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Week at a Glance - DOC by ck4p0w


									                                                    Week at a Glance

   Teacher: Michelle Blakesley, Chris Gregory, Alicia Ferguson
   Subject: 8th grade Science
   Week of: Monday, May 21, 2012
Day of Week           Student Expectation                           Activity                     Assessment/Homework
                8.2 – Scientific inquiry methods      1. Warm-Up
  Monday        during lab and field                  2. Scientific Method Assessment
                investigations                        3. Turn-in Egg-Drop Lab Report
                8.2                                   1. Warm-Up
                8.11A - describe                      2. Assessment Overview
                producer/consumer,                    3. Squid Lesson
                predator/prey, and                    4. Stemscopes Activity (Gregory-
                parasite/host relationships as        Sub)
                they occur in food webs within
                marine, freshwater, and
                terrestrial ecosystems
                                                     1. Warm-Up
Wednesday       8.11A
                                                     2. Squid Dissection
 Thursday                                            8th Grade Trip to Schlitterbahn
                                                      1. Warm-Up
                                                      2. Ecosystems & Interdependence -
   Friday       8.11A
                                                   “Finding Nemo” with TEKS-based
                                                   discussion questions
       Assignments that are not finished in class will be completed for homework.
            o HTTP://MY.HRW.COM
            o Username: klane405 Password: learn

                                                   Please Note: Plans are subject to adjustment based on student needs

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