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					                    Department of Foreign Languages & Literatures
                      Transfer Credit Table for Study Abroad Program in
                     Cáceres, Spain (semester) & Alicante, Spain (summer)

Please note: since both study abroad programs are designed for ISU students, all courses are
designed and taught based on existing ISU course descriptions, grading requirements, methods of
evaluations, and Department of Foreign Languages & Literatures’ expectations. Each course’s
specific content must be approved by the ISU program Director prior to the program’s start to ensure
that courses continue to provide content approved by ISU faculty.

                          Curso de lengua, cultura y civilización españolas

      ISU Course Number             Course Number        Course Description used in                Credits
                                    used in Cáceres         Cáceres & Alicante
                                      & Alicante        (either ISU description or the following
                                                                     will be used)
SPAN 301: Spanish Grammar and       SPAN 301           Gramática y Composición Inicial               3
SPAN 303 A: Spanish                 SPAN 303 A         Conversación                                  3
SPAN 303 B: Spanish                 SPAN 303 B         Conversación para                             3
Conversation for Professionals                         profesionales
SPAN 304: Spanish for Business      SPAN 304           Español para Negocios                         3
and the Professions
SPAN 314: Introduction to           SPAN 314           Introducción a la Literatura                  3
Reading Hispanic Texts
SPAN 321: Spanish Civilization      SPAN 321           Cultura y Civilización Española               3
SPAN 326: Hispanic Art in           SPAN 326           El Arte Hispánico en su                       3
Cultural Context                                       Contexto Cultural
SPAN 330: Survey of Spanish         SPAN 330           Literatura Española Desde sus                 3
Literature to 1700                                     Orígenes hasta 1700
                                                       (Introducción a la Literatura
                                                       Española hasta 1700)
SPAN 331: Survey of Spanish         SPAN 331           Literatura Española Desde 1700                3
Literature from 1700 to the                            (Introducción a la Literatura
Present                                                Española 1700-Presente)
SPAN 352: Introduction to           SPAN 352           Fonología española (Fonética                  3
Spanish Philology                                      española)
SPAN 395: Study Abroad              SPAN 395           Estudio en el Extranjero                     1-10

SPAN 401: Advanced                  SPAN 401           Gramática y Redacción                         3
Composition and Grammar                                Avanzadas
SPAN 403: Advanced                  SPAN 403           Conversación Avanzada                         3
SPAN 480: Seminar in Hispanic       SPAN 480           Seminario en Literatura o                     3
Literature or Culture                                  Cultura Hispánica
SPAN 490: Independent Study         SPAN 490           Estudio Independiente                         1-6
SPAN 499: Internship                SPAN 499           Práctica en Español                           1-6
SPAN 590: Graduate Seminar in       SPAN 590           Seminario Graduado en                          3
Hispanic Literature or Culture                         Literatura o Cultura Hispánica

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