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									                                  Florida Department of Juvenile Justice
                   Tuesday, August 10, 2010- 3:304:30 PM,                                       Tavares, FL.
     TOPIC                                                DISCUSSION                                                    ACTION
1. Welcome and      Stephanie Glass explained Debi MacIntyre’s absence and welcomed everyone: Mike                   Meeting began at
Introductions       Entwistle, Stephanie Glass, Gregg Welstead, Julie Vest, John Carnahan, Jennifer Bowen,           3:45pm
                    Pam King, John Schmidt, Wendolyn Blue, Norm Conaway, Phil Scarpelli, Susan Berg,
                    Tracy Wright, Kim Dixon, and Eden Roberts.
2. New Business     Review of notes and Minutes                                                                      Approved by Pam
                                                                                                                     2nd by Susan Berg
3. Updates          Since school’s been out for the summer, probation has started seeing a reduction in
                    numbers. Chief Shealy retired and Lori Bright is the “acting” chief probation officer. At
                    this time, it is unknown when/if that position will be filled. Julie Vest was promoted to
                    supervisor and has 2 new staff beginning Friday with one opening. White Foundation is
                    now providing conditional release (aftercare). There’s one case manager who covers all of
                    Lake County.

                    No new news with grants.

                    John Carnahan said that there’s been a special provision to the Sex Offender Law “Romeo
                    and Juliet” that will be applied by ASA Carnahan and ASA Bowen. Specifically, if offense
                    would otherwise qualify for sex offense… the victim must be at least 14 years of age and
                    less than 4 years difference than the perpetrator, and then the perpetrator may request not to
                    be considered a Sex Offender by the court.

                    There is also a new “Civil Cover Sheet” being used by the court if a petition or violation of
                    probation is filed or a case is “re-opened.” Specifically, if the ASA has personal
                    knowledge of a youth in other cases (Dependency, Adoption, Mental Health, Truancy,
                    Injunction, etc) there is a 4 page document to be submitted. The ASA does not have to do
                    research to see if youths are involved, but if they have knowledge the proper document is
                    to be filed.

                    “What Work’s” Conference - Was helpful, a great chance for staff to receive training;
                    given the budget issues it provides great opportunities to agency and many positive
                    feedbacks. Summary of feedback - Broaden awards; positive response of speakers and
                    the half day received positive responses as well.
4. Presentation     Stephanie Glass with Teen Court reports trying something new this summer (Monday)
                    using the Board of County Commissioner’s Chamber Room to conduct Teen Court peer
                    panel sentencing hearings. As a result, about 45 extra cases were conducted during July
                    and August. Teen Court is looking into continuing something similar to this if the meeting
                    room schedule can be arranged. For now, Teen Court remains on Tuesday evening 5:30 –
                    7:00 pm in 2 courtrooms. This means approximately 25 cases are heard per month.
                    Stephanie currently has about 130 youths and will begin “recruiting” in middle and high
                    school once school resumes. At this time, Sumter Teen Court is at risk for closing due to
                    funding. Letters of support have been sent, but it is up to the commissioners (unknown
                    when that vote will take place).
5. New Business/    Direct Referrals to Teen Court was the Sheriff’s idea, but unfortunately his staff has not
                    “bought in.” If you recall when the SRD’s spoke at a DJJ Counsel meeting last school
                    year, it was stated that the SRD’s make more arrest than the road deputies. Research
                    revealed the following… 238 referral in 2008-2009 with 209 referral in 2009-2010. Of
                    those, 82 could have been directly referred in 08-09 and 72 in 09-10. This information will
                    be presented to LCSO SRDs at a date TBD.

                    Stephanie receives calls daily from parents stating their child can’t get a job as a result of
                    their arrest record… the direct referral would alleviate some of these calls with direct
                    consequences for their actions.
                    Ste Stephanie has also worked with LCSB to try and get a program to refer students in lieu of
                         referral and/or suspensions. There is a liability for the LCSB, so this is up for discussion.
   6. Other Business/ Tracey with Youth and Family Recover (Y & FR) program with LifeStream announced
   Audience              that Katy Painter is no longer with the agency and she may be taking over 3 of 5 of the
   Comments              programs. At this time, nothing is “set in stone.” Once she knows more, she’ll let
                         everyone know.

                          Safe Schools (John) is participating in the Back Pack Fair… Tuesday at Eustis Middle,
                          Wednesday at East Ridge Middle and Thursday at Leesburg High.

                          Ms. Blue will have a Back to School Bash for the Carver Heights area on 8/21/2010 with
                          their next meeting on 8/12/2010.

                          Norm offered assistance in the spiritual arena for anyone who may be interested.

                          Safe Climate Coalition meeting to begin at 4:45 with Phil Scarpelli presenting on Child
   7. Next Meeting        Tuesday, August 10, 2010 @ 3:30PM @ Lake Tech/IPS in Tavares.                                  Adjourned at 4:30pm

                               Lake County Juvenile Justice Council
                                          APPROVED Meeting Schedule
                                                                2010 -2011
The Lake County Juvenile Justice Council meets on the 2ND Tuesday of every other month at 3:30 PM. See below for actual dates and
location. The Lake County community is encouraged to attend & participate!

                                                                                             Lake Tech/IPS
               August 10, 2010                          3:30 – 4:30 pm                       Room 402
                                                                                             Lake Tech/IPS
               October 12, 2010                         3:30 – 4:30 pm                       Room 402

               December 14, 2010                        3:30 – 4:30 pm                       TBD

               February 8, 2011                         3:30 – 4:30 pm                       TBD

               April 12, 2011                           3:30 – 4:30 pm                       TBD

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