coat
        ASSOCIATED GENERAL CONTRACTORS                      IBC	-	Poplar	Bluff	(L600)                                     Cross	Oil	Co.	           MFA	Oil	Transport	(L833)
Breckenridge	Materials                                      Pevely	Dairy	(L600)                                                                                                                       FORKLIFT COMPANIES (L618)
Building	&	Construction	Trade	(610)                         Prairie	Farms	(L600)                                               PRESSMEN & MACHINIST - GCIU LOCAL 38N                    Yale	                  Weise
Central	Concrete	Co.	-	Columbia	(L833)                      Supervalu	(L610                                               St.	Louis	Post	Dispatch	 Wall	Street	Journal                  St.	Louis	Forklift		   United	Rentals
D	and	S	Fencing	(L600)                                      Nestle	Purina	Pet	Care	(L610)                                 Breese	Publishing
Eastern	Missouri	including	St.	Louis.	Mo.	(L682)                                                                                                                                                     TRUCK PART COMPANIES (L618)
Southern	Missouri	-	Cape	Girardeau	(L600)                           SHORT HAUL/LOCAL DELIvERy (L600)                              FUNERAL HOMES & CEMETERIES (L610)                     Broadway	Ford	Truck	    Fabick	Power	Systems
Farmers	Concrete	-	Jeff.	City	(L833)                        D	&	H	Trucking	        Eagle	Drayage                          Hutchens	Mortuary                                             Tractor	Trailer	Supply	 Plaza	Fleet	Parts
Five	Star	Concrete	                                         Hartlage	Truck	Service                                        J.L.	Ziegenhein	&	Sons
Franklin	Co.                                                                                                              Kutis	Funeral	Home	-	Drivers/Embalmers                                    EqUIPMENT COMPANIES (L618)
Fronaberger                                                               PUBLIC SECTOR EMPLOyEES                         Memorial	Park	Cemetery                                        United	Rentals	      Fabick	Tractor
Kasten	Clay,	Concrete,	Masonry	                             City	of	Bernie	(L600)                                         SCI	Missouri	Funeral	Services	Drivers/Embalmers	              Kirby	Smith	         G.W.	Van	Keppel
Keinstra	Concrete                                           City	of	St.	Louis	-	Street	Dept.	Trucks	(L610)
McDonald	Co.	(concrete)	(L600)	Mid-State	(L833)	            Reynolds	County	(L600)                                                NURSING HOMES/AMBULANCE (L610)                                    CAR RENTAL COMPANIES (L618)
MO-CON	Concrete	-	Fulton	(L833)                             St.	Francois	County	Hwy	Maintenance	Dept.	(L600)              Cedar	Hill	Manor	  Parkside	Meadows                           Avis	                Hertz
Parker	(Rolla)                                              SEMO	University,	custodians	(L600)	                           Gateway	Ambulance	                                            National/Alamo	      Budget
Redi	Mix	Concrete	(L682)
Raineri	of	St.	Louis	Only                                               BEER DISTRIBUTORS - DRIvERS                                                BUS DRIvERS                                            AIRLINE FUELERS (L618)
Red	Bird	Concrete                                           Grey	Eagle	Distributing	A-B	(L600)                            First	Student	-	Francis	Howell/Rockwood/U-City/	Northwest		   Allied	Aviation
Red-E-Mix	Transportation	(L600)                             H.W.	Herrell	Distributing	A-B	(L600)                          					R-1/Washington	(L610)
Riley	Redi	Mix                                              Krey	Distributing	A-B	(L600)                                  First	Student	–	Rockwood	Mechanics	                                     TRUCK LEASING COMPANIES (L618)
Valley	Material                                             Soaring	Eagle	Distributing	A-B	(L600)                         Riverview	Gardens	-	Bus	Drivers	(L610)                        Ryder	               Penske
Western	Redi-Mix                                            N.H.	Scheppers	Distributing	A-B	(L833)                        Special	School	District	Drivers	&	Support	(L610)
	                                                           Fechtel	Beverage	-	Columbia/Jeff.	City	(L833)                 Normandy	School	District	(L610)                                 AUTOMOTIvE/TRUCK REPAIR & RELATED (L618)
               SMALL PACKAGE & COURIER                                                                                    First	Student	-	Columbia	MO	(L833)                            St.	Louis	Spring	        Columbia	Auto	Repair
United	Parcel	Service	(L688)	                                   ExPOSITION SHOWS - CONvENTION CENTER                      First	Student	–	Cape	Girardeau	(L600)                         McCausland	Auto	         Marty’s	Auto	Shop
DHL	(L600)                                                  Convention	Distribution	(L600)                                                                                              Afton	Radiator	Repair	   American	Radiator
CSI	(L600)	                 	          	                    Freeman	Decorating	(L600)                                                       BARGE LINES (L600)                          Gary	Brown	Automotive	 Tom’s	Service
Chilimacks	(L688)                                           GES	(L600)                                                    Nugent	Sand	          Material	Service                        Schaefer	Auto	           B	&	K	Towing
Christopher’s	Delivery	(L688)                               Klance	Staging	(L600)                                                                                                       Mendenhall	Rebuilders	
Grindell’s	(L688)                                           NMMA	-	Boat	Shows	(L600)                                                      SHUTTLE DRIvERS (L600)                        Southco	Auto	Parts
Jet	Courier	(L688)	                                         Paramount	(L600)                                              Innogistics		          Thyssen	Krupp	Hearn	-	GM	Plant         Gray	Richmond	Hts.	Service
Personal	Package	(L688)                                     MC2	(610)                                                                                                                   Ryder	                   Penske
C	&	C	Express/DHL	(L833)                                    	                                                                       SCRAP yARDS & RECyCLING (L610)                      Broadway	Ford	Truck	     Cummins
                                                                        AUTO DEALER, PARTS & SERvICE                      Becker	Iron	&	Metal	 Grossman	Iron	&	Steel
              GROCERy ITEMS (L600 & 688)                                   DEPARTMENTS (LOCAL 618)                        Overland	Metals	     Shapiro	Sales                                       MOvING AND STORAGE (L610)
American	Beauty	            Banquet	Frozen	Foods            Allstar	Dodge-Chrysler-Jeep	                                  Southern	Metals                                               Hazard	Moving	&	Storage	 Prosser’s	Moving
Boboli	pizza	crust	         Bunny	Bread	                    Auto	Plaza,	Used	                                                                                                           ABF	HHG	Shipper	(L600)	
Butternut	Bread	            	                               Behlmann	Buick/GMC                                                        SANITATION (PORTABLE) (L682)
Con	Agra	Egg	Beaters	&	Frozen	Foods                         Bo	Beuckman	Ford                                              R	&	R	Sanitation                                                               MANUFACTURING (L688)
Creamette	pasta	products	 Dolly	Madison	Cakes               Bommarito	South	Chevy/Mazda                                                                                                 Alfa	Pet	                   Bohn	&	Dawson
Entenmann’s	Bakery	         Frito-lay	chips                 Bommarito	Cadillac/Mazda/VW,		St.	Peters                          CONSTRUCTION EqUIPMENT RENTALS (L682)                     Checker	Bag	                Dynacraft
Guy’s	chips	&	nuts	         Kraft	Foods                     BommaritoBuick/GMC/Audi/Infiniti/Mazda/Ellisville             NES	Rentals	            Hertz	Equipment	Rentals               FKI	                        Industrial	Soap
Ice	Cream	Specialties	(L600)	                               Brentwood	Volvo	           Chris	Auffenbergh	(Used)           RSC                                                           Industrial	Wire	            Koller	Craft
Prairie	Farms,	Hazelwood	(L600)                             Dean	Team	of	Ballwin	 Dean	Team	of	Kirkwood                   	                                                             Loy	Lang	Box	               Meridian	Medical
Sanitary	Dairy	(L600)                                       Don	Brown	Chevrolet	       Elco	Chevrolet                                       SUNBELT RENTALS                             Motor	Appliance	            Orna	Metel
Central	Dairy	-	Jeff	City	(L833)                            Glendale	Chrysler,	Jeep,	Dodge                                Pat	Kelly	Equipment	    Nu-Way	Concrete	forms                 Shure	                      Steelweld
Keebler	cookies	&	crackers		                                Jim	Butler	Chevrolet	      Jim	Lynch	Toyota                   Vernon	L.	Goedecke	Co.	 Midwest	Aerials                       TEVA
Kellogg’s	Snacks	           Maull’s	Barbecue	Sauce	 	       Jim	Trenary	Chevrolet	O’Fallon                                	                                                             MFA	Feed	Mill	-	Gerald,	MO	(L833)
Mrs.	Allison’s	Cookies	 Nabisco	Egg	Beaters	                Johnny	Londoff	Florissant                                                     DRyWALL SUPPLy (L682)                         Purina	Mills	(Montgomery	City)	(L833)
Old	Vienna	chips	           Prairie	Farms	                  Lou	Fusz	Chevrolet                                            Negwer	Materials	       Missouri	Drywall                      Metal	Container	Group	(L6)
R	&	F	Pasta	products	(Borden)	                              Lou	Fusz	Dodge,	Chrysler,	Jeep                                P	&	A	Drywall                                                 Hostess/Interstate	Brands	(L6	Mechanics)	
Sunbeam	Bread	              Tony’s	Marinara	&	Pasta	        Lou	Fusz	Ford	             Lou	Fusz	Mazda/Subaru
Hostess	Cakes	              Wonder	Bread	            	      Lou	Fusz	Nissan	           Lu	Fusz	Buick/GMC                                 AIRGAS DRIvERS (L610)                                         FOOD SERvICE/AIRLINES
Madison	Farms	Butter	(L600)	             	                  Lou	Fusz	Toyota	           Lou	Fusz	Mitsubishi                Airgas	Mid-America	   Cee	Kay	Supply	Co.                      Kohl	Wholesale	(L688)	 Gate	Gourmet	(L688)
North	Star	Ice	Cream	(L600)                                 Marty	Cancila	Dodge	Chrysler	Jeep                                                                                           Chartwells	-	SEMO	Univ.	(L600)
Sara/Lee                                                    McMahnon	Ford	             Moore	Jaguar                                      STREET SWEEPING (L682)
Dial/Henkel	(L618)                                          Parktown	Imports	          Paul	Cerame	Ford/Lincoln	Mercury   Contractors	Municipal	Sweeping	Services	Inc.                              PROFESSIONAL/TEMP SERvICE
                                                            Sinclair	Buick/GMC	        Sinclair	Ford                                                                                    Joint	Council	13	(L688)	 Optical	Specialist	(L688)
                     MILK PRODUCTS                          Sinclair	Lincoln	Mercury	(St.	Peters)                                              AIRLINES (L618)                          Roadway	Express	(L688)	 Teamsters	600	(L688)
Best	Choice	             Market	Pantry                      Sinclair	Lincoln	Mercury	South                                Trans	States	           Go-Jet	Airlines                       Teamsters	682	(L688)	    Teamsters	688	CAMP	(L688)
Deerfield	               North	Star	Dairy                   Southtown	Dodge	Chrysler	Jeep                                                                                               Teamsters	688	I	&	W	(L688)
Dierbergs	label	         Prairie	Farms                      Stephen	Vincel	            Suntrup	Buick/GMC                                 LUMBER/MILLWORK (L682)                         Teamsters	688	(L610)
Farmcrest	               Pevely                             Suntrup	Ford	(Kirkwood)                                       Alside	Supply	
Glenview	Farms	          Schnucks	Label                     Suntrup	Ford	(Westport)                                       County	Home	Improvement	(CHIC)                                                     MISCELLANEOUS
Hiland	Dairy	            Sealtest                           Suntrup	Nissan	VW	         Sunset	Auto	Co.                    Hackmann	Lumber	          Kelly	Building	Materials            Ringling	Bros.	&	Barnum	&	Bailey	Circus	(L688)
IGA	                     Shop’n	Save	Label                  Weber	Chevrolet                                               Old	Monroe	Lumber	        Moscow	Mills	Lumber                 Affton	Fire	Protection	(L610)
                                                                                                                          Berkeley	Lumber	          Beyers	Lumber                       Sears	Service	Technicians	(Local	688)
               JUICE & DRINK PRODUCTS                                  MECHANICAL SHOPS (L682) HvAC                       North	St.	Louis	Plywood                                       Boeing	(L610)	
Prairie	Farms	          Valu-Time                           Haberberger	               Rock	Hill	Mechanical               Beilsmith	Bros	Truss	Manufactures
Tampico	                Lemon	Tree	Lemonade                 C	&	R	Mechanical	          Wiegmann	&	Associates              Blue	Linx	Corporation	(Wholesale	Lumber	and	Bldg	Materials)            CONSTRUCTION MATERIAL DRIvERS
Shop’n	Save	            Frutar	label	fruit	drinks           Kuenz	Mechanical	          Welsch	Furnace                     Norrenburns	Lumber	       Pacific	Lumber                      Power	Hauling	(L682)
Dierbergs	              Sealtest                            SystemAire	Company	        Frank	Fisher	Company               Washington	Lumber	        Marthasville	Lumber                 Contractors	Cartage	–	St.	Genevieve	/Fenton	(L600)
Country	Delight	        Happy	Apple	Cider                   Corrigan	Company	          Charles	E.	Jarrell	Contracting     John	Hall	Lumber	         Hall	Bros	Lumber                    Eagle	Excavating	(L600)
Brookville	Farms                                            	                                                             Morgan	Wightman                                               Fronabager	Concreters	(L600)
                                                                                    WAREHOUSE                             	                                                             Huttig	-	Cape	Girardeau	(L600)
           SOUR CREAM & COTTAGE CHEESE                      Atlas	Cold	Storage	(L688)                                       ROLL OFF CONTAINERS/WASTE REMOvAL (L682)                    Kasten	Companies	–	Cape	(L600)
Prairie	Farms	       Dierbergs                              Atlas	Plumbing	(L688)                                         Crown	Excel	              Beck	Disposal                       DLH	Trucking	(L600)
Pevely	              Schnucks                               Brauer	Supply	(L688)                                          Aalco	Enterprises	Inc.                                        Eagle	Excavating	(L600)
Shop’n	Save                                                 Gateway	Distribution	(L688)                                   Diversified	Commercial	Services	Inc.                          Cautrell	Enterprises	(steel)	(L610)
                                                            Gateway	Refrigeration	(L688)                                  Mid-State	Waste/Allied	Waste	(L833)                           Ruan	Transportation	(L610)
                ICE CREAM & NOvELTIES                       Graybar	Electric	(L688)                                                                                                     EM	Jorgensen	(steel)	(L610)
North	Star	             High	Top                            Madison	Warehouse	(L688)                                                      SPORTING GOODS (L688)                         Ryerson	Tull	(steel)	(L610)
Best	Choice	            Shop’n	Save	label                   Royal	Papers	(L688)                                           Browning	Arms                                                 North	Side	Glass	(L610)
IGA	                    Dierbergs	label                     Shaughnessy	(L688)                                                                                                          West	St.	Louis	Glass	(L610)	
Favor-Rite                                                  Shell	Lubricants	(L688)                                                             qUARRIES (L682)                         Pona	Trucking	(682)
                                                            ST.	Louis	Paper	&	Box	(L688)                                  Central	Stone	Company	 Fred	Weber	Inc.	(Stone)                Hansens	Transportation	(682)
                       SODA/BEER                            Unisource	(L688)                                              Fred	Weber	Inc	(Asphalt)	 Fred	Weber	Inc.	(New	Melle,	Mo.)    Client	Connection	(682)
Pepsi	                   Coca-Cola	 Vess                    Universal	Printing	(L688)                                     Fred	Weber	Inc.	(Festus)	 Fred	Weber	Inc.	(South	Stone)
7-Up	                    Dr.	Pepper	 Schnucks	(L618,	688)   Great	Central	Lumber	(	Jefferson	City	Mo.	Only)               Fred	Weber	Inc	(O-Fallon)	                                                    LIqUOR DISTRIBUTERS
Shop	n	Save	             Dierbergs                                                                                        Bussen	Quarries	Inc.	(Antonio)                                Major	Brands	(L688,	St.	Louis)	(L833,	Columbia)
Supervalu	(L618,	688)                                                                 PLUMBING                            Bussen	Quarries	Inc.	(Troutman)                               Glazer	Midwest	(L688)
IBC	Root	beer	(L688)	(L833)                                 Mid-State	Supply	(L682)                                       Bussen	Quarrie	Inc.	(J.B.)                                    Mid-Continent	(L833)
Page 6                                                                              MISSOURI TEAMSTER                                                                             February, 2012

