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					                          May 10, 2010

       IA 2996
ABN: 91 683 142 548         Hello Everyone,
  P.O. Box 124
Spring Hill Q 4004          I would like to inform all those players that are interested in playing in the
                            inaugural Brisbane Women’s Winter Baseball League that the schedule will
    Sportshouse             not commence on the 15th of May as planned. There will be a re-development
     Office 1.11            of the league to a high performance women’s baseball program. The program
Caxton & Castlemaine
  Milton Q 4064
                            will begin in mid-July and include trainings by high quality coaches, games
                            and caps and shirts. There will be a women’s baseball committee formed by
                            BQI to determine how to formulate this high performance program and also
   07 3876 2222
       Facsimile            implement an open to all abilities social competition.
   07 3876 2122
                            All those players that showed interest in winter women’s baseball will be
                            invited to join the program. I am looking for feedback on best days to train and
     International          play? Is Saturday afternoon best or would a night game be preferred?
  61 - 7 - 3876 2222
  61 - 7 - 3876 2122
                            The goal of the program is to give an opportunity to develop baseball skills,
   Kevin Johnson
 Development Officer
                            play high quality games and get a greater understanding of how to play the
                            game at its highest standard. This will also give the QLD State coaches an
                            opportunity to evaluate players for possible selection onto the Rams State
                            Squad and play in the National Championships in April.

                            If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me on details
                            provided. I will inform everyone of the progress of the new program, the
                            intended time is July to September and a possible summer comp for women’s
                            baseball in Queensland is possible.

                            Sorry for not being able to go ahead as planned (May and June comp) but more
                            committed players and coaches was required to maintain the integrity of the
                            league. This new program will be a fantastic opportunity to showcase women’s
                            baseball to Queensland and we will need everyone’s commitment and
                            enthusiasm. Thank you for your support.

                            Kevin Johnson
                            Baseball Queensland
                            Development Officer

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