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LSU 2012 Homecoming Court Application by ck4p0w


									                           Homecoming Court
                          Rules and Guidelines
           Applications are due by 4:30 pm on Wednesday, October 3
             to the LSU Campus Life Office, 350 LSU Student Union.
 Late applications or applications submitted electronically will not be accepted.

Dear Homecoming Court Applicant:

Thank you for applying to be a part of the Homecoming Court. This application packet
contains all of the information you need to apply. If you have any questions, please

Any student who meets the eligibility requirements may submit an application for the
2012 LSU Homecoming Court. It is not necessary to be nominated in order to apply.

 To apply, you must meet the following criteria:
 Must be enrolled as a full time student for Fall Semester
 Must have had at least a 2.5 GPA during the prior Spring semester and an overall
   2.5 GPA. This does not apply to freshmen students who were not enrolled in a prior
   Spring semester.
 Must be in good academic and conduct standing with the University

Composition of Court:
The 2012 LSU Homecoming Court will consist of 14 students. Each couple includes one
female and one male.

      Total number of hours:      Students:
      30 or less hours            1 couple
      31 hours to 60 hours        1 couple
      61 hours to 91 hours        2 couples
      92 or more hours            3 couples
Year Classification of Court Applicants (taken from the LSU General Catalog)
The number of semester hours of credit earned determines a student's year
classification, as follows:
        Freshman • fewer than 30 hours
        Sophomore • at least 30, but fewer than 60
        Junior • at least 60, but fewer than 92
        Senior • 92 or more
        Exception • A student in a five-year program with at least 60, but fewer than 136
        hours, is a junior; with 136 or more, a senior.

Informational Meetings:
The 2012 Homecoming Court Committee will hold three Informational Meetings in the
Student Union on the 2nd floor in the Feliciana Room (Room 208) on Monday,
September 17 at 5:00pm, Thursday, September 20 at 6:30pm, and Wednesday,
September 26 at 5:00pm. At these meetings, the Application Process will be presented
and explained along any questions answered. The meetings should not last longer than
30 minutes. It is not required for applicants to attend in order to apply.

Selection Process:
A panel of judges will review the applications and choose the top 17 men and top 17
women. The applicants who are selected to move on to interview round will be posted
on the Homecoming website by 7:00pm on October 19. Those selected for an interview
will receive information on the Homecoming Court interview process by e-mail.

The top 34 candidates will then participate in an interview on either Tuesday, October
23 or Wednesday, October 24 before a panel of judges. Interviews will take place from
3:00 pm to 6:00 pm. All applicants not present on his/her assigned interview night will
forfeit their eligibility to participate in Court. The 14 candidates selected to the 2012 LSU
Homecoming Court will be posted on the Homecoming website by 7:00pm on Friday,
October 26.
Note: Campaigning is not permitted at any time during the process, including online or
other social media outlets.

The LSU student body will vote via PAWS for Homecoming King and Queen from
Sunday, November 4 at 5:00pm through Thursday, November 8 at 11:59pm. Only
Senior Court members are eligible for King and Queen. (Senior Court members have at
least 92 credit hours. See chart above.) The Senior Court members receiving the most
votes will be announced as the Homecoming King and Queen during the LSU vs.
Mississippi State Game on Saturday, November 10.

Directions for Completing the Homecoming Court Application:
This application is used to identify the top 34 candidates and during personal interviews
of the top 34 students. Please follow the directions closely. Incomplete applications
may lead to disqualification.
Points are assigned to your application based on the information you have supplied.
Points are earned based on the number of semesters of organizational membership,
leadership positions held and organizational committees in which you have participated.
The number of semesters should include past semesters, as well as the current
semester. For example, if you are serving as the President of an organization for this
academic year, you may only count the Fall 2012 Semester. We encourage you to list
all campus involvement since enrolling at LSU.

General Directions:
 Applications must be typed.
 List membership in one organization/activity per line.
 List any leadership positions within that organization on the lines immediately
 List each activity/organization only once.

Campus Organizations and Campus Service:
List involvement with organizations associated with LSU. Please consider all types of
organizations: Academic, Social, Service, Honorary, Political, Professional, Military,
Athletic, Arts, etc. List the organization’s name and how many semesters you have
been involved.
Next, identify any leadership positions held within that organization and the number of
semesters that position was held.

Awards, Scholarships, Honors:
List all awards, scholarships and honors you have received since coming to LSU.
Indicate the number of semesters for each award. If the award is given once a year,
count it as 2 semesters. If the award is given once a semester (such as Dean’s List) you
may count it as one semester.

Community Service:
List involvement in community service organizations outside of LSU. List the
organization’s name, your position or role, and the number of semesters involved. Do
not list community service done through campus organizations to which you belong.
This should be noted under Campus Organizations and Campus Service.

Please list all work and internship experience while enrolled at LSU.
                         Important Homecoming Court Dates

Mandatory appearances for the 2012 LSU Homecoming Court take place at the
following dates and times. Additional events will be added as the Homecoming 2012
Schedule is finalized.

1. Mandatory Meeting for Selected Court Members: Thursday, November 1
    6:00pm, International Room, LSU Student Union Third Floor

2. Homecoming Kick-off: Sunday, November 4
    5:15pm (approximate Call Time for Court Members is 4:45pm)

3. CANapalooza Service on the Parade Ground: Thursday, November 8
    Call time is 5:45pm; Finished by 7:45pm

4. Game day - LSU v. Mississippi State University: Saturday, November 10
    Parade - Report at 10:00am, LSU System Building; Parade rolls at 11:00am for
     about 75 minutes

      Court Luncheon - Approximately 1:45pm, Atchafalaya Room, LSU Student Union
       Third Floor

      Other afternoon activities to be determined

      The Homecoming Court and up to two guests will have guests tickets to the
       Football game so that we may present the Court at half-time.

5. LSU 2012 Graduation Ring Ceremony: Sunday, November 11
    2:00pm, Bo Campbell Auditorium, LSU Cox Center for Athletes
    Court members eligible to be named as the 2012 Homecoming Queen or King
     should reserve this time on their schedules for the newly-created LSU
     Graduation Ring Ceremony. This ceremony will feature the Homecoming Queen
     and King as active participants.
                    Homecoming Court Application
            Applications are due by 4:30 pm on Wednesday, October 3
              to the LSU Campus Life Office, 350 LSU Student Union.
  Late applications or applications submitted electronically will not be accepted.

Full Name

                 Circle One              Male             Female

Major(s) / Minor(s)


      This section to be covered by the office when photocopying for the Judges

   LSU Student ID Number

   LSU Email:                                       Telephone:                               (cell or home)

   Local Address


   Hometown Address:


I hereby authorize the appropriate University departments to release information as to my academic,
enrollment and disciplinary standing at LSU to the LSU Homecoming Committee in order that they may
certify qualifications for candidacy for the 2012 Homecoming Court.

Signature of Applicant: ___________________________ Date: ________________

                                    FOR USE BY OFFICE STAFF ONLY
     Qualifications Check: GPA ______ Full Time Status ____ Accountability ____ Classification _____
2012 LSU Homecoming Court Application

I. Campus Organizations

ORGANIZATION              OFFICE HELD   # of semesters
2012 LSU Homecoming Court Application


II. Awards, Scholarships, and Honors

AWARD, SCHOLARSHIP, OR HONOR            # of semesters
2012 LSU Homecoming Court Application


III. Community Organizations and Service

ORGANIZATION                      TITLE/POSITION   # of semesters

IV. Work/Internships

COMPANY/ORGANIZATION              TITLE/POSITION   # of semesters
2012 LSU Homecoming Court Application


Please answer the questions listed below in the space provided so we can get to know
you a little better.

1. Based on your experience at LSU, what advice would you give an incoming freshman?

2. What would it mean to you to be part of the 2012 LSU Homecoming Court?

3. This year’s theme is “Showing Your Stripes: Celebrating Traditions and Leaving Legacies.” In
what way do you like to show your stripes as an LSU Tiger?

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