RetiRees News
by Ronald M. Gushleff,                             American	jobs	for	American	workers?	                We	all	must	unite	and	remove	all	these	anti-      American	 workers’	 right	 to	 collective	
President, E.M.T.R.C.                              	 Remember,	 don’t	 be	 hoodwinked	                 Union,	 greedy,	 outsourcing,	 big	 business	     bargaining,	and	the	envy	of	the	world	-	the	
	 Listen	Brothers	and	Sisters,	and	you	shall	      by	 these	 anti-Union,	 right-wing	 radical	        corporate	 bosses,	 their	 political	 puppets	    American	middle	class.	
hear	 the	 wailing	 and	 whining	 of	 the	 anti-   Republicans.	These	termites	attacking	the	          and	 right-wing	 lobbyists	 from	 positions	      	 Vote	Pro-Union	for	your	honor	and	the	
union	“Asstro	Turf	Instant	Tea	baggers”	and	       American	workers	and	the	middle	class	are	          of	Government	power.	“Wake	up	Bubba,	             future	of	your	family.	Support	and	join	your	
their	Gang	of	Profiteers.	This	pack	of	right-      trying	to	ambush	the	American	workers	and	          you’ve	been	had.”                                 Local	Union	Retirees	Club.	Buy	American,	
wing	radical	Republicans	in	lock	step	with	        force	them	to	accept	minimum	wages,	no	             	 Remember	these	potential	losses	if	these	       Buy	Union,	Boycott	China-Mart.
their	corporate	big	business	bosses	will	be	       family	 medical	 coverage,	 no	 job	 security,	     anti-Union	right-wing,	radical	Republicans	       	 Union	yesterday	–	Union	today	–	Union	
attempting	to	brainwash	you	and	convince	          no	humane	work	site	rules	and	regulations.	         complete	 their	 tea	 bagger	 dictatorship	       tomorrow	–	Solidarity	forever.
you	to	support	and	vote	to	make	the	rich	and	      I	 guess	 this	 is	 why	 they	 are	 called	 “The	   –	 Social	 Security,	 Medicare,	 Medicaid,	       	 Fraternally.
greedy	wealthier,	the	middle	class	poor,	and	      Party	of	No.”	The	epidemic	of	these	right-

