Dear All Students, by w6JLcR7


									Dear All Students,

Please be informed the project submission due date is now postponed to 30th Oct
If you plan to submit in this term please ensure you are able to submit ( including
completion of Both Demonstrations ) before the due date and checking your own
upload profile for upload status.

Please refer to following project upload procedure.

Coursework Submission Guideline

1. Student is required to submit the coursework via university online system. No
hardcopy submission is required for this program. Please use your individual log-in
( use the set of library log-in/ computer ID log-in , not student ID plus PIN ) to
enter following link. If initial log-in username required, please enter :

Username: abrs
Password: essex

- Click "Coursework Submission Systems" then enter personal computer ID and
- After log-in to your own profile, you will see the module name where you can click
and then upload your file according to the web instruction
- If you do not find the relevant / appropriated module name of link for upload, please
note there should be something wrong with your profile. You may need to fill in the
attached form and return to me so that we could pass to U of Greenwich for module
attachment in your own profile.


-Please note there will be a scheduled timeframe for coursework upload, so please
keep checking of coming ABRS announcement for the upload timeframe.
-There is limitation on file size upload, please check from the link too after log-in.
-Students are also required to keep their own assignment copy (both soft and hard
copy) for reference.

Should you have further inquiries please do not hesitate to contact me.

Best regards
Administration Office

ABRS International Information and Consultancy
Tel: 852 2833 9606 Fax: 852 2598 4092
4 Floor, Chinachem Johnston Plaza, 186 Johnston Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong
URL (General):
URL (A6691):
URL (A6693):
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URL (A6710):

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