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									                                        Mill Creek High School
                                                     COURSE SYLLABUS

          COURSE TITLE .....Integrated Algebra 2                                    TERM .........................Fall 2012
          TEACHER .............Ms Jennifer Lynch                                    Room #......................1.592
 Email Address                 Jennifer_Lynch@gwinnett.k12.ga.us
 School Web Page               http://www.millcreekhighschool.org/index.php Go to: TEACHERS => MATH => Jennifer Lynch
                                I will be available every day after school except for Monday. Please realize that other responsibilities and
 Teacher Support               commitments may arise that limit my availability. Additional help sessions are available through the Math
                               Department on Tuesdays and Thursdays both before and after school, so check the bulletin boards for
                               updated times and locations.

This is the third class in a sequence of college preparatory mathematics courses designed to prepare students to enter college at the
calculus level. This course includes linear systems, exponential and logarithmic functions, matrices, polynomial functions of higher
degree, conic sections, and normal distributions. With successful completion of this course, students are expected to take Integrated
Trigonometry next year.
Prerequisites: Students must have successfully completed all credits in Integrated Algebra I and Integrated Geometry.

The entire list of Academic, Knowledge and Skills for each of the following curriculum strands in this course can be accessed through the district
web address at www.gwinnett.k12.ga.us

                         AKS STRANDS                                                              UNITS/TOPICS
     A.   Process Skills                                                       1.   Algebra: Linear Systems, Matrices, Vertex-Edge
     B.   Geometry                                                                  Graphs
     C.   Algebra                                                              2.   Algebra: Polynomial Functions
     D.   Data Analysis and Probability                                        3.   Algebra: Rational Exponents, Square Root
     E.   Reading Across the Curriculum                                             Functions
                                                                               4.   Algebra: Exponential and Logarithmic Functions
                                                                               5.   Geometry – Conic Sections
                                                                               6.   Data Analysis and Probability

                   Published Materials                                                    Instructional Supplies
McDougal Littell: Mathematics 3 (Green Book)                                  1. Pen /Pencil
                                                                              2. Paper/Graph Paper/Notebook/Binder/Folder
(Book is also available online for students free of charge)                   3. Graphing Calculator (Ti-83/84/89) and/or Ti-30X

          Assignments                                       Grade Weights                                     Grading Scale
Homework & Classwork                      Classroom Assessments: 35%                              A:      90 and above
Quizzes                                        Assignment Quizzes   5%                            B:      80 – 89
Tests                                         Quizzes 30%                                         C:      74 – 79
Performance Final                          Summative Assessments (Tests): 45%                     D:      70 – 73
Final Exam                                 Final Exam: 20%                                        F:      69 or below
                                              Performance Final Exam 5%
                                              Objective Final Exam 15%

                                                                              The teacher has the right to change the syllabus at any time if necessary.

Final Exams:
   - Final Exams count for 20% of the student’s average.
   - Final exams will be given on Friday, Dec 14th, and Monday, Dec 17th through Wednesday Dec 19th

Summative Assessment (Tests):
   - Tests count for 45% of the student’s average.
   - There will be 5 tests in IA 2. Near the end of the semester, students will have an opportunity to re-take one test
     from the semester that they have failed, in an effort to raise that test grade to a maximum of a 70. Students will be
     allowed one re-test attempt. If the student does not improve on the re-take, the original grade stands. Re-take
     opportunities will be offered only at times designated by the teacher, and all re-takes will be near the end of the
     semester. It is the student’s responsibility to make time in their schedule to attend the re-take opportunities.
   - Also, the grade on the multiple choice portion of the final exam can be used to replace the lowest test grade of the
     semester (including the midterm). That grade WILL NOT replace any quiz grades.
   - The midterm exam will count as a test grade, and it cannot be used to replace any quiz grades.
   - All Test dates are located on my calendar that is located on my web page. Re-test dates will be announced and
     placed on the calendar after the original test.

Classroom Assessment (Quiz, Tasks, Assignments):
   - Quizzes and Tasks count for 30% of the student’s average.
          o Quizzes will be given throughout a unit to check progress.
          o Students will be able to replace their Quiz grade with their Test grade, as long as the Test grade is higher
              than the quiz grade. There will be no re-takes for quizzes.
          o Tasks will consist of assignments that the students are given that may take a few days to complete. These
              tasks will be complete both in class and outside of class.
   - Assignments will count for 5% of the student’s average.
          o Assignments will consist of homework assignments that the student is asked to complete at home.
          o Each unit test will have at least 1 homework grade a week, if not more. These grades will appear as
              homework quizzes. These homework quizzes are usually given on the same day as regular quizzes and
              will be open notebook. It is important that students keep up with practice assignments and label them
              properly so that they can find certain practice assignments and problems when they are asked to.
          o All homework assignments will be reviewed in class the day after they are assigned. At this time, students
              will be able to ask about any questions that they may have had trouble with. Students will be able to
              correct assignments before the homework quiz is given.
          o Since ALL homework quizzes will be OPEN notebook, it is the students responsibility to make sure that
              they have their homework on them at all times.

Extra Help:
   - Tuesdays and Thursdays are the days teachers will be available for students to get extra help before and after
       school. We encourage all students to take advantage of these offerings when they are available.
   - I will post these offerings on my website. If there are any changes due to personal scheduling conflicts, I will let
       the students know, so that different arrangements can be made.

Calculator Usage Policy:
   - All students should have their own calculator
   - The suggested calculator is a Graphing Calculator, but a TI-30X is also allowed.
   - There will be assignments and assessments where the teacher may prohibit the use of calculators for pedagogical
       reasons. Please communicate with your teacher if you have any questions.

                                                               The teacher has the right to change the syllabus at any time if necessary.
Make Up Work:
  - Students are responsible for making up all assignments missed from absences and will be held responsible for
      these assignments on assessments.
  - If students miss a chapter test, they will need to schedule a make-up time after school (before school not available
      because of time).
  - Students that miss the day before an assessment will be expected to take the assessment if they return the next
      day, since the day before a test will be review. Those who miss 2+ days leading up to an assessment will have an
      option of taking the assessment at a later time.

Ms. Lynch’s Web Page:
   - I will try to post all assignments, announcements and documents on my page of the school website at
      www.millcreekhighschool.org > Teachers > Math > Jennifer Lynch
   - It is a very high priority of mine to keep this updated with current information.

How to be successful in Math….
  - All students need to have an open and positive mind set about math. If you did not have a positive outlook about
       math in the past, this is a new year…your mind set can change. I have every intention on helping you do your
       very best this year, but you have to WANT to be SUCCESSFUL. If you want to be successful, YOU WILL BE.
  - Please come to class prepared to learn every day.
  - Please come to class with all of your necessary supplies: workbooks, notebooks, pencil and calculators.
  - Take GREAT NOTES…they are helpful now and in the future.
  - Be neat about all of your work and make sure you SHOW ALL WORK
  - Don’t be afraid to ASK QUESTIONS.
  - Students should keep up with their own grades. Grades can be accessed at any time through the GCPS Parent

Cell Phones / Electronic Devices:
    - Any use of a cell phone or electronic device during an assessment will be considered cheating. This results in a
       grade of zero, parental contact, and possible disciplinary action.

Mill Creek High School Mathematics Honor Code
       Mission: Mill Creek High School Math Department places a high value on both academic integrity and social
       responsibility. Activities such as lying, cheating, stealing, and plagiarizing violate the fundamental principles
       which guarantee each Mill Creek student the right to an enlightened and fair education. Thus, an honorable person
       recognizes no distinction between attempting a dishonest act and getting caught in that act, and does not tolerate
       dishonesty of others. Involvement in unethical and dishonest activities demands consequences that reflect these
       high standards to which we all aspire.

Additional Resources:
   - Khan Academy: http://www.khanacademy.org/
    (Contains video lessons and guided practice)
   - On-line textbook: Contains plenty of practice and review activities, as well as practice quizzes and tests.


                                                               The teacher has the right to change the syllabus at any time if necessary.

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