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Online Courses in Disaster Preparedness
In addition to the classroom and self-paced options, online training can help MRC members to keep up
with important concepts in disaster response.

The following courses can be taken at each member’s convenience, and are highly recommended by the
Center for Emergency Preparedness in Massachusetts.

I. NIMS Training
This course provides a basic understanding of NIMS: the National Incident Management System.

According to Homeland Security Presidential Directives, all agencies that receive federal all-hazards
preparedness funding must be in compliance with NIMS. (This material builds on existing training for ICS:
the Incident Command System.)

The NIMS approach is crucial to public health care providers who are working with other agencies and
disciplines. The course is available at the following site:

Click on the Interactive Web-based Course and follow the instructions. It takes about three hours to
complete the course.

II. ICS Training
The UMV MRC applies Incident Command System principles in drills and actual deployments. We urge
all members to complete the online training for the ICS-100 course as soon as it is convenient for them to
do so. (Occasionally, this course is offered in classroom format in the local area as well.) This introductory
course offers the basics of ICS for all levels of responders.

The course is available at the following site:

When members pass the online test at the end of the course, FEMA returns a course completion certificate
by email. Members are encouraged to forward a copy of this certificate to the Coordinator upon receipt.

Advanced levels (ICS-200, 300, and 400) are not required for general volunteers. However, ICS staff
positions may warrant additional levels of training. If members are eager to play a leadership role through
the MRC in the future, they may wish to consider taking additional ICS courses. Those who have already
completed higher-level ICS training are invited to send copies of their certificates to the Coordinator.

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III. Terrorism and Public Health
The State University of New York at Albany has developed an excellent course on terrorism that focuses
specifically on public health. The course covers the basics of epidemiology and biological, chemical, and
radiological threats, incorporating the elements of public health planning. The course is available at the
following site:

Click on Register for this Course and follow the instructions. Participants who engage in all lessons of the
course and who successfully complete the exam (80% or higher within two tries) will be eligible for 6
hours CME/CHES or 7.2 hours CNE.

IV. FEMA Courses
The Federal Emergency Management Agency web site offers numerous all-hazards online courses, which
are available at no charge:

Members are encouraged to explore this site at their convenience, and to take all FEMA online courses that
may be of interest.


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