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									                                World History Syllabus
                                     Mr. White
                                    Second Six Weeks

              (note: there are only five calendar weeks in this grading period)

Important Dates

Monday; October 8, 2012: Fair Day (No School)
Wednesday October 31, 2012: UNIT TWO EXAM (Chapters Six through Ten)
Friday; November 2, 2012: Last Day of the First Six Weeks

Weekly Schedule

Week One – October 1, 2012

             Chapter Six-The World of Islam, 600-1500
             The World of Islam
             Chapter Seven – Early African Civilizations, 2000 BC – AD 1500
             African society and culture

Week Two – October 9, 2012

             Chapter Eight –The Asian World, 400-1500
             The Unification of China
             The Qin Dynasty
             India and the Guptas
             Early Japan

Week Three – October 15, 2012

             Chapter Nine -Emerging Europe and the Byzantine Empire, 400-1300
             Transformation of the Roman World
             The Byzantine World
             The Middle Ages (The Medieval Era)

Week Four – October 22, 2012

             Chapter Ten –Europe in the Middle Ages, 1000-1500
             Christianity and Medieval Civilization
             European culture
             Chivalry

Week Five – October 29, 2012

             Unit Review
             UNIT TWO EXAM (Chapters 6-10)
Test Dates

Wednesday; October 31, 2012: UNIT TWO EXAM (Chapters 6-10)

       Unit Exams will be comprised of fifty multiple choice questions. A study guide
       for the exam will be posted on my website at the beginning of each six weeks.
       The study guide will be due of the day of the unit exam and will be scored as two
       daily grades.

Two Test Grades for the six weeks will be project based.

Important Information

An in-class exam review will be given the day prior to each exam. If a student is absent
on the review day they are still required to take the exam on the scheduled exam day.
This is due to the fact that nothing new will be covered on the review day. It is simply a
review of material already covered in previous class sessions.

If a student is absent on an exam day, that absence must be EXCUSED by the office.
Otherwise the student will not be allowed to make up the test and will be given a zero for
their test grade.

The above dates may be changed to account for school scheduling changes. Students will
be informed in plenty of time to make adjustments to their calendars.

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