ENGLISH 110: SOLBERG
                            ESSAY #3: SPECULATING ABOUT CAUSES
                                        GRADE SHEET
Name ______________________________                          ESSAY GRADE ________
Checklist: + = very good;  = good; - = fair; — = poor                             Portfolio Grade _______
                                                                         Peer Evaluation Grade _______
Introduction, Subject, and Forecasting: Does the essay ...
____ have an introduction that identifies the phenomenon; draws the reader into the essay; defines any key terms;
      and gives a context for the argument rather than making cosmic statements?
____ present the phenomenon with vivid examples and appropriate evidence so that the reader can understand and
      care about the phenomenon and believe it exists?
____ do any forecasting accurately and clearly?
____ discuss a subject that is a true phenomenon whose causes are not settled or provable?
Causes, Support, and Counterarguments: Does the essay ...
____ argue for causes of the subject that are clear, plausible, appropriate, believable, consistent, & complete?
____ avoid arguing for causes that are obvious or accepted?
____ support each cause with specific, appropriate, believable, consistent, and complete explanation and evidence?
____ avoid making unsupported assumptions, overgeneralizations, and other logical fallacies?
____ sequence the causes in a logical order?
____ anticipate possible objections or alterative causes at appropriate times and respond to them logically, directly,
     and completely; and use clear cues when doing so?
Tone and Audience: Does the essay ...
____ show awareness of audience through the information given and argumentative strategy followed?
____ promote feelings of good will & avoid making readers defensive by arguing w/ an appropriate tone?
Conclusion: Does the essay ...
____ have a conclusion that recaps the argument’s main points without simply repeating them, and puts the subject
     into a broader perspective without becoming too cosmic?
Structure and organization: Does the essay ...
____ follow an effective organizational pattern that has a logical progression?
____ use effective transitions and cueing devices to move between points?
____ use clear topic sentences?
____ include paragraphs which are coherent, unified, and effectively developed?
Grammar and mechanics: Does the essay ...
____ contain a variety of skillfully constructed sentences?
____ promote clarity and effectiveness with consistent use of standard usage, mechanics, spelling, and a precise
     and ample vocabulary?
Documentation: Does the essay ...
____ use quotations effectively and correctly?
____ carefully and correctly document outside sources and construct a works cited page?
                                             Grade before penalties ____
                                                                      ____ Major errors = ____ points
                                                                      ____ Spelling errors = ____ points
                                                                      Total grammar penalties ____

___ Incomplete prewriting                                  Portfolio Grade Tally:          ___ grade sheet
___ No/late 1st draft/rev plan (- 10)                      ___ pre-write/invention        ___ unit eval
___ No/late 2nd draft/rev plan (-10)                       ___ draft 1                    ___ self eval
___ No/late peer evals (-10)                               ___ D 1 swap                   ___ goals
___ No 3rd draft (-10)                                     ___ D1 rev plan                ___ E Check
___ Late portfolio/late to TurnItIn                        ___ orig draft 2               ___ final
Total process penalties: _____                             ___ PE w/drafts                ___ essay format
                                                           ___ D2 rev plan                ___ port format
                                                            ___ draft 3

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