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									Differences between Quartz and Granite Countertops
Kitchen countertops are an essential purchase material for kitchens. Stone countertops are always a luxury affair. They are durable and enhance your kitchen’s look on the whole. They are useful if you make pastry dough’s on a routine basis. But the downside is that stone is too heavy and very difficult to install. Technology has improved so much that it has made stone countertops the most preferred by home buyers and designers. Granite countertops make a style statement when stainless steel appliances are paired with it.

Granite has a crystalline texture to it. It is a great choice than marble countertops for your kitchen. It often includes mica, feldspar and quartz. When sunlight hits your granite countertop there is undeniably bright shine from it. The range of colors, grades and patterns in which granite is produces is endless. Quartz is a great competition to granite.

Emissions and maintenance The major problem with granite countertops is its exotic types are found to be emitting hot waves. So, it is very vital to test your granite and then buy it. Make a learned decision. Also the look is becoming outdated. It demands annual sealing. This maintenance problem is a popular one. Major varieties of granites are proved to be safe for homes. So, if you decide to buy a less exotic piece then you can rest assured that your granite will give you less trouble. Quartz countertops encounter these issues with ease. It can perform quite well at low to no maintenance levels. The seam matching is near to invisible. There are no issues whatever with radon or radiation emitting from the countertop. Quartz countertops pose fresh looks in terms of style. During the manufacturing process microban is used. This forms strong resistance against the growth of bacteria.

Eco-friendliness and weight Quartz countertops have a downfall to it. Raw quartz varies in terms of size. There is rock salt and coarse grains too. Quartz countertop manufacturing involves the usage of resins, pigments and raw quartz. There are several processes that go into producing the final product. For many environmentally conscious people quartz countertop is not that green enough to be in their kitchen. This is because one of its ingredients is resin. Another pitfall of the product is that it is less durable and not resistant to burn marks. One of the reasons is because of the usage or resins. Resin responds to heat immediacy. These are the major areas where quartz countertops loose its shine in the countertop industry. Quartz is very heavy. Though it is easier to cut, its heaviness poses a problem to its consumers. No mater which rock you go by, the countertops made from the above rocks will unarguably enhance your kitchen’s appearance for years together.

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