Form 154K by b7sgx93


									                         Form 154K

(Affidavit by special manager verifying his accounts.)

P. 80A, r. 27.


On      19   I (name, address and occupation) say on

1.   I am the special manager of the property and
     business (or as the case may be) of the Company.
2.   The account of receipts and payments set out above
     contains a full and true account of my receipts and
     payments as special manager from (date) to (date).
3.   I have not, nor has any other person by my order or
     for my use, during the period, received or paid any
     moneys on account of the Company other than the
     items mentioned in that account.

SWORN at             )
before me            )

[Where applicable, include the note required by Part 38
rule 6 (4) (a)]

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