Deputy for Court Administration by ck4p0w


									                                  Deputy for Court Administration

The Deputy for Court Administration is responsible for the day to day management and oversight of the
Court Administration Advisors. This position will make program recommendations on court
administration assistance (including case flow procedures, selection of automated systems, identification
of students to be trained, content of training, and the like); oversee the preparation of training curricula
and materials; schedule Advisor assignments, relocations, and leave periods; ensure the provision of
appropriate supplies and equipment relating to court administration assistance; oversee selection and
preparation of the sites for court administration training and assistance; and otherwise manage all
activities pertaining to the provision of advisory services on court administration.

Required Qualifications:
    U.S. Citizen
    Bachelors degree or major course work in judicial administration, public administration or a
       related field. Experience may be substituted for education.
    Six years experience in court administration and case management in public service standards,
       court records and docketing, budgeting, internal supervision systems, and public access to
    Experience with automated case management systems
    Experience in providing training to court administration advisors and/or staff
    Superior communication and interpersonal skills
    Excellent oral and written English communication skills
    Eligibility for security clearance up to Secret level

Preferred Qualifications:
    International experience working within a post-conflict environment
    Experience working with or in a civil (as opposed to common law) law system
    Minimum two years experience in court reform and/or rule of law development in an
       international setting (e.g., post-conflict environment)
    Knowledge of Iraqi history, culture, institutions and structures
    Experience in program management
    Experience operating within a USG interagency context
    Arabic language capabilities
    Basic computer and word processing skills

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