Swimwear Place Return and Exchange Form by w6JLcR7


									                               Swimwear Place Return and Exchange Form
                                  Return Address: 2516 Sword Ct. Lafayette, IN 47909, USA


Original Order #:
Purchase Date:
Customer Name:

Please select one of the following options:
   Exchange for other items using credit card information provided below.
   Exchange for other items through a Quick Exchange. If choosing this option, new order # is:
   Send me a Swimwear Place Gift Card for the amount of the refund.
   Refund my original payment method minus the 18% restocking fee. (Not available for clearance items)
*Please note, the restocking fee is waived for options 1-3. The 18% restocking fee only applies to refunds to your original payment method.

STEP TWO--Returns
In the form below please indicate the items you are returning and provide reason code.
           Reason Code            Product Code                   Color                          Size                 Price

STEP THREE- Exchanges
You only need to fill out this section if you chose option one above.
                       Product Code                   Color                         Size                  Price

STEP FOUR- Method of Payment
If the total of your new exchange plus shipping of $8 exceeds your return amount, please provide a method of payment. Please note,
we do not keep your original credit card information on file for your security, so you will need to provide the information again.
    VISA Credit Card
    MasterCard Credit Card
    Swimwear Place Gift Card

Card Number:                                                         Exp. Date:                             CVV Code:


                   Return Address: Swimwear Place, 2516 Sword Ct., Lafayette, IN 47909, USA

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