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                                         TOWN OF SIMSBURY
                                        BOARD OF EDUCATION

Record of Proceedings - Draft           Regular Meeting                                     June 8, 2010
Ms. Tedone called the regular meeting to order at 7:03 p.m. in the Board of
Education conference room.

Roll Call:
Members present: Mmes. Lydia Tedone and Tara Willerup. Messrs. Chris Kelly,
Mike Goman and Mike Wade. Susan Salina arrived at 7:14 p.m.

Members absent: Messrs. Jack Sennott and Charlie Moret.

Also present: Superintendent Diane Ullman, Assistant Superintendent Erin Murray,
Director of Human Resources Matt Curtis, Business Manager David Holden,
Recording Secretary Katie Wilde and Student Representative Christian Gronbeck.

STUDENT RECOGNITION                                                                       Student
Mr. Sullivan introduced Ethan Kyzivat, one of 30 high school juniors in the state to be   Recognition
recognized as a Governor’s Scholar. He stated that each public high school submits
information on one student and after a timed essay is administered the Governor’s
Scholar award winners are chosen.

Mr. Sullivan introduced Scott Blumenthal, CAS Scholar Athlete Award winner from
Simsbury High School. He noted Scott’s academic and athletic prowess and his role
on the SHS Leadership Team.

Mr. Sullivan introduced a group of students some of whom are the first to complete
the 4 year sequence of the Project Lead the Way engineering coursework. Ms.
Murray stated that as part of their coursework the group made an excellent
presentation to the Curriculum Committee about the design and building of their
Electrathon Car. Mr. Dougan, Tech Ed teacher, explained that this was a Capstone
class and as part of the course they look for a project to develop that uses all of the
disciplines they have learned. The Electrathon car raced at Lime Rock Park and of
the 34 cars that raced only 7 were built from scratch.

Each of the students introduced themselves: Peter Adamowicz, Robert Asensio,
Gerhard Casper, Maximilian Drake, Nicholas Forzono, Steven Hesketh, Daniel
Hewitt, Connor Proctor, Ryan Scanlon and Nicholas Shea. All of the students noted
that they will be pursuing engineering in college.

Members of the Curriculum Committee complimented the students on their
presentation. Ms. Murray stated that the Curriculum Committee filled out a rubric to
provide feedback to the students. Dr. Ullman commented on this example of how
21st century skills are woven into the curriculum. Ms. Willerup noted that each
student leaves SHS knowing their engineering strengths. Dr. Ullman thanked Mr.
Dougan for the great work he does with his classes.

Mr. Sullivan introduced Jessica Soja, the other CAS Scholar Athlete Award winner
from Simsbury High School. He noted Jessica’s excellent GPA and her
accomplishments as a runner.
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LEGISLATIVE UPDATE                                                                          Legislative
State Senator Kevin Witkos reviewed the education bills passed by the legislature           Update
this year. He noted that ECS funding will remain flat next year, but he expects a
decrease in ECS funding two years out given the state debt. Senator Witkos
expressed frustration with the Education Committee and how it is run by the two

Ms. Tedone questioned the thoughts and priorities of the gubernatorial candidates on
education issues. Senator Witkos responded that the candidates appear focused on
the economy and jobs not on education.

Mr. Goman asked if there is any relief from unfunded mandates expected in the next
legislative session. Senator Witkos noted that the Moore Commission was supposed
to provide relief but bills related to providing relief from unfunded mandates never get
to a vote. He stated that two years ago there were 41 bills to provide unfunded
mandate relief and not one of them was voted out of committee.

Mr. Goman pointed out that municipalities begin work on their budget in November
and don’t receive state financial information until March. He questioned the
anticipated amount of decrease in ECS funding in two years. Senator Witkos stated
that the decrease in funding will depend on collections, but he would expect a
decrease of approximately 15%. He noted that some of the gubernatorial candidates
have suggested passing the state budget earlier, in April, so that towns know what
funding they will receive.

Mr. Kelly asked if Senator Witkos envisions a day where funding will follow the
students. Senator Witkos stated that some towns would receive less funding if the
funding follows the student and no legislator will support something that would result
in funds being lost by their community.

Ms. Tedone asked if the regionalization of school districts has been discussed.
Senator Witkos responded that regionalization works if districts enter into it willingly.
He noted that parents would have concerns with sending their children to other
districts and the district has to be within a size that the administration can manage.
Senator Witkos stated that people move to Simsbury for the school system and you
don’t want to lose control over your own district.

Dr. Ullman noted that although the Secondary School Reform bill that was passed
did not include everything it will raise the quality of secondary schools. She stated
that Simsbury is well positioned to meet the requirements of the law but it will require
an 8 period day at the high school which will result in the hiring of 3-5 more teachers.
Dr. Ullman pointed out that now students don’t have time in the day to take all of the
courses they would like to take.

Ms. Tedone asked what Senator Witkos needs to hear from Board of Education
members. Senator Witkos responded that if the board has ideas that require
regulation review or new legislation for issues important to the school district they
should contact their legislators. He noted the importance of educating legislators on
the issues that are important to the school district.

PUBLIC AUDIENCE                                                                             Public Audience
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BOARD AND ADMINISTRATIVE COMMUNICATIONS                                              Communications
Mr. Gronbeck reported that things are winding down at the high school. He reported
on recent activities and noted the dates for exams and graduation.

Mr. Holden reported that the stadium bleachers at Simsbury High School were
recently inspected and the integrity of the structure is sound. The bleachers were
built in 1969.

Dr. Ullman noted that the 2010-11 school calendar has been published in black and
white this year. Color copies will no longer be produced as a cost saving measure.
The calendar is accessible on the district website.


       A.    Approval of Minutes of May 25, 2010                                     Approval of
                                                                                     Minutes of
Mr. Kelly:   MOVE to approve the minutes of the May 25, 2010 meeting.                May 25, 2010

Mr. Wade:    Seconded. So moved. Mr. Goman abstained.

       B.    Personnel                                                               Personnel

Mr. Goman: MOVE that the Board of Education accept the notice of intent to retire
of         Paul Kulikowski effective August 30, 2013 and June Ennaco effective
           June 30, 2013.

Mr. Kelly:   Seconded. So moved.

       C.    BOE Summer Meeting Schedule                                             BOE Summer
Mr. Wade:    MOVE that the Board of Education cancel regular Board meetings          Schedule
             scheduled on June 22, July 13, July 27, August 10 and August 24,

Mr. Goman: Seconded. So moved.

       D.    Approval of Unaffiliated Salary Adjustments                             Unaffiliated
This item was tabled.

       E.    Renewal of Superintendent’s Contract                                    Superintendent’s
This item was tabled.


       A.    Budget Update                                                           Budget Update

Mr. Holden noted the budget items that have changed since the 2010-11 budget was
adopted by the board. The enrollment on June 1, 2010 has increased by 31 students
since October 1, 2009. There have been 4 additional retirements which equates to a
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typical savings of $25,000 per retirement. Life insurance and long term disability
were budgeted with a 0% increase. The insurance bids resulted in a 25% decrease
in the life insurance premium and a 7.5% decrease in long term disability insurance.
Fuel oil has been locked in for 2010-11 slightly below what was budgeted. Currently
138 Simsbury students attend magnet schools 80 of which carry a tuition expense for
the district. In 2010-11 159 students are attending magnet schools 91 of which carry
a tuition expense.

Ms. Tedone questioned how many Choice students will be attending Simsbury
schools in the fall. Mr. Holden responded that 98 Choice students are currently in the
district. Mr. Curtis added that 103 Choice students will be enrolled in 2010-11. Dr.
Ullman stated that enrollment at SHS and the elementary schools will be monitored
in case levels of staffing need to be changed. She noted that it is likely 2-3 additional
FTE will be added for the 2010-11 school year.

PUBLIC AUDIENCE                                                                             Public Audience

ADJOURNMENT                                                                                 Adjournment

Mr. Wade:     MOVE to adjourn the meting at 8:19 p.m.

Mr. Kelly:    Seconded. So moved.

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Mr. Chris Kelly                           Katie Wilde
Secretary                                 Recording Secretary

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