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									                        New Hartford Park and Recreation
                         Wednesday, September 2, 2009
                                 Berkshire Hall

Members Present: Dennis Minor, Dan Eddy, Maureen Morris, Don Govotski,
Chairman John Maschi, Ed Smith, Sally O’Neill

Members Absent: Laura McCarthy

Others Present: First Selectman Earl MacInnes, Jim Creamer (President of the NH
Lions Club), Jenny Miller (Treasurer of the NH Lions Club), Maria Moore, Phyllis
Webb, Steve Baquin (architect), Jayson Beechinor, and Deb and John Pierce

Call to order: 7:07 PM

Opportunity for Public to Address: Jim Creamer, President of the NH Lions Club, and
Jenny Miller, Treasurer of the NH Lions Club, presented Dennis Minor with a check for
$1,455.99 for a new defibrillator for the Recreation Department. Many thanks were

Deb and John Pierce presented the issue of people parking in the lots after the park closes
to fish in their boats at the marina, but then getting a parking ticket because it is after park
hours.. Their son and his friends received parking tickets, which Earl will research and
contact John. Deb suggested having a boat pass as well as a beach pass. Earl added that
safety is the town’s #1 priority when deciding on an answer to this situation. Dan said we
may be able to use solar powered street lamps to light the walk from a CL&P incentive
program. This issue, along with the parking gate, will be addressed for next year.

Jayson spoke on behalf of Dee Shea, who lives across from the basketball courts on West
Hill Road and who was not able to attend the meeting. Jayson said that Dee has lost a lot
of her privacy due to the noise/loud music that is being played next to the courts.
Planting hedges were suggested as well as putting poles near the court to prohibit cars
from parking close to the courts and playing music from the cars. Boxing off an area and
displaying signs will also be considered. Ed and John added that the courts have been a
“home run” this summer and many of the members have heard very positive feedback
regarding this addition.

Jayson Beechinor presented the architectural designs for the field house on a large screen
projector. The siding and windows will be donated if the plan moves forward. The total
for the project will be $300,000-$350,000 (rough estimate attached). John and Dan
inquired about doing the work in phases, and Jason said he will break the project into
pieces and present to the Commission at another meeting. Earl added that this total
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amount does not include septic work which Jason has not yet been able to be research.
John stated that this project comes down to #1. available funds and #2. priority. The
Recreation Commission cannot fund this project alone. If FOB is interested in helping,
the Commission would welcome their approach. Ed suggested getting an estimate
without the volunteer labor and Dan said to call Oliver Wolcott Technical School to
inquire about the students donating time for this project. Ed mentioned that the two flat
roofs need to be saved. It is approximately $6,000-$7,000 to protect the building and
stop the rot. Earl urged the Commission to make a decision on the field house. Dan
praised Jayson for a very detailed and thorough presentation.

Approval of Minutes:

A motion was made by Maureen and seconded by Ed to approve the minutes of the
August 5, 2009 meeting. The motion passed.

Recreation Director’s Report: (attached)

Dennis addressed the after school program and informed the Commission that the profit
from this will be $4,000-$5,000, with a vision to expand. The BOS supports this
program. It was suggested to go to P&Z as soon as possible as it could take 6-12 months
to get approval for a full program. Phyllis asked if this impacts programs normally run at
BH and if the building can accommodate the intended growth and Dennis answered yes
to each of the questions. A Day Care Licensing Checklist & Status sheet is attached.

Waterfront – Dan informed the Commission that the 1988 master plan north full size map
cannot be found. For $650.00-$1,300.00 Michael Klein could indicate that the said
wetlands have not substantially changed, and Karl would accept a letter stating this
information. Dan will research if other wetland officers will accept this letter as well.

The fill at BC was proposed to go to the new grass area.

Dan walked Callahan Park and is planning to organize a park clean-up on Saturday,
September 26th. Dennis will e-mail all Commissions informing them of this date. The
locust trees are disrupting the soil and the council would like to remove them. The
Commission will entertain this thought and will need to educate the public if this
happens. Dan is also researching the solar powered street lamps through a CL&P

Correspondence-(attached) Letter from Fr. Tim O’Brien regarding contribution to pay
for repairs from vandalism.

Other Business: None

Dan made a motion which was seconded by Maureen to adjourn the meeting at 8:52pm.
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                                  Next Meeting
                             October 7, 2009 @ 7:00PM
                                    Town Hall

Respectfully submitted,

Mary Morton
Substitute Recording Secretary

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