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									                      Best Cure of Drooping Eyelid

Drooping eyelid is a medical condition where the border of the upper eyelid falls to a
position which is lower than normal. In certain extreme cases it is found that
drooping eyelid covers entire pupil.

In medical term drooping eyelid is known as ptosis. It may be present in a person
from birth or it may gradually develop later. Generally it is not considered as a
serious problem, most of the time it does not affect a person’s vision or health. But in
certain and in very rare cases drooping eyelid causes serious and severe effect on a
person. It can affect the muscles, nerves or even eye socket.

There are many causes that results in drooping eyelids. It can be inherited and may by
caused by abnormal development of muscles that are responsible for the elevation of
upper eyelid. It is also caused by the failure of nerves which activates and controls
the eyelid muscle. Malfunction in the nerves that sends message to the muscle is also
responsible for causing drooping eyelids. Apart from these it may also be the result of
cosmetic surgery. People suffering from diseases like diabetes may also suffer from
ptosis or drooping eyelids.

There are few visible symptoms which can help one recognise drooping eyelids. In
the initial stage difficulty faced during reading or driving, severe headache etc are the
most common symptom faced by person suffering from drooping eyes. Further it will
result in loosing of skin that is present between upper eyelid and eyebrows. These are
the symptoms of a simple drooping eyelid and are not considered to be much serious.
But on the other hand more complicated and serious ptosis may cause double vision,
weakness and also trouble in swallowing and breathing.

Drooping eyelid can be fixed surgically. If it is left untreated it can cause permanent
damage to vision. The underlying cause resulting in drooping eyelid is found in a
person an eyelid surgery is conducted which helps in tightening of eyelid muscles and
also in lifting of eyebrows. Once the surgery is conducted it helps a person to regain
both his vision and appearance. If the cause of drooping eyelids is caused by muscle
disease or neurological problem then it can be treated without surgery.

There is no need to panic if one has symptoms of drooping eyelids, but it should be
reported to doctor immediately. offers best cure of Drooping Eyelid that gives you quickly and easily
lift upper eyelids to a more vibrant, youthful shape.

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