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                       Frequently Asked Questions

What is ISTART?
ISTART is a new and innovative two-year teacher certification program designed
and directed by the Internationals Network for Public Schools in conjunction with
the New York City Teaching Fellows, NYC Empowerment Schools and Long
Island University (LIU). Through the program, participants will become prepared
to work with recent immigrant English Language Learners (ELLs) by developing
a deep understanding of the Internationals Approach.

How is ISTART different from other alternative teacher induction programs
such as Teach for America or the New York City Teaching Fellows?
This program provides strong support and learning opportunities in a full time
apprenticeship with academic work directly linked to the daily work in the schools
where apprentices are placed. Unlike Teach for America or the NYC Teaching
Fellows, the apprentice does not assume full teaching responsibilities until the
second year. In the first year of the program, participants will serve as an
apprentice in an International High School, engage in project-based coursework
at the school level, and participate in seminars led by experienced Internationals
and LIU faculty. At the conclusion of the two-year program, participants will
receive New York State certification in and a Master’s degree in Teaching
English as a Second Language (TESOL).

Additionally the coursework in which apprentices are engaged is designed to be
more school-based and project-based than traditional certification programs.
Although apprentices will participate regularly in seminars, much of the
“coursework” will consist of engaging in projects with the mentor teachers and
other apprentices that are of direct relevance to the work they are doing in the
school in which they are working.

If I join ISTART, where will I teach?
Apprentices will be placed in one of our network of International High Schools in
New York City. These are small, public high schools serving recent immigrant
English language learners. International High Schools all utilize the same
instructional model, the Internationals Approach. This Approach, which has a 23
year track record of success, centers on the teaching of language through
content and academically rigorous projects in heterogeneously grouped classes.

What will my salary be? Will ISTART provide health benefits?
In the first year of the program apprentices will receive a stipend of approximately
$28,000 and full health benefits. Apprentices will receive a full teacher’s salary
during the second year of the program, as well as health benefits.
Do I need to be a certified teacher to join ISTART?
No, you do not need to be certified to join ISTART. The program is designed to
serve prospective teachers who are not yet certified.

How much tuition will I pay?
Two-thirds of LIU’s tuition will be covered by the NYC Teaching Fellows.
Apprentices must cover the remaining one-third ($6,600 per year taken out
through payroll deductions). Upon successfully completing the two-year
certification program, apprentices will receive New York State certification in and
a Master’s degree in TESOL from LIU.

When does ISTART begin?
ISTART apprentices will participate in their respective International High School’s
summer professional development institutes, which begin in mid to late August
(depending on which school you are placed). Coursework at LIU will begin in

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