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					                        Welcome to Our Place, Inc.
                              Guidelines in the Office

1. The visiting parent is required to arrive, 15 minutes early, prior to each visit. If the
   visiting parent fails to comply, we may terminate visitations at WTOP at
   administrations discretion. The custodial parent shall not arrive any earlier than the
   start of the visitation time and 5 minutes early for pick up at the end. Please do not
   knock on the door until the scheduled end-time of the visitation. Late and early
   arrivals will both be considered violations of our policies. If either party is late by 15
   minutes, the visit may be cancelled and the cost will fall on the late party.

2. The visiting parent is not to have alcohol on his/her breath, be intoxicated or under
   the influence of any illegal drugs while on the premises. We reserve the right to
   cancel a visit and/or terminate our services if the security and safety of the child or
   staff is at risk for any other reason determined by WTOP administration.

3. The following behaviors are prohibited and will not be tolerated: cussing, hitting,
   kicking, spitting, spanking, biting, swearing, or breaking of items. Physical threats of
   punishment and shouting will not be permitted. Time Out is an acceptable method
   of correction while at WTOP. There will be no videotaping within our facility by
   parents, other visitors or children. On special occasions and with permission given
   ahead of time, staff at WTOP may take pictures as requested by parents. This may be
   allowed if permission is sought prior to the day of the visit and will not be an
   ongoing event during each visit. Whispering or note passing will not be permitted.
   WTOP will not tolerate abusive talk or behavior, negative remarks about the other
   parent or family members, or discussion of the case in front of the children.

4. No foreign languages will be spoken unless there is a professional interpreter or the
   supervisor is proficient in the language. An interpreter service will be paid for by
   the requesting party.

5. No outside breaks are to be taken. Once the parents/visitors are in the building, they
   cannot leave until the visit has ended. Plan ahead and bring needed items inside
   when you first arrive.

6. The noise level must be at a volume where the supervisor can hear the conversation
   and yet not too loud that the other families cannot also be heard.

7. The visiting party is to provide any needed food, drinks, diapers, etc. for their
   children. We have a refrigerator and microwave that may be used to assist you.
   Cleaning of these appliances is expected. If custodial parent places limitations on
   foods, drinks and such, WTOP requires a written list of items not to be given.
8. Each family will clean up their area before the end of the visit. We encourage visitors
   to have the children assist. We ask that you be considerate of those coming behind
   you. Dirty diapers are to be taken outside to the trash cans, behind our building at
   the end of the visit.

9. The visiting party is to remain in the office until the child and other parties have left
   the area. This will be approximately 10 minutes depending upon how quickly the
   custodial party leaves. This is done to protect each party from allegations that are
   often made when they run into each other outside our supervision. Both parties
   must agree to not seek out contact in any way with the other parent while on our
   premises. Children will not be released to anyone other than custodial parent unless
   prior arrangements are made and those transporting have picture ID.

10. The use of cell phones is not permitted. All phones should be turned off during

11 Visitors others than those named in the court order will not be permitted unless this
   has been arranged prior to the day of the visit and all parties agree. There will be no
   exceptions and adherence will be expected. We cannot have people waiting in our
   lobby as we are very crowded so plan ahead. Unauthorized visitors will be asked to
   leave the premises including the parking lot area.

I have reviewed these guidelines and agree to comply with Welcome to Our Place

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