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 Music Making
in EVERY Lesson

 National Conference on Piano Pedagogy
            Oak Brook • 2007
Susan Flinn
Owner & Instructor

The Music Studio
Stafford, Virginia
Serena Mackey

Owner • Program Director • TEACHER! • Curriculum Development
                    Education Consultant,
Recreational Music Making...
  as an Attitude of Instruction
Recreational Music
Making Defined
Formal Music Instruction        RMM

Proficiency, Mastery,      Wellness, Enjoyment,
   Discipline                 Communication,
                              Support, Creative, Non-
                              musical Outcomes
Individual Lessons         Group Lessons
Performance                Performance Alternatives
Exclusive                  Inclusive
Teacher                    Coach
Recreational Music Making
...as a cultural response to
the Millennial Generation

• Child based choices
• Satisfaction component
• Alternatives to performance
    Traditional v. Recreational

Theory Workbook Homework          Use Alfred’s EMT or Music Ace during
Assignment                        lesson/lab
Chord/Cadence exercises for I, IV, Play chords along with
V, and inversions,                 Piano/Vocal/Guitar Pop Songs (ex:
Identifying Major/minor chords     sneak preview of Alison Kraus piece
                                   available on SheetMusicPlus.com)
Ear Training Requirement for      singing with Auralia interval drills
National Guild
Constructing Scales,              Music Ace Doodle Pad (teacher sets
Composition, understanding time   parameters)Rhythm Dictation
signature/rhythm                  (Auralia/Musition)
Sight reading                     Home Concert from Timewarp
Recreational Music Making
...and implementation of
•   Make authentic music
•   Digital Instruments
     – Use of CDs
     – ensemble playing
•   Computers
     – composition
•   iPod Access
•   YouTube
•   MIDI Playback
Use of MIDI Playback
Recreational Music Making
...and use of group
• No one
• Stereotype:
  solitude to
• Group as
    Recreational Music Making
    …and benefits to students

•       Pride in taking music lessons
•       Music appreciation
•       Realistic Goals for a Musical Future
    –     Adult Lessons
    –     Musical choices for the next generation
Millennials Rising: The Next
Great Generation
by Neil Howe and William Strauss

• Only 3 in 10 hang out with 1 or 2 close
• 66% prefer larger groups of friends
• 8th and 10th graders would rather be
  active with friends than creative
Recreational Music Making
...as a marketing tool
• Match need to
• The Cool Factor
• The Sandwich
  Board Student
• Replace the
• Peer Support and
  Low turnover
Music is an artistry of time.
Being able to give a superb
 performance in real time requires
 extreme discipline and
 practice....only a handful of
 musicians are able to attain both
 the technique and the musical
 sensitivity needed at this level.

--Ikutaro Kakehashi, I Believe In Music

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