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Clerk of the Circuit Court of Cook County
       - can look up divorce, custody/visitation and (judicial) child support cases to
           see next court date, history of case, etc.
       - most Domestic Relations forms are available on this site
       - the search mechanism is not great; use one or two key words at most

Illinois Department of Corrections
         - can find info on inmates and recent parolees, including past convictions
         - need last name or date of birth

Cook County Sheriff’s Department of Corrections
      - info on current inmates on “Inmate Locator”, including upcoming court date
      - supposedly updated every 24 hours; the phone number is more accurate
      - need last name, first name helpful

Cook County Assessor’s Office
      - you can do an address search on a residential property and get the property
         index number (PIN)
      - you can get an approximate value of the property (see below)
      - you can use the PIN for a title search on the Recorder of Deeds’ site (see

Cook County Recorder of Deeds
      - use a PIN to see a record of the title to a property
      - you can click on the documents to get more information
      - if you need actual copies of the documents, Larry Seals (docket clerk at he
         GO) has an account with them and can get you copies

This site provides market value estimates on real property. There are other similar sites
but this site seems to be the most accurate.

Secretary of State, Corporate/LLC search
       - may be useful when client thinks spouse may operate a business
       - does not include sole proprietorships or partnerships

This firm specializes in family law exclusively and there is a lot of useful stuff on the
site. The links on the left side of the page have some “For Lawyers Only” pages with
writing, legislative updates and other links.

As an attorney who works for a legal aid/legal services firm, you should register on the
site, mainly to get access to the IICLE page. IICLE Smartbooks online has very useful
guides to family law practice in all areas.

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