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Ballad of the SCA by ck4p0w


									                                       Ballad of the SCA
                                        By Lady Shantry
                              (to the tune of Ballad of the MTA)
      A                              D                           A                   E
Well, let me tell the story ‘bout a knight named Charlie, on that tragic and fateful day
             A                           D                     A              E A
He strapped on his armor, kissed his wife and fam’ly went to fight with the SCA

                  A                  D                     A                E
       But did he ever return, no he never returned and his fate is still unlearned
                A                        D
       He may drive forever, back-roads of Trimaris.
                A            E       A
       He’s the Knight who never returned.

When Charlie set out for to travel Trimaris he had nar’y a fear nor care
On is dashboard was a map from his friend Lord Michael, he was sure would take him


Lots of Lords and Knights try to court Charlie’s Lady, but she says, “Will you never learn?”
“It’s extremely bad form to flirt behind his back, so be patient till Charlie’s return.


Now all day long Charlie drives through the back-roads crying “What will become of me?”
“I can’t ask directions while I’m in this get-up from the Rednecks in Okeechobee!”


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