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Job Title:               Investigative Probation Officer                    Reports To:              Unit Manager
Department:              Pretrial-Presentence                               DAS Status:              Classified
Grade:                   14                                                 FLSA Status:             Non-exempt


Job Purpose: Provides in-depth background investigation reports to the court to assist in the sentencing of defendants,
as required by law. Makes referrals to county programs and agencies as sentencing alternatives.


       Education/Training: Minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice, Social Work, Psychology, or related field.
        LEADS/ NORIS Certification required during probationary period.

       Experience/Knowledge/Background: Minimum of one (1) year experience in Criminal Justice or Counseling

       Other Skills: Proficiency with word processing and data base software preferred.

       Performance Aptitudes:
        Data Utilization: Requires the ability to perform basic level of data input and analysis including the ability to
        review, classify, categorize, and prioritize. Requires discretion in applying such analysis to established policies and
        procedures. Requires ability to understand and use Case Management, voice recognition/transcription and
        database report writing software.
        Human Interaction: Requires the ability to persuade, convince, influence, train and monitor, in favor of a desired
        outcome. Requires the ability to interact with supervisor, co-workers, defendants, referral agents, victims, court
        personnel, employers, and counselors.
        Verbal Aptitude: Requires the ability to effectively communicate verbally with the individuals as noted above.
        Writing Aptitude: Advanced skills in writing comparable to that expected of an individual possessing a Bachelor’s
        Degree. Ability to construct complete sentences in a clear, concise manner using proper grammar, punctuation,
        and spelling.
        Language Aptitude: Ability to read, write, speak, and understand English fluently. Ability to use technical and
        professional language including legal.
        Mathematical Aptitude: Requires the ability to perform basic mathematical functions including addition,
        subtraction, multiplication, and division; calculate percentages, fractions, and decimals.
        Functional Reasoning: Requires the ability to utilize a variety of advisory data and information such as court
        documents, diagnostic reports, medical records, PSI reports, screening reports, prosecutor files, policy manual,
        statutes, procedures, guidelines, and non-routine correspondence. Ability to interpret instructions furnished in
        written, oral, diagrammatic, or schedule form. Ability to exercise independent judgment to meet assigned
        Situational Reasoning: Requires the ability to exercise the judgment, decisiveness, and creativity required in
        situations involving the evaluation of information.
        Physical Ability: Tasks involve the ability to exert light physical effort in sedentary to light work, but which may
        involve some lifting, carrying, pushing and pulling of objects weighing five to ten pounds, possibly up to 25 pounds.
        Tasks may involve extended periods of time at a keyboard or workstation.
        Equipment/Tools/Materials Utilization: Requires the ability to operate or trouble shoot problems on standard
        office equipment.
        Sensory Requirements: Requires the ability to recognize and identify similarities or differences between
        characteristics of colors, shapes, and sounds associated with job-related objects, materials, and tasks.
        Environmental Factors: Essential functions may risk exposure to disease, pathogens, or violence.

       Personal Characteristics:
        Integrity: Honest, trustworthy, follows directions, sets example of appropriate behavior, maintains confidential
        Work Ethic: Dependable, hardworking, meets workload expectations (carries own weight), if working with
        defendants, considers protection of community first.
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Job Title:             Investigative Probation Officer                   Reports To:              Unit Manager
Department:            Pretrial-Presentence                              DAS Status:              Classified
Grade:                 14                                                FLSA Status:             Non-exempt

       Attitude: Displays positive attitude, shows self-confidence, accepts constructive criticism, expresses concerns
       Interpersonal Traits: Good communicator, good listener, treats others with respect, handles conflicts appropriately.

      Special Requirements: Pre-employment screening required including employment reference, criminal background
       check, and possibly drug testing and skills testing. This position is regularly exposed to sensitive information and
       the incumbent is required to keep any such information strictly confidential.

   Adheres to Court policies and procedures.
   Acts as a role model both within and outside the Court.
   Exhibits a professional manner in dealing with others and works to maintain constructive working relationships.
   Maintains a positive and respectful approach both verbally and in writing with superiors, colleagues, and
     individuals inside and outside the Court.
   Performs duties as workload necessitates in a timely, accurate and thorough manner and is conscientious about
     assignments meeting department productivity standards.
   Communicates regularly with supervisor about department issues.
   Demonstrates flexible and efficient time management and ability to prioritize workload.
   Consistently reports to work on time, prepared to perform duties of position meeting Court’s attendance standards.

ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES OF THE POSITION: The following duties are normal for this position.
These are not to be construed as exclusive or all-inclusive. Other duties may be required and assigned.

    Interviews defendants to obtain pertinent identifying information and background information.
    Verifies information disclosed by defendants.
    Completes records checks on defendants.
    Conducts a thorough search of defendant adult criminal history by accessing files.
    Compiles a complete and accurate defendant criminal record.
    Communicates with victims to determine the impact (physical, mental, economic) of the defendant’s offense.
    Conducts field visits to interview victims and incarcerated offenders, as appropriate.
    Screens defendants for participation in the LCAPD’s specialized units and other county agencies.
    Communicates with other departments and court agencies in compiling information for the presentence report.
    Types/enters information obtained into court database.
    Obtains juvenile court records.
    Collects all relevant court records pertaining to the offense of which the defendant has been convicted.

Communication with the Court:
    Makes sentencing recommendations in compliance with relevant ORC sections and the department’s standards.
    Notifies the court of a defendant’s failure to complete the presentence interview.
    Appears in Court to testify as necessary.

Additional Duties and Responsibilities:
    Attends mandatory staff meetings and training as required.
    Performs other duties as assigned.
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Job Title:                   Investigative Probation Officer                Reports To:             Unit Manager
Department:                  Pretrial-Presentence                           DAS Status:             Classified
Grade:                       14                                             FLSA Status:            Non-exempt

   Court Training: New employee orientation, follow-up orientation, bi-annual refresher on safety and emergency,
     prevention of harassment, and ethics.
   Position Training: Job Position Orientation, NORIS/LEADS, Monitor.Net (by Loryx), FACTS and any training as
     outlined in the State of Ohio’s Probation training and standards.

I have read all minimum position requirements, court expectations, essential duties and responsibilities, mandatory training
requirements, and other information contained within this position description and understand that I will be held to
performance standards related to this information.

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