Course Title Introduction to Implant Dentistry for the Dental Team by w6JLcR7


									Course Title Scope of Practice for Dental Care Professionals

Subject area         Dental

Division             Care

Course summary

This course is designed to address the additional duties registered Dental Care
Professionals (DCP’s) can now undertake as outlined within the General Dental
Councils (GDC) Scope of Practice Standards Guidance documentation.
It will develop the knowledge, skills and experience DCP’s require to support the
clinician within the dental environment and it will also ensure that they practice
safely to ensure high quality care for patients.
(       General Dental Council Standards and Guidance).

What does the course involve?

This is a 3 day course totaling 18 hours of taught learning;
Day one              Impression taking
This will develop learner knowledge associated with impression taking and
clinical skills development.

Day two              Placing rubber dam and applying topical anaesthetic
Learners will participate in the placement of rubber dam using phantom heads
with further skills being developed to ensure the effective application of topical

Day three      Intra-oral photography, shade taking and suture removal
Participants will develop skills which will enable them to develop intra-oral
photography techniques and shade taking with simulated suture removal taking
place within the Schools clinical skills room
What do I need to start?

You need to be registered with the GDC as a DCP and you will also need the
support from your dental practitioner to further develop your skills and comply
with a clinical skills competency record of experience.

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