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									                         Family and Consumer Science Syllabus Template
                                         Teacher Name
                                       Semester and Year

Course Description: Here is where you will the textbook version of your course description

Objectives to be covered:
    Objectives
    Objectives
    Objectives
    Objectives
    Objectives

Textbooks to be Used
       Here you may list any or all textbooks to be used in this course.

Grading System
        Here you will describe how your grading system is including percentages and break downs for
different types of assignments.

Make-Up Work Policy
        Here you will give a description of your make-up work policy being sure to list how many days
they have to complete it and turn it in and by letting them know that they are responsible for getting the
work that they missed.

Classroom Rules
    1. Here you may list the classroom rules
    2. Be specific and precise
    3. Don’t overdo it as it will be difficult for students to remember
    4. Make sure that students fully understand the rules
    5. Always have a general rule for students to do their best!

Projects or Topics to be covered in this class
             Here you can list some of the topics and projects to be covered
             You don’t have to include dates, but you may if you like
             You can even use this section for a complete outline of exactly you will cover and when
             If you like you may include book assignments, tests, and all projects

have read and understand the class syllabus, rules, and policies.
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