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					                    Employability 4 Life Charter

Evidence for Communication
No of Items required:

Gold –          8 items of evidence
Silver –        5 items of evidence
Bronze -        3 item of evidence

A piece of evidence can be used more that once ie 1 piece of evidence could be used to
cover communication, motivation and attendance. However to achieve the appropriate
standard the above number of items needs to be evidenced for Communication,
Motivation and Professional Conduct.

How to determine Gold, Silver and Bronze?

Bronze – students simply record their evidence and have it validated by appropriate
member of staff.

Silver – Some reflection on how they used communication and what happened as a

Gold – Further reflection on how they used communication and how they will either
improve on development or change the way the use communication in future.

The list of the types of evidence for this unit is varied and will depend on what is
happening both in and out of the centre and could include:

    Units from existing awards such as ASDAN, Duke of Edinburgh, Personal and
     Social Development qualifications etc.
    Coursework pieces on project work where they had to present their work to
    Taking part in Employer interviews, industry days etc
    Sport leadership certificates
    Running for School Council
    Working in the voluntary sector on community projects
    Mentoring

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