6th Newsletter by ck4p0w



                     Makaroa Flyin           19-20 March 2010

Another Makaroa been and gone, we had fun, it was interesting !!!!

Come last Thursday night, I looked at the TV for the weather and thought, “things
are not looking that good.” Well; as it turned out, Friday was an awesome flying
day, it was a day that I had decided to take off, so once my boys had done a half
day schooling, it was simple to throw in the bags, get cranked up and head off to
I had arranged to take SIA to Timaru for a quick oil leak cure, it had been leaking for
awhile, I had changed all sorts of pipes and gaskets over the last 6 months and in
final desperation, Avtek sorted the problem to 2 tappet cover gaskets that had
moved away between the mounting bolts. Easy fixed, so off exploring early.

Earlier in the day, Nigel Griffith had phoned re the Dingle. I told him it is DOC land,
so a no go, but said to him to phone the Wanaka Office. He did that, he was sent a
form which he filled in and then returned with a visa number and within 5 minutes
we had approval. It was that easy !!! With that, we legally went in to the Dingle, Mike
Tapper was there before us (no fish!!) This was all good stuff, it proved to us how
easy it was to be legal and that DOC were very helpful in making this happen. The
weather was calm and hot, the fish eluded us and soon it was time to leave. So it
was to the Hunter and on to Makaroa before dark.

We were last in, so SIA, CES and BJU lined up with BUJ, FDO, BKG, CDH, JCM
(Jock Montgomery’s awesome looking Hornet), JHS, CAK, EEJ, TUA, KRM, DRG,
BSP, JKH, JMH, DPE, FMA, PKD, BTX (Super Cub).

Another great night had by all and then briefing 9.30am. Unfortunately the West
Coast was out due to heavy rain (1st time in 3 years !!), so it was decided that we
would split into small groups and fly to all the usual haunts to then meet at St
Bathams for lunch.
That was the easy part; we had a great lunch, a great look around that got to be a
quick look around as we started to get concerned by the rising wind levels. Then it
happened, we saw a big twister heading up the front of the Hotel. The publican
jumped in his car, loaded with pilots and headed up the hill in earnest. All was ok,
more of us arrived, some were taxing, others getting sorted, and then the twister
with strong winds hit us. It was a sight to witness, planes were flying, bouncing,
everything looked extremely bad and then it stopped. Unfortunately aircraft were
damaged, grounding CBH and FDO.

It was all a bit of a panic, but by now the wind had died down so after sorting all
aircraft and securing the 2 grounded aircraft, we loaded all the extra people and
gear between us all and headed back to Makaroa. It was an interesting takeoff that
tested all pilots had mastered their crosswind takeoffs and I am pleased to report,
all achieved this with ease.
After a rough and final wet ride into the Makaroa strip, it was back into the bar for
dinner and reflection of the day’s events. Lots of different ideas on crosswind
takeoffs and what to do in freak conditions experienced at St Bathams.

All in all, another great weekend was had by all, even the 2 grounded aircraft crews
were seen to be relaxing and I think pretty much all were just happy that no one
was hurt.

Next day, weather was good, so after the hard part of paying the bill, all departed to
their various corners of the country. All travelled home safely, I actually got back to
Rangiora in a minute or so under the hour which I thought was awesomely quick.
Big tail wind and not bump all the way.
All good.

Paul Macdonald and Brian Doig are organizing a flyin at Flock Hill. They have succeeded this
year in securing the lodge, so please now book the following date, being June 11 – 12th, in your
diary, organize your diary to allow for your attendance and then ring Flock Hill Lodge and book
your accommodation. The number is 03 3188196, email mail@flockhill.co.nz . For more info,
please call Paul direct on 0274 321162 or Brian Doig on 03 3022741and once confirmed, please
email Paul at pk.mac@xtra.co.nz.to let him know that you are attending the weekend.

Mark Sinclair, as advertised in earlier newsletters is organising this flyin. I will advise the exact
date next newsletter, but sometime around October this year. Mark can be contacted at 03 4159097 or
027 4100059 or email sinky@farmside.co.nz


Nigel Griffith on Jeff’s behalf gave a brief update on what was happening here at Makaroa on
Saturday night. It was great to see that all at Makaroa, indicted that they would be present at
Masterton in 2011. This is great news, so please keep rounding up as many aircraft and
interested people as you possibly can.

“This is a repeat message as in the last newsletter”

CESSNA 185 BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION January 20th to 22nd
As most of you know, Jeff Griffith is the organizer for this event.

The below is a reprint, but so no one forgets this event, I will continue to reprint it until the day of the

Time is counting down, now only months to organize to take time off.

Please pass this message on to every 180 or 185 owner that you know. This media will get to our
members, but there are a lot of other owners that are not part of this group. We would like to see every
180 and 185 in the country attend, so it is up to you as members to help Jeff to contact all and then
persuade these people to come along. The advance notice is out now, so surely 18 odd months notice
(now down to 15) of an impending “Flyin” should give everyone ample notice and absolutely no reason
not to attend.
The venue is central for all in New Zealand, so NO EXCUSES.
We missed doing anything for the 180, 50th birthday, so we MUST celebrate 185 birthday.

I Suggest you BOOK NOW as all Hotels are already taken
CAMPING Solway showgrounds is three kilometres from the aerodrome. They charge about $10.00 per head and have
toilet and shower facilities. They want us to appoint one person who will take all the bookings and then work with them.
They will take the fee on the day. I am happy to do this job. My details at the end of this info.

MOTELS Contact ; Discovery Motor Lodge, 06 378 7745. Amble Inn Motel, 06 377 4159. BKs Chardonnay
Motel, 06 377 7485. Chanel Court Motel, 06 378 2877. Colonial Cottage Motel, 06 377 0063. Cornwall
Park Motel, 06 378 2939. Highwayman Motel, 06 377 4144. Masterton Motor Lodge, 06 378 2585. South Park
Motel, 06 378 2340. --- Ken I am sure these will all have websites, I have contacted enough of them to know they
are not booked out yet, however, time is of the essence. They are all within 5 kilometres.

HOTELS Fully Booked as above.

HOMESTAYS Akura Farmstays 06 378 8104. Ruriko Cottage 06 378 2210. Littleacres 06 377 0236. Cabbage Tree
Cottage 06 377 5670.-- All handy.

 With regard to the birthday I am taking on board the feelings of many pilots with regard to formation as a group so that is
officially cancelled.
Jules Tapper is happy to share the commentary with whoever I get to do the Ag flying section of her life. Ray Deerness is my
aim and I am in contact with him very soon.
Now, I feel that this commentary is very important, to get the life history to the public via the Airshow loud speaker system.
If these two chat for fifteen minutes it means we need some Air Display to cover that period at the same time.

If you can encourage a group of pilots --- 4 to 6 in number --- who feel comfortable with each other to carry out some
practiced maneuvers and possibly Robin Langslow to do a solo handling display, this would be great and also fill about 10
minutes which would allow the commentary to conclude in peace and quiet.
I am very aware of the need for all visiting pilots to feel comfortable attending with no pressures, as we want a really big
SO---What I am asking is, could you advise members that there will be no mass formation, and send out a request for any
pilots that would wish to become part of a small ten minute display.

The social part of the event will still be assembled around the Saturday night get together, and trips to Castlepoint, Riversdale,
and wine trails will be available to cater for those who would like time away from the Airshow.
Details on this later when we get finer tuning and registration forms with the various options listed.
Let me know your feelings


Jeff’s contact details are
Cell ph 06 3703665
Makaroa 2011
March 18-19th
I see when booking out this year that just about all have rebooked this popular event. If
you have not, Please phone them on 03 443-8372 or email info@makarora.co.nz to book your
accommodation if you have not done so on leaving last year. If you want to know anything re the
weekend, please contact Mike Tapper on 027 4334617.

Reminder that Brian now has Group Jackets and caps, so if you would like to order
please contact Brian at bsdoigbjy@hotmail.com
Or phone 3-3022741 or cell 027 6822093.

I asked last newsletter, so far no interest at all, I ASK AGAIN, Is there anyone that would
be prepared to take over this job. John now spends his life overseas and cannot do this
justice. I know I have asked for help here before, but if you can help, Please contact John
Bates or Brian Doig.
He can be contacted at email address john.bates@flypacifcblue.com

Newsletter / ZK-SIA / Leader,
This really pains me to tell you about this, but as most of you now know, my loved 185 is
on the market. This has been extremely hard to do and a decision that I have agonized
over for some time. Unfortunately, business has been hard over the last year or so and I
just cannot justify to carry on owning the 185. It has to go, so I can survive, but believe me
I will be working hard to get it or another back in the near future. It’s a great aeroplane, so
if you know anyone than wants to give it a good home and wants a great performing,
extremely tidy 185, please call me for details. I may look at a 50% shareholder if they live
I announced to everyone at Makaroa, that Makaroa would be my last “Flyin” and that
while I have really loved doing this job, if I do not own a 180-185, I have to hang up my
185 hat for a new leader to pick up to takeover the leadership of this fantastic group of
I will sorely miss flying and socializing with you people, more than I can ever put in words,
but, rest assured, I will be back.
I really hope that someone will step forward to take over this job, so if this interests you
please contact me and I will forward all the necessary information and contacts.
I wish you all the very very best, and please fly safe and enjoy and look after those
wonderful flying machines that you all own, and please at all costs, please try to keep this
awesome group of people with your flying machines together.

Once again, all the best, good luck and thank you for the great times given to me and my
family over the last 20 years.

Signing off for now,
Ken, Jo, James and Tim.

PLEASE REMEMBER, We are no longer a club, we are a group of people that have a similar interest, being one of owning and flying
Cessna 180/185's and in that regard we meet several times a year for a social get together over a weekend. Any flying activities entered
into by any person is at their own decision and risk and done so, to normal CAA rules directly under the pilot in command of that
particular aircraft. You, as “PILOT In Command" will always have the final say on WHERE, WHEN AND HOW YOU FLY YOUR AEROPLANE.

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