                                                                                                         John Quarles Retires
the	 poor	 disappear.	 These	 political	 were-     wing,	radical	economic	scoundrels	is	being	
wolfs	and	financial	vampires	will	ask	you	         monetarily	spread	by	the	right-wing	Koke	
to	just	trust	them	with	your	future	and	you	       Bros.	 and	 their	 fellow	 maximum	 profit,	
will	 be	 rewarded	 with	 unlimited	 benefits.	
Remember	Ronnie	Raygun,	the	Bush	Boys	
and	 trickle	 down	 economics?	 Remember	
                                                   big	 business	 corporate	 bosses,	 financial	
                                                   wheeler-dealers,	 and	 Wall	 Street	 robber	
                                                   barons.	 Does	 the	American	 middle	 class	
                                                                                                           From SuperPark
                                                                                                       	 After	 32	 years	 as	 a	 member	 of	 Team-      plans	on	enjoying	his	retirement	for	many	
the	Union	busting	tactics	and	the	legislative	     really	have	anything	in	common	with	this	
                                                                                                       sters	 Local	 618	 John	 Quarles	 has	 decided	   more	years.	The	Executive	Board	and	staff	
attempts	to	weaken	and	destroy	collective	         elitist	political	crowd?
                                                                                                       to	 retire.	 Brother	 Quarles	 worked	 for	 Su-   of	Local	618	wish	John	the	very	best	upon	
bargaining	 and	 the	 American	 workers’	          	 What	is	critical	about	this	2012	election	
                                                                                                       perPark	 at	 the	 airport	 for	 32	 years	 and	   his	retirement.
right	 to	 join	 a	 Labor	 Union?	 Remember	       year,	 is	 that	 this	 right-wing,	 radical	
the	attack	against	job	safety,	increasing	the	     Republican	 infestation	 has	 invaded	 not	
minimum	wage,	unemployment	insurance,	             only	Washington,	D.C.,	but	Jefferson	City,	
medical	benefits,	pensions,	child	labor	laws,	     MO	and	the	St.	Louis	Metropolitan	Area.	

Larry Johnson Retires
	 Teamsters	Local	600	con-
gratulates	 Larry	 Johnson	 on	
his	 retirement	 from	 Nugent	
Sand	 Company.	 	 Larry	 re-
tires	 with	 36	 years	 of	 ser-
vice.		Congratulations	Larry!	
Enjoy	your	retirement!

    Teamster’s Local 604 Retiree Club
        2012 Calendar of Events
               Meetings on the first Monday of the month at 11:00 am
                        ExCEPT Nov. 5th we meet at 12:30 p.m. as
                         Local 682 Retirees will be there before us.
    For	directions	to	any	locations	listed	below,	contact	Roger	Ranek	at	636-227-3985

   January	2,	2012                     No	Meeting	–	Holiday

   February	6,	2012                    Meeting	at	Local	682	Union	Hall,	5730	Elizabeth.	
                                       Picking	Chili	Cooks,	Members	bring	snacks                                     Pictured above left to right are Tom Cole and John quarles.

                                                                                                              618 New Retirees
   March	5,	2012                       Meeting	at	Local	682
                                       Chili	Cook-Off
                                       2012	Dues	of	$15	each	due.

                                                                                                              From Dial/Henkel
                                       Members	bring	snack

   April	2,	2012                       McGurk’s	Irish	Pub
                                       Everyone	buys	their	own	lunch                                   	 After	many	years	of	service	between	the	 	 The	Local	618	Executive	Board	and	staff	
                                                                                                       two,	Katherine	Gregware,	and	Deloris	Smith	 wish	both	of	the	newly	retired	members	the	
   May	7,	2012                         Ballwin	Vlasis	Park                                             have	decided	to	retire	from	Dial/Henkel	Corp.	 very	best	upon	retirement.	
                                       Club	supplying	roast	beef
                                       Everyone	brings	a	covered	dish	and/or	dessert

   June	4,	2012	                       Cliff	Cave	Park
                                       Club	supplying	fried	chicken
                                       Everyone	brings	a	covered	dish	and/or	dessert.

   July	2,	2012                        No	Meeting	–	Holiday

   August	6,	2012                      River	City	Casino
                                       Meeting	in	front	of	the	Beer	Garden
                                       Everyone	buys	their	own	lunch.	

   September	3,	2012                   No	Meeting	–	Holiday

   October	1,	2012                     Dave	&	Margie	Southards’	Farm
                                       Club	will	Supply	meat,	everyone	brings	a	dish	and/
                                       or	dessert

   November	5,	2012	@	12:30	pm Meeting	at	Local	682	
                               Silent	 auction,	 Christmas	 forms,	 Next	 year’s	

   December	3,	2012                    Royale	Orleans,	Christmas	Party.	
                                                                                                       Pictured above left to right are Katherine Gregware, Mike Foster, and Deloris Smith.
February, 2012                                                                          MISSOURI TEAMSTER                                                                                                Page 7

  legislAtive updAte
                                                        Capitol Update
                                                       Here	are	some	of	the	reasons	why.                    the	 abolishing	 the	 use	 of	 “Project	 Labor	      or	triple	28	foot	trailer	combinations	across	
                                                       	 To	date	there	have	been	numerous	anti-             Agreements,	 and	 the	 list	 goes	 on	 and	 on.	     Missouri.	In	the	world	I	grew	up	in	that	cost	
                                                       worker	pieces	of	legislation	filed	with	a	host	      Unfortunately,	there	are	also	the	never-end-         comes	with	the	loss	of	more	driving	jobs.	
                                                       of	others	yet	to	come.	The	number	one	issue	         ing	attacks	on	“Public	Education,”	Teachers	         	 Yes	 this	 plan	 would	 create	 an	 over-
                                                       facing	all	of	us	again	this	Legislative	year	        and	Teacher	Tenure.	Where	this	will	all	end	         all	 abundance	 of	 “Construction	 Jobs”	 to	
                                                       is	 “Right-To-Work.”	 The	 Missouri	 Senate	         no	one	really	knows	at	this	present	time.	All	       build	it.	Keep	in	mind	folks	the	people	in	
                                                       heard	the	anti-worker	legislation	this	week	         I	can	ask	of	each	of	you	is	to	remain	vigi-          power	 want	 to	 do	 away	 with	 “Prevailing	
                                                       in	 Senator	 Jane	 Cunningham’s	 General	            lant,	calm	and	to	stay	focused.	If	all	of	this	      Wage	Laws.”	Therefore,	this	work	would	
                                                       Laws	Committee	and	as	I	write	this	it	is	still	      stuff	 or	 even	 remotely	 one	 single	 piece	 of	   be	done	by	the	so-called	“RATS”	and	not	
by Rep. Tim Meadows,                                   in	her	committee	waiting	to	be	passed	out.	          this	anti	–worker	agenda	passes	here	in	Jef-         by	Union	Contractors,	which	can	guaran-
vice President, Teamsters Local 600                    The	good	news	on	this	front	is	that	also	this	       ferson	City	it	will	have	a	stinging	effect	on	       tee	 a	 good	 and	 decent	 wage.	Also	 under	
State Representative 101st District                    past	week	Rep.	Steve	Tilley,	Speaker	of	the	         each	of	us	for	many	years	to	come.	There-            Missouri’s	Constitution,	this	work	would	
	 It	is	hard	to	believe	that	yet	another	year	         Missouri	House	in	an	interview	had	stated	           fore,	 please	 be	 ready	 to	 help	 in	 the	 days	   have	to	be	under	a	so-called	Private	Part-
is	beginning	here	in	Jefferson	City,	MO.	As	           that	Right-To-Work	was	to	divisive	an	issue	         ahead.	It	is	no	longer	our	future	but	it	is	our	     nership	 entity.	 Which	 means	 the	 Private	
many	 of	 you	 are	 probably	 aware	 this	 will	       and	 on	 realizing	 that	 he	 was	 not	 going	 to	   children	 and	 our	 grandchildren’s	 future	 at	     interest	 funds	 it,	 builds	 it,	 and	 maintains	
be	my	last	full	year	serving	you	as	a	Rep-             bring	that	up	on	the	Missouri	House	Floor	           stake	here.	So	please	stop	and	think	about	          it,	 AND	 ALSO	 SETS	 THE	 COST	 OF	
resentative	 here	 in	 the	 Missouri	 General	         for	debate.	However,	what	we	need	to	keep	           the	 overall	seriousness	 of	these	attacks,	as	      THE	TOLLS.	Unless	some	good	concrete	
Assembly.	Term	Limits	have	reached	their	              in	mind	is	that	there	is	always	the	possibil-        they	are	more	real	now	than	they	have	ever	          offers	come	forward	in	this	matter	where	
peak	in	my	career	here	and	so	as	I	start	to	           ity	of	a	“Ballot	Initiative”	and	bringing	it	up	     been	 before.	 Lastly,	 this	 past	 week	 in	 my	    the	 Teamsters	 and	 Organized	 Labor	 are	
write	the	very	first	of	my	series	of	informa-          that	way	would	or	could	put	in	on	the	bal-           Joint	Committee	on	Transportation	where	I	           guaranteed	a	seat	at	the	table	in	the	Con-
tive	 updates	 let	 me	 just	 first	 reach	 out	 to	   lot	in	November	of	2012.	Stay	tuned	as	this	         sit	as	the	ranking	member	I	voiced	my	over-          struction	and	the	protection	from	job	loss	
each	of	you	to	say	“Thank	You”	for	all	your	           fight	is	far	from	over.                              all	opposition	to	turning	Interstate	70	into	a	      then	I	am	afraid	I	will	always	stand	in	op-
support	and	for	your	patience	of	me.	These	            	 Other	 anti-worker	 legislation	 filed	 this	      TOLL	Road.	I	did	this	for	many	reasons	as	           position	to	such	a	notion	as	Tolling	Inter-
past	nine	years	have	been	a	huge	challenge	            year	 includes	 the	 gutting	 of	 Missouri	 Pre-     I	can	only	view	this	as	harmful	not	only	to	         state	 70.	 I	 am	 interested	 in	 hearing	 from	
as	I	have	continued	my	fight	for	the	work-             vailing	 Wage	 Laws	 on	 just	 about	 every	         our	Teamster	Drivers	but	to	the	safety	of	the	       you	about	this	and	any	other	issue.	If	you	
ing	middle	class	in	Jefferson	City.	This	fi-           public	 works	 job	 there	 is	 known	 to	 work-      overall	driving	public.	What	I	mean	by	that	         have	 any	 questions	 or	 comments,	 I	 can	
nal	 year	 will	 be	 NO	 different,	 as	 those	 at-    ing	families,	Paycheck	(Deception)	Protec-           is	once	a	roadway	is	put	into	TOLL	status	           be	 reached	 via	 email	 at	 tim.meadows@
tacks	are	very	real	and	unfortunately	getting	         tion	thus	barring	unions	from	collecting	any	        then	the	Trucking	Companies	will	be	want-   Thank	 you	 so	 very	 much	
worse	for	each	one	of	us	and	our	families.	            DRIVE	 donations	 for	 political	 purposes,	         ing	to	pull	twin	53	foot	trailer	combinations	       again.	

 Univar And Local 618
  Reach Agreement
	 Teamsters	Local	618	Vice	President	Ger-              with	wage	increases,	pension	improvements,	
ald	Kappauff	reports	that	Univar	USA	Inc.	             funeral,	and	other	items.	Thanks	also	to	shop	
has	ratified	a	new	agreement	with	Local	618.	          steward	 Jack	 McLard	 for	 his	 help.	 	 The	
Vice	President	Kappauff	who	negotiated	the	            contract	was	ratified	by	a	100	%	vote	of	the	
agreement	 stated	 the	 new	 agreement	 came	          membership.

      Pictured to the right Local 618 members employed at Univar.

                        Congratulations Retirees!
                        	 We	extend	our	congratulations	to	the	following	
                        recent	retirees:
   LOCAL 600                               Roger	Ziegler                  Franklin	Ellis
   Edgar	Green                             John	Snyder                    William	Koebel
   Billy	Keller                            Daniel	Hatton
   Kenneth	Bailey                          Robert	Rubenmeyer              LOCAL 688
   Robert	Moore                                                           Danny	R	Fitzgerald

                                                                                                                   Teamsters Local 688
   Neil	Hamm                               LOCAL 682                      Glennon	M	Abrams
   Adrian	Mullen                           Patrick	Murphy
   Dennis	Striler                          Robert	Duda                    LOCAL 833
   Larry	Johnson	

   LOCAL 618
                                           David	Burge
                                           Stephan	Vitale
                                           Clifford	Wildeisen
                                                                          Dale	Bexton	
                                                                          Raymond	Campbell	
                                                                          Russell	Miller	 	
                                                                                                               Retirees Club Schedule 2012
                                                                                                              by Lee Beel
   Arthur	Kersting                         Floyd	Leonard                  William	Beasley	 	                  President
   Edwin	Robertson                         Robert	Hale                    Daniel	Heinrich	 	                                            Meetings times and dates:
   Deloris	Smith                           Kenneth	Burkett                Richard	Ousley                                     10:00 a.m. — Executive Board Conference Room
                                                                                                                  11:00 a.m. — Regular Membership – Union Hall No. 2 – Rear of building

   Martin Luther King, Jr. Day — Jan. 16, 2012                                                                    January 5th                          September 6th
  	 “It	 is	 in	 this	 area	                                                                                      February 2nd                         September 3rd - Labor Day Parade
  (politics)	 of	 American	                                                                                       March 1st                            October 4th
  life	 that	 labor	 and	 the	                                                                                    April 5th                            November 1st
  Negro	 have	 identical	                                                                                         May 3rd                              December 13th – Christmas Dinner
  interests.	 Labor	 has	                                                                                         June 7th – Retiree Picnic
  grave	 problems	 today	                                                                                         Pevely Camp – 11:00 a.m.
  of	employment,	shorter	                                                                                                             **July and August – no meetings
  hours,	old	age	security,	
  housing	 and	 retraining	
  against	 the	 impact	 of	                                                                                          All Retiree Meetings are held at the address listed below:
  automation.	                                                                                                                         Teamsters Local 688
  	 The	 Congress	 and	
  the	 Administration	 are	
                                                                                                                                  4349 Woodson Road Ste. 300
  almost	 as	 indifferent	                                                                                                             St. Louis, Mo. 63134
  to	 labor’s	 program	 as	
  they	are	toward	that	of	the	Negro.	Toward	 ment	to	us	day	after	day.”                                       **Use the rear entrance – lower level – All Local 688 Retirees, spouses and wid-
  both	 they	 offer	 vastly	 less	 than	 adequate	    —	Kings	speech	at	the	UAW	District	65	
                                                                Convention,	September	1962
                                                                                                                              ows of retired members of Local are welcome.
  remedies	for	the	problems	which	are	a	tor-
            “Change . . . Comes Through Struggle” — Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.                                                          Looking forward to seeing you
Page 8                                                                                               MISSOURI TEAMSTER                                                                                                   February, 2012

 uNiON NOtiCes / MeetiNg sCHedules
                     LoCaL 6                                                     LoCaL 618                                                   sECoND FriDay                                               THirD saTUrDay
    Regular membership meetings of Local 6 are held             All union meetings are held at 9040 Lackland Rd.,             MIRACLE SUPPLY, 3:00 p.m., Miracle Supply, Pal-                AF MECHANICS, 4:00 p.m. Union Hall; AFS WARE-
on the second Thursday of each month at 3:45 p.m. in         Overland, MO 63114, unless otherwise indicated.               myra; TRUCKING INDUSTRY (ABF TRUCKING, LEWIS                  HOUSE 2nd shift, 10:00 a.m., 3rd shift, 3:00 p.m.; Union
Gambrinus Hall, 3650 Wisconsin.                                                                                            BROTHER BAKERY, YRCW) 7:00 p.m., Boat Club; KOHL              Hall; AF&AFS WAREHOUSE, 1st shift; 3:30 p.m.; Union
                                                                 The General Membership meeting of Local 618               WHOLESALE, 7:45 p.m., Boat Club; PRAIRIE FARMS                Hall; AF&AFS OFFICE; 5:15 p.m.; Union Hall.
                     LoCaL 600                               are held on the third saturday of each month at 9:30          DAIRY, 4:00 p.m., Boat Club.                                                  FoUrTH MoNDay
   The regular General Membership meetings of Local          a.m. The meetings are held in the Local 618 Hall lo-                                                                            SCHNUCKS WAREHOUSE, 2:00 p.m., 4:00 p.m.,
600 are held on the third Sunday of each month, 9:00         cated at 9040 Lackland road, overland, Mo 63114.                                sECoND saTUrDay                             6:00 p.m., 8:00 p.m., Union Hall;, IBC WONDER/
a.m. at 161 Weldon Parkway, Maryland Heights, MO             Meetings cancelled for June, July and august.                     LIQUOR INDUSTRY (GLAZER MIDWEST, MAJOR                    HOSTESSMANCHESTER, 11:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.,
63043                                                                                                                      BRANDS, LUXCO), 9:00 a.m., Union Hall; UNITED FRUIT,          Manchester; SHELL LUBRICANTS, 3:00 p.m., O’Fallon
   Traditionally, meetings are cancelled for June, July,                          LoCaL 682                                10:00 a.m., Union Hall; PERSONNEL STAFFING, 11:00             Bowl.
and August. Check Local 600’s web page for any possible          The regular meetings of Local 682 are held on the         a.m., Union Hall; MERIDIAN MEDICAL ,10:00 a.m., Union
changes.                               third Wednesday of each month at 7 p.m. in the Local          Hall;GEORGE HEIMOS, 10:00 a.m., Union Hall.                                     FoUrTH TUEsDay
                                                             682 Hall, 5730 Elizabeth Avenue, St. Louis, MO 63110.                                                                          BOHN & DAWSON, 1st Shift: 1:30 p.m., 2nd Shift:
                       LoCaL 604                                                                                                          sECoND sUNDay                                  2:45 p.m., Barney’s Lounge; SUPERVALU OFFICE/
     The regular General Membership meetings of Local                           THirD TUEsDay                                  UPS Feeders, 1:00 p.m., Union Hall, Stewards-             WHSE., 2:00 p.m., 3:00 p.m.,5:00 p.m., 6:00 p.m.,7:00
604 are held on the 2nd Sunday of each month, except            FRANKLIN COUNTY Geographical Meeting at 7:00               12:00p.m.                                                     p.m., 8:00 p.m., Union Hall.
in April and May when they will be on the third Sunday,      p.m. at the Union City Hall, Union, MO.
at 10:00 a.m. held at the Boilermakers Union Local 27                                                                                          THirD MoNDay                                             FoUrTH WEDNEsDay
meeting hall, 1547 S. Broadway (parking and entrance                        THirD THUrsDay                                    IBC WONDER-ST. CLAIR SALES, 12:30 p.m., 2:00                  FREIGHTLINE OFFICES (ABF, USF HOLLAND,
in rear facing South 7th Street).                                ROLLA, MO meeting at 6:30 p.m.                            p.m., St. Clair Thrift. DR. PEPPER- SNAPPLE DRIV-             YRC FREIGHT OFFICES), 4:00 p.m., 6:00p.m. Big
     Traditionally, meetings are cancelled for June, July,                                                                 ERS & WAREHOUSE, 12:00 p.m., 1:30 p.m., Union Hall;           Daddy’s;COCA COLA NORTH AMERICA (WARREN-
and August.                                                                        LoCaL 688                               SHURE MFG., 3:45 p.m., The Landing; CHECKER BAG,              TON), 2:00 p.m., 3:45 p.m., American Legion, 28855
                                                                 The regular membership meetings of Local 688 are          2ND shift 3:00 p.m., 1st shift 3:45 p.m., Olivette Bowling,   Legion Trail, Warrenton Mo.
                     LoCaL 610                               held in the months of January, March, May, september          9723 Grandview Dr.; GRINDELL, CHILIMACKS, BLACK &
                  FirsT MoNDay                                                                                             WHITE DELIVERY, JET COURIER, STL DELIVERY,5:00                               FoUrTH THUrsDay
                                                             and November. ** Please note: RINGLING BROS.
    FUNERAL INDUSTRY, 7:00 p.m. (Local 610 Confer-
                                                             UNITS.- Meetings are scheduled on an as needed basis.         p.m., Union Hall.                                                 SCHNUCKS QUIPCO, 6:00 a.m., Union Hall;
ence Room) February 6, 2012, May 7, 2012, September
                                                             UPS outstate meeting schedules posted at Centers. UPS                                                                       SCHNUCKS QUIPCO 2ND & 3RD shifts, 9:00 a.m.,
10, 2012 (changed to 2nd Monday), November 5, 2012,
February 4, 2013.                                            E.C. Part-Time 22.3; Posted at Center; UPS Air (Gate-                             THirD TUEsDay                             Union Hall; SCHNUCKS QUIPCO STORE GROUP, 2:30
                                                             way) & UPS E.C. Preload – as scheduled; INTERSTATE                FRITO LAY, FENTON DC, 2:00 p.m., 4:00 p.m.,               p.m., Union Hall; PRAIRIE FARMS DAIRY, 7:30 a.m.,
                  FirsT TUEsDay                              BAKERIES (Desloge) – as scheduled.                            Stratford Bar, South Outer 44 Rd, Fenton, Mo. 63044; IBC      12:00 p.m., 2:00 p.m., Union Hall; INW/CAMP, 2:00
    PARKSIDE MEADOWS, 1:00 p.m. & 2:30 p.m.                                                                                DESLOGE, 3:00 P.M., Cafeteria.                                p.m., Pevely camp; FRITO-LAY-GRANITE CITY DC,
(Parkside Meadows) February 7, 2012, May 1, 2012,                               FirsT TUEsDay                                                                                            2:30 p.m., Smokey Joe’s, 3998 Lake Pontoon Beach,
September 4, 2012, November 6, 2012, January 8, 2013            AMERICOLD(formerly VersaCold), DYNACRAFT,                                  THirD WEDNEsDay                               IL. 62040.
(changed to 2nd Tuesday), February 5, 2013.                  MADISON WHSE.; 5:00 p.m.; Union Hall;TEVA PHARMA-                 OPTICAL SPECIALIST, 9:00 a.m., at Employer; CAN-
                                                             CEUTICALS; 3:30 p.m., 6:30 p.m.; Elks Lodge, Mexico,          TEEN VENDING, 3:00 p.m., Union Hall; FRITO-LAY, INC.                        FoUrTH FriDay
                 FirsT THUrsDay
                                                             Mo. COTT BEVERAGES; 7:00 a.m., 12:30 p.m., 2:30               EARTH CITY DC, 1:00 p.m., 3:00 p.m.,6:00p.m., Union              NABISCO DRIVERS/WHSE, 1:00 p.m.; at Employer.
    GATEWAY AMBULANCE, 7:30 p.m. (Lower Level
                                                             p.m., 4:00 p.m.; Union Hall; PRAIRIE FARMS CHEESE             Hall; OLD VIENNA SNACKS-SALES/WHSE., 3:30 p.m.,
Meeting Hall) May 3, 2012, September 6, 2012, Novem-
ber 1, 2012, January 3, 2013, February 7, 2013.              PLANT, 9:30 a.m., Cheese Plant, Quincy.                       Union Hall; RYERSON, 3:00 p.m., Union Hall.                                          LoCaL 833
                                                                                                                                                                                             The regular membership meetings of Local 833 in
                sECoND saTUrDay                                               FirsT WEDNEsDay                                                THirD THUrsDay                              Jefferson City are held at 6 p.m. on the second Monday
    US FOODSERVICE – ALLEN DIVISION, 3:00 p.m.                   LOY LANGE BOX, GATEWAY COLD STORAGE,                          UPS OFFICE & CSI, 5:00 p.m. Union Hall; LEEHAR,           of each month (except June, July and August — meetings
(Lower Level Meeting Hall) February 11, 2012, May 12,        KINDER MORGAN, 4:15 p.m., BOILERMAKERS LOCAL                  6:00 p.m., Union Hall; UNISOURCE, ALFA-PET, 3:00 p.m.         suspended) in the Local Union Hall, 230 West Dunklin,
2012, September 8, 2012, December 8, 2012, January           27, 1547 S. Broadway; MISC. MEETING, UNIVERSAL                Union Hall.                                                   Jefferson City, MO.
12, 2013, February 9, 2013.                                  PRINTING, BRAUER SUPPLY; 5:10 p.m., Union Hall;

                                                                                                                                             In Memoriam
                                                             NEW WORLD PASTA, 7:15 a.m., 2nd 1:30 p.m., 3:15
                  sECoND sUNDay                              p.m., 5:30 p.m.; PARDELLA CLUB, 753 Pardell Club;
    SUPERVALU, 8:00 a.m. (Lower Level Meeting Hall)
                                                             LASCO, 12:00 p.m., At Company; STEELWELD, 3:45
February 12, 2012, May 20, 2012 (changed to 3rd Sun-
day) September 9, 2012, December 9, 2012, January            p.m., VFW St. Clair; PEPSI BEVERAGE COMPANY
13, 2013, February 10, 2013.                                 WAREHOUSE & PRODUCTION, 12:30 p.m., 2:30 p.m.,                       LOCAL 600                               LOCAL 618                             Kenneth	R	Conry	Sr
    SCHNUCKS MARKET, 10:00 a.m (Lower Lev-                   Union Hall.                                                          Charles	newbern                         Charlie	Hartzell                      Ruth	E	Spellmeyer
el Meeting Hall) February 12, 2012, May 20, 2012                                                                                  Lyle	Nolan                                                                    Franklin	E	Daly
(changed to 3rd Sunday) September 9, 2012, December                              FirsT THUrsDay                                   Robert	Barr                             LOCAL 682                             James	P	Wilde
9, 2012, January 13, 2013, February 10, 2013.                     GRAYBAR ELECTRIC, 11:00 a.m., at Company;                       James	Cook                              Robert	Wiss                           Ernest	W	Graham
    SCHNUCKS LONG HAUL, 12:00 noon (Local 610                PEPSI BEVERAGE COMPANY DRIVERS, 3:00 p.m.,                           Billy	Kowens                            James	Martin	III                      Micahel	A	Ethridge
Conference Room) February 12, 2012, May 20, 2012             5:30 p.m., Union Hall; UPS Earth City Package Car, 7:00              Muriel	Ward,	Jr.                                                              Cyril	L	Boedeker
(changed to 3rd Sunday) September 9, 2012, December          p.m., Union Hall; UPS Jefferson Ave., (Preload,9:30 A.M.)            Edward	Malone                           LOCAL 688                             Thomas	L	Merritt
9, 2012, January 13, 2013, February 10, 2013.
                                                             (Twilight Sort, 5:00P.M.)(Package Car, 7:00 P.M.), Marriott          Ralph	Miller                            Michael	C	Showers
                sECoND TUEsDay
                                                             Resident Inn; INTERSTATE BRANDS-BUTTERNUT &                          Kenneth	Cooper                          Fred	A	McGaughey
   AFFTON FIREFIGHTERS, 7:00 p.m. (Firehouse #2)             WONDER, 3:30 p.m., Local 688, Hannibal; FKI LO-                      Harvey	Lemons                           Irene	M	Malinowski                    LOCAL 833
February 14, 2012, May 8, 2012, September 11, 2012,          GISTEX, 1:00 p.m., 3:45 p.m., Olivette Lanes, 9520 Olive             Kermit	Miller                           Mary	E	Mason                          Theodore	Distler
November 13, 2012, January 8, 2013, February 12, 2013.       Blvd; INDUSTRIAL SOAP; 1ST shift, 4:30 p.m. and 2nd                  George	Schulz                           Abraham	N	Shoults                     Michael	Schulte
                                                             shift 5:30 p.m., at Humphries.                                       Dennis	Blessing                         Robert	Devore                         Don	Edwards
                sECoND THUrsDay                                                                                                   Richard	Carr                            Leonard	H	Boever                      David	Lucas
    RIVERVIEW GARDENS, 9:30 a.m. (Bellefontaine                            FirsT saTUrDay                                                                                 Roy	L	Nixon                           Kimberly	Bond
Recreation Center) To be announced.                              KOLLER CRAFT, 12:00 p.m., Pevely Camp.                           LOCAL 604                               James	P	Randolph                      Mark	Fisher
    CEDAR RIDGE MANOR, 1:00 p.m. & 2:30 p.m.                                                                                      Robert	Hansen                           Dorothy	M	(Dee)	Rasch
(VFW Hall, Cedar Ridge) February 9, 2012, May 10,                              FirsT sUNDay                                       Frank	Polizzi
2012, September 13, 2012, November 8, 2012, January
                                                                 UPS All Feeders, 1:00 p.m., Union Hall.
10, 2013, February 14, 2013.

                THirD WEDNEsDay                                                sECoND MoNDay
    GENERAL MEMBERSHIP, 6:00 p.m. (Lower Level                   ENTENMANNS BAKERY SALES; 11:00 a.m., 12:30
Meeting Hall) February 15, 2012, March 21, 2012, April       p.m.; 8243 Lackland; GATE GOURMET, 10:00 a.m., 12:45
18, 2012, May 16, 2012, September 19, 2012, October          p.m., 2:00 p.m., Union Hall; PLUMBING INDUSTRY (AT-
17, 2012, November 21, 2012, January 16, 2013, Febru-        LAS, FERGUSON ENTERPRISE, MIRACLE SUPPLY)
ary 20, 2013.                                                5:15 p.m., Union Hall; LOUIS MAULL, 4:15 p.m., Union
                                                             Hall; MOTOR APPLIANCE, 3:45 p.m., American Legion.
                 THirD THUrsDay
    FIRST STUDENT – FRANCIS HOWELL, 9:45 a.m.                                sECoND TUEsDay
(Elks Lodge) February 16, 2012, May 17, 2012, Septem-
                                                                PAPER INDUSTRY (SKH, XPEDX, ST.LOUIS PA-
ber 20, 2012, November 15, 2012, January 17, 2013,
                                                             PER & BOX, ROYAL), 9:00 a.m., 4:30 p.m. Union Hall;
February 21, 2013.
                                                             CONAGRA FROZEN FOODS, 1:00 p.m; 3:00 p.m.,
                 THirD saTUrDay                              5:45 p.m., Elk Lodge/Macon; IBC WONDER/HOST-
9: a.m. (Lower Level Meeting Hall) February 18, 2012,        DRIVER/WHSE. (Kellogg), 3:00 p.m., Union Hall; IBC
May 19, 2012, September 15, 2012, November 17,               WONDER GARAGE ATTENDANTS, OLD VIENNA
2012, January 19, 2013, February 16, 2013.                   SNACKS-SALES/WHSEL, 3:00 p.m., Union Hall.

                 FoUrTH TUEsDay                                              sECoND WEDNEsDay
    FIRST STUDENT – ROCKWOOD, 9:30 a.m. (Eu-
                                                                 INSURANCE & WELFARE OFFICES, 8:00 a.m.,
reka Community Center) February 21, 2012 (changed to
                                                             Union Hall; JOINT COUNCIL 13 at Local 618, 9:00 a.m.;
3rd Tuesday), May 22, 2012, September 25, 2012, No-
vember 27, 2012, January 22, 2013, February 26, 2013.        LOCAL 682, 11:00 a.m., at Local 682; LOCAL 600,12:00
    FIRST STUDENT – NORTHWEST R-1, 9:30 a.m.                 p.m., at Local 600; BROWNING ARMS, 3:15 p.m., 4:15
(Lions Hall, House Springs) February 28, 2012, May 22,       p.m., VFW Lemay Ferry; COCA-COLA REFRESHMENT
2012, September 25, 2012, November 27, 2012, Janu-           COMPANY, WESTPORT, 3:30 p.m., 5:00 p.m., Quality
ary 22, 2013, February 26, 2013.                             Inn, Dorsett Road.
Place to be announced) February 2012, May 2012, Sep-                           sECoND THUrsDay
tember 2012, November 2012, January 2013, February               CONAGRA FOODS, 3rd shift 8:00 a.m., 2nd shift
2013.                                                        1:30 p.m., 1st shift 4:00 p.m., Union Hall; COCA COLA
    RUAN TRANSPORTATION–To be announced
                                                             WHSE/DRIVERS, Cooler Service - Service Techs,10:00
                                                             a.m., 2:00 p.m., 4:00 p.m., 5:00 p.m., Sleep Inn Hotel, St.
iNG HaLL UNLEss oTHErWisE iNDiCaTED. LoCaL                   Charles; A&E/SEARS SERVICE, 7:00 p.m., Union Hall;
UNioN No. 610, 11472 sCHENK DriVE, MaryLaND                  IBC WONDER-SALES-ST. LOUIS, 11:30 p.m., 1:00 p.m.,
HEiGHTs, Mo 63043.                                           IBC settlement Room; FERALLOY, 3:00 p.m., Eagles Hall